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This weekend I went for dinner in Chelsea but no I didn't see anyone from MIC.  Here's my WLE.


If you are a fan of the show or know anything about Chelsea then you'll know they take their fashion very seriously.  So whenever I'm there I always make an extra effort to dress up.  I find the style there to be trendy but still classy, smart and sophisticated which is one of my favourite styles.  Therefore I went for a black vest dress, with a beautiful lace kimono and wedged black ankle boots to toughen the look up slightly.

Dress - H&M, Kimono - Hoss Intropia, Boots - Topshop


We went to a restaurant called The Phene just off the King's Road which is owned by Lucy Watson's dad.  It's always super busy in there especially at the weekend and has a really good vibe.  They have a lovely outdoor area with really pretty decor.  The only downside is that it is situated in a residential area so they close outdoors at about 9pm.


I don't know whether it's because Lucy Watson is a vegetarian but they seem to have a very good vegetarian selection at The Phene.  Their dessert menu is on point too.  I had mac n cheese for main which I happen to know is Lucy's favourite dish so I wasn't surprised to see it on the menu.  I then went for oreo cheesecake for dessert which was amazing.  I was completely stuffed after this and it wasn't too expensive either so all round it was a really good night.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Lauren xx

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Outfits Of The Week

Sunglasses - H&M, Jumper - Ralph Lauren, Leather pants - Next, Boots - ASOS

Top - LA Gear, Leggings - TU Clothing

Dress - French Connection

Jumper - Next, Skirt - French Connection, Boots - Next

Coat - Zara, Leggings - Missguided, Shoes - Office

Jumper - Forever21, Skirt - Dorothy Perkins

Dress - H&M, Boots - Topshop

Lauren xx

Thursday Ten: The Temptations of a Modern Woman

We're all human, we all have temptations and it's nothing to feel guilty about.  So what exactly are we getting tempted by in this day and age with social media being a huge impact in most of our lives.  I have a look at the temptations we face as women in the modern world.

Social Media

This is probably the main one we all get tempted by.  Constantly having to check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to see what's happening in the world because let's face it, the world might stop if we didn't.. right?

Smart Phones

I feel like these days people are always on their phones and can become quite anti-social with it.  My pet hate is when you're out for dinner and someone is on their phone. Granted sometimes it might be an emergency but most of the time it's not so please, STOP!

Celebrity Trends

We seem to always want to keep up with the latest celebrity trend whether it's an outfit, hair style or tattoo.  Sometimes it can be okay but sometimes we need to learn to just be ourselves and not try to be something we're not.  We need to accept ourselves for who we are and be happy with what we've got.

Staying In vs Going Out

I don't know whether it's just because I'm reaching my late twenties now but the thought of going to a sweaty nightclub, drinking too much and feeling hungover and tired the next day is just not appealing to me anymore.  Or maybe it's because I get much more excited about what's on TV and relaxing on my sofa after a long week at work.  However, I think it's healthy to still go out and catch up with friends so I try to have a nice balance of the two.

Naughty Treats and Over Eating

I don't think this is necessarily a modern temptation, I'm sure it's one woman have been struggling with for years but it seems to have gotten worse.  There are so many fast food places now and it's easier for us to get food delivered.  


I'm by no means saying all modern women do this but I feel it's happening more with both women and men these days.  People don't seem to respect each other as much or have regard for their feelings.  And some people just don't want to settle down now whereas before it was the normal thing to do.


There are so many distractions on our phones nowadays that we hesitate a lot more than we used to.  Just last night for example I came out of the shower and before drying my hair I thought I would check my phone quickly.  20 minutes later...


Now that we have the great world wide web and online shopping we can shop 24/7!  
Which is amazing right.  However, we are then more tempted to shop and spend money when in fact we really don't need any more stuff.  Not really a bad thing though is it?


I don't think this is a modern temptation either but it still goes on today.  The need to fit in with the crowd, hang out with the 'cool group', smoke, drink and do stupid things just to look good.  I've always believed that there's no such thing as a 'rule book' and that I won't conform to society's standards.  Here's to being a non-conformist!


There's nothing wrong with it but I feel some girls take it too far and feel they need to prove something.  There's also nothing wrong with being with a man; it doesn't define you, you're still your own independent person and can go and earn your own money.  At the end of the day we were put on this earth to reproduce so try to find a happy medium!

What are your modern temptations?

Lauren xx

The Capsule Wardrobe: Wardrobe Staples

I believe there are some things that every girl should have in her wardrobe; the essentials that just go with everything and are timeless classics.

For me they are:


A good pair of denim jeans is an absolute must.  My go-to pair would probably be black skinnies but whatever style, colour, fit suits you best jeans are going to go with any outfit, you can dress them up and down and they will ALWAYS be in season.

Basic t-shirts

Plain white, plain grey, plain black, loose fit.  A basic t-shirt is essential because you can add it to any bottom half piece whether it's basic jeans for an everyday casual look or a jazzy skirt for a night out. You can also throw them under blazers and jackets for a perfect match.

Chunky jumper

If you live in a colder climate like me then these will see you right through winter.  Super comfortable and look great with leggings and jeans.  I also like to wear a shirt undermine or a pretty scarf.

White shirt

I LOVE a crisp white shirt, always have.  I've also always worked in an office so I think it looks so professional but also chic at the same time which can sometimes be hard to achieve when working in the office.  They look great with jeans and under baggy jumpers.

Little black dress

An LBD is a life saver for impromptu nights out or when you're invited to an event and you're not sure on the dress code.  I actually never had an LBD for ages because I was always about colour but now I have quite a few and they're all different styles because it's always good to have choices!


Jacket, pants, skirt; leather has become a wardrobe staple over the last few years.  I'm quite a rock chick myself so I love wearing leather to toughen up a look as I feel it brings a bit of my personality to it.


I wouldn't really say this is an 'essential' but I have so many in my wardrobe I felt I had to include it. They're really good for spring time to throw over an outfit without spoiling it like a big coat would.  I also wear them to the office a lot over dresses so I don't look to 'officey' but still smart.


A pair of wedges are great for spring and summer.  You can wear them on nights out or during the day as they're not as dressy as a pair of heels.  They still give you height but are super comfortable.

Black boots

And the opposite of wedges and perfect for autumn/winter would be a pair of black boots.  My favourite would be ankle boots but long boots are great too.  I have so many pairs and they just go perfectly with any outfit whether it's jeans or a dress.

I also did a Wardrobe Capsule video showing my favourite pieces here or check out my instagram (@wonky_lauren) for more inspiration!

Lauren xx

International Meat-Free Week

From 23 March to 29 March it's International Meat-Free Week which as a vegetarian makes me very happy.  Although I don't have a problem with people eating meat I do think it's important to raise awareness of animal cruelty and factory farming.  It's can also be good for your health to cut a little meat out of your diet and look at other options that taste just as good as the real thing.

I've been a vegetarian for about 6 years now and over those 6 years I've discovered more and more ways of still getting enough protein without eating meat and yummy meat alternatives.  Here are the main ones I like to eat:


Quorn is probably the most popular and biggest meat alternative out there.  It's made from mushrooms and soy, is high in protein and low in fat.  There do so many varieties in their range from 'chicken' style pieces to cumberland sausages.  They also do ready made meals such as lasagne and pies.  If you visit their website (here) they have lots of recipe using quorn ingredients.


I was so obsessed with this last year I was eating it about 3 times a week!  It's basically a courgette or zucchini made into noodles using a julienne peeler.  You can stir fry them, use them as spaghetti bolognaise (with Quorn mince) or with pesto and tofu which is my fave.  So yummy and so good for you!

Vegetable Varieties

Vegetable pizza, vegetable pasta bake, vegetable stir fry; there is always a vegetable option available whether you're eating out or making dinner at home.  I think it's good to get in the habit of once a week having a vegetable variety of something you would normally have with meat such as Meat Free Monday.  Maybe after this week you will have more inspiration on meat free recipe ideas.

What choices will you be making this week?  You can find out more about International Meat Free Week here.

Lauren xx

Friday Favourites

Here's what I've been loving this last fortnight.  Happy Friday ya'll!

Hand cream - bit of a boring one but the weather has got cold again so I'm feeling the need to top up on hand cream as my skin is getting very dry.  The one I like at the moment is Nivea.

Winged eyeliner - I have a love/hate relationship with winged eyeliner.  I like the look of it.. but not on me.  However, every now and again I have a little go and see if I can make it worth.  I tried it last weekend with a kohl pencil and smudged it out slightly.  I didn't think it looked too bad!

Jacket potatoe with tuna and cheese - mmmm tuna and cheese ANYTHING to be honest but this week I've had it twice for dinner.  I normally opt for a sweet potatoe so it's better for you ;)

Lidl - somewhere I've never really shopped as I don't have one close to where I live but there is one near work I've been popping into recently and I can't believe how cheap it is! The food is not bad either, especially the cookies from the bakery!

Ugg boots - they're like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them but again with the cold weather I've been digging them out and they've been life savers.

Dr Pepper - I've always loved Dr Pepper since it came over to Britain about 15 years ago but recently I've had a real craving for it and have been treating myself to a bottle at the weekends.

Dry hair shampoo - I've had a right mare with my boiler this week and basically not hard much hot water so dry hair shampoo has been getting me through when I've been unable to wash my hair and having to have quick cold showers :(

Meghan Trainor's new album Title - I'm just loving this girl's sound at the moment.  Okay, her first song was slightly irritating after a while but you can't deny her tunes are rather catchy.  I've downloaded her first two songs and I really like the third so I guess I may as well download the whole album!

Alexander McQueen exhibition - this launched last Friday and people have got absolutely mad for it.  I'm hoping to get tickets in June for my mum's birthday so I will do a proper write up then.  I'm very patriotic when it comes to my designers and Alexander McQueen probably trumps them all.

The Eclipse - we had an eclipse here in London today.  It was so cloudy though you couldn't see anything, not that you're supposed to look directly at it!  I did notice it got a lot darker but other than that it was rather disappointing.  I wonder where I'll be when the next one happens in 2026...

Lauren xx

Missguided X Wonky Lauren

If you haven't heard of Missguided you need to get to know!  They're an online fashion store with a HUGE selection of the latest and most up to date trends.  Whenever I see a look on a celebrity of another fashion blogger I know I can always count on Missguided to find something similar.  And the best part of all is it won't break the bank!

I'd say I've been shopping on Missguided for about 5 years now and usually put an order in every month or two (normally on payday!).  They even offer student discount and super saver delivery. They also have offers on quite often where you can get free delivery or 20% off certain items.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from Missguided.

Beautiful bodycon dresses for nights out

I love their co-ordinate sets at the moment!

Nicole Scherzinger for Missguided dress

Their playsuits are a favourite of mine also

Gorgeous cardigans

Cut out Aztec dress

Another playsuit

Cute skirts

Military and sequin jacket

Faux fur coats
Lauren xx

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New Year's Resolutions: Have You Kept Them?

We're about week 10 into the year now and almost a quarter of the way through so I thought it would be a good idea to re-visit some of the resolutions I made.  It's normally about this time of the year that people start to give up on all the positive promises they made so I thought I'd make a little motivational post to help push us through.

Diets/Healthy Eating/Fitness Regimes

I think this is the main one people make and the one most people will give up on easiest.  The problem is you need to be realistic.  You can't starve yourself or start working out 5 times a week when you did nothing before.  Set yourself small goals and build on them.  My resolution was to incorporate more weights into my fitness regime and eat more protein to build muscle.  I did this by adding two weight classes a week into my routine and eating more eggs!

Working harder at school/college/work

I made this one as by the end of last year I was feeling really demotivated and like I wasn't working to my potential.  About a month ago I was starting to feel like this again but then I had my appraisal and my boss and I set some objectives for the future and I took on more responsibility in my role and now I feel a lot more motivated and focused.  Sometimes you just need to sit down and reflect by yourself or with another person, see where you're going wrong and what can be changed.

Drink less alcohol

I can't say I drink much anyway but I know this is quite a common one for people with a lot of us having a dry January.  I generally limit myself to only drinking once a week.  For most people that have full time jobs you will only get two days off a week so try to keep one of those nights where you don't drink.  You can still socialise, just stick with a lemonade and you'll feel so much better the next morning.  And so will your bank balance!

Pay off credit cards/loans/store cards

I had quite a spend up at the end of last year with my holiday to America and then Christmas.  I also had to pay for my car to be fixed as well as road tax and then I got tempted by the Virgin Airways sale in January and booked more flights to Florida!  I think everyone gets a little spend happy during December and January so by this time of the year we'll have big bills coming in which can be quite depressing.  I put together a little payment plan of what I can reasonably pay off each month and how long it would take me.  I also had a look at where I could make cut backs.

Spend more time with family

I've never actually been a huge family time person.  I am close with my family but we're all so busy we don't always get to enjoy time together.  I think it's important to try and make this time though especially when people are getting older or moving away.  I'm so lucky to have a family that live close by and still have all my grandparents so this year I'm making more of an effort to see them all.  I try to visit my grandparents once a month and see my mum, dad and sister every other week at least.  I read a quote once that said 'never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life' and I thought this was so true.  Family are everything.

What were your new year's resolutions and have you kept them??

Lauren xx

Thursday Ten: The Struggles of a Skinny Girl

I don't want to write this and sound like I'm boasting and this certainly isn't a 'pro-ana' post but I've seen skinny girls get a lot of stick on social media and being a skinny girl myself I wanted to make a stand and say it's not okay to judge someone on their weight. Opinions can often be hurtful and you don't know the reason why someone is a certain way, some of us are naturally thin.  We were just born that way.

1.  People constantly asking "you're so skinny, do you eat?".  This is probably the biggest struggle.  Yes of course we eat, we wouldn't be alive if we didn't.  I actually happen to be a massive foodie and love to eat out but I have a super fast metabolism and work out so that keeps me slim.

2.  Your feet look bigger.  I don't know why but when you have skinny feet they just look longer?

3.  People making 'skinny' jokes.  Someone once shouted across the street at me "I've seen more meat on a sparrow's knee!"  That was actually more hurtful than funny.

4.  Making extra holes on your belt.  I was so glad when the trend started to tie your belt, so much easier!

5.  Bracelets falling off.  Bracelets often come in one size which is always too big for me.  My wrists are super tiny and even when I buy a size small it barely fits.

6.  Knee boots go baggy.  I can never get long boots to fit me properly, they always start to sag half one down.

7.  People referring to you as 'the skinny one'.  "Oh you know Lauren, the skinny one...?"

8.  Having small boobs.  Not all skinny girls have this problem but it's generally human nature that if you are skinny you will have small or non existence breasts.  I used to feel really insecure about this but now I couldn't care less and actually like the fact I can get away without a bra if I have a backless or strapless top on.

9.  Feeling cold all the time.  When you have less body fat you have less to keep you warm therefore meaning you feel the cold more than others.  That said, you won't sweat as much when it's super hot!

10.  Having a boney bum which means sitting down on a hard surface is really uncomfortable and actually hurts.  Also laying on hard surfaces.  Sometimes in yoga or pilates we have to lay down and it really hurts my hip bones or my spine.

Does anyone else have these struggles??  At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're skinny or curvy but being confident in your body is what's important and confidence is the most sexy of all ;)

Lauren xx

Wear | Life | Eats


I did a lot of eating out in London this weekend.  We had such good weather I thought I would make the most of it.  Saturday I went to Heron Tower for sushi and cocktails and as it was Saturday night I wanted to dress up a bit more so I wore this beautiful red dress from H&M worn as a skirt with a black jumper.  I then teamed it with my black Kurt Geiger heels and thought I would get the legs out as I'd fake tanned!

Sunday I went to an Argentian restaurant and I wanted to go for a more relaxed look so I wore these white ripped jeans that were given to me by my mum and I actually put the rips in myself.  I wore it with this dark grey t-shirt from Forever 21 that has sequins on the shoulder and matched some glittery flats from Primark.


I've been quite stressed at work the last few months and just feeling a bit 'meh' in myself in general.  This last week has really brightened up in terms of the weather though and it's made me feel a whole lot better in myself.  It's made me feel really positive and cheery.  I also had my appraisal at work last week and this has made me feel more motivated and focused.  I think sometimes you just need to talk things through with people and set yourself goals to reach.  This can make you feel a lot better about the future.


As I said, I did a lot of eating out this weekend.  I don't think I actually ate at home at all, whoops!  Friday night I went to a friends and she cooked us dinner.  She's half Italian and I love Italian food so I was expecting something yummy, I wasn't disappointed!  She made a pasta salad which consisted of spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella, olives and penne in a pesto sauce.  So nice!  I'm definitely going to be trying this.  

Saturday I went to Sushi Samba in the City.  The atmosphere here alone is enough to bring the people in but the food and drink is also amazing.  I would definitely recommend.

Sunday we went to Cau in Blackheath.  It's done out really nice and I love Blackheath anyway for it's traditional quaint vibe.  The menu wasn't great for vegetarian options, however, but I ended up going for a small plate of tomato and goats cheese brushetta and a side of truffled mac and cheese.  Cheese overload!

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Lauren xx

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Outfits of the Week

Hat - Spitalfields Market, Top - Abercrombie and Fitch, Pinafore - New Look, Boots - Givenchy

Top - Forever 21, Jeans - Vintage, Shoes - Primark

Sunglasses - Rayban, Jacket - Primark

Jumper - Missguided, Scarf - Alexander McQueen, Jeans - French Connection, Boots - Primark

Whole Outfit - Next

T-shirt - eBay, Shorts - Primark, Coat - Dorothy Perkins, Boots - Freemans

Shirt - Zara, Shrug - French Connection, Trousers - French Connection, Shoes - Next

Instagram | Twitter: @wonky_lauren for more outfit inspiration!

Lauren xx

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!  Here's what I've been loving these last few weeks...

Change in weather - it's finally starting to get a few degrees warmer here in the UK which means it's more bearable to go out rather than hibernating every weekend.  I really can't wait for Spring and Summer!

Celebrities' short hair - I've noticed lately that everyone seems to be chopping their hair off.  Whether it's celebrities or friend I've seen on FaceBook and now it's making me want to do the same.  Short hair is so lovely for the summer and can be styled in many ways.

Weight classes - I want to get more toned and have been really inspired by the Aussie girls on Instagram.  I always avoided weight classes before because I thought they'd make me bulky but if i can look anywhere near like them then i'm up for giving it a go.  I will do a more detailed blog post on this soon.

Beauty blender - I've really gotten into using my beauty blender for foundation lately.  i always used to use a brush and only use the sponge for concealer but it gives a really beautiful airbrushed look and doesn't cake on the product so much.  A lot nicer for daytime looks.

Spinach and eggs - Along with my new fitness regime I wanted to incorporate more protein into my diet as this is especially good after a work out.  i really love eggs so I thought I would make 2 scrambled eggs with chopped up spinach mixed in and I have that 3 times per week after my harder workouts.

Messy ponytails - I saw a girl with a really cute messy ponytail look so I've been trying that out lately and it looks really cute.  It's so quick to do and looks effortless.  I think it will be great for Spring and Summer for those of us not wanting to cut our hair off!

Flat shoes - I'm an actually lover of high heels.  Even though I am nearly 5ft8 I still wear ridiculously high heels pretty much everyday but just recently I've gotten into wearing more flats.  I've bought a couple of pairs of brogues and some really cute cat shoes.

Fashion Weeks - The past few weeks have been fashion weeks around the fashion capitals and I've been trying to keep up to date with all of them, mainly on Pinterest.  I attended London Fashion Week which I blogged about here.

Lighter evenings - Along with the warmer weather we have been getting lighter evenings. The sun is still setting about 6pm but it's better than 4pm and at the end of the month we will see the clocks go forward and will officially enjoy more sunshine, i can;t wait!

Olivia Palermo - just everything about this woman.  I've been Pinteresting her a lot lately especially around Fashion Week because she just nails it every time.  She pulls off looks better than anyone else and I like her petite frame because I feel I can copy some of her looks.  I normally try to find inspiration in people with similar figures to myself.

Have a great weekend!

Lauren xx

Wear | Life | Eats: London Fashion Week

I attended London Fashion Weekend yesterday for the final day of shows.  The most exciting part of fashion week for me is choosing an outfit and I normally spend the few weeks leading up to the event making decisions.  This time around I wanted to go for a more androgynous look so I wore a black t-shirt which said 'More Issues Than Vogue' on it with hot pink running shorts, black tights, brown cowboy boots and a grey boyfriend coat.  This may sound like a bit of a mish mash but I think it actually worked.

We attended the trend show where they told us that florals were going to be a hit for spring (duh?) but actually I really liked the floral look because they weren't too girly with blues and greens on show.  They also said 70s were going to make a come back so think flares, suede and fringes.  I've actually been debating whether to get a black suede fringed jacket for a while now so that's made my decision for me!

After the show and some much needed retail therapy we crossed over to STK, a restaurant in London famous for, well, steak.  Being a vegetarian I wondered whether there would be any options for me but I had a really lovely tofu and mushroom broth followed by a delicious Snickers cheesecake.  They also serve really nice cocktails in here and had a really good atmosphere.  I would definitely recommend it to a meat eater but for a vegetarian there wasn't too many options.  However, it was a really nice restaurant and the staff were super friendly and attentive.

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