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I did a lot of eating out in London this weekend.  We had such good weather I thought I would make the most of it.  Saturday I went to Heron Tower for sushi and cocktails and as it was Saturday night I wanted to dress up a bit more so I wore this beautiful red dress from H&M worn as a skirt with a black jumper.  I then teamed it with my black Kurt Geiger heels and thought I would get the legs out as I'd fake tanned!

Sunday I went to an Argentian restaurant and I wanted to go for a more relaxed look so I wore these white ripped jeans that were given to me by my mum and I actually put the rips in myself.  I wore it with this dark grey t-shirt from Forever 21 that has sequins on the shoulder and matched some glittery flats from Primark.


I've been quite stressed at work the last few months and just feeling a bit 'meh' in myself in general.  This last week has really brightened up in terms of the weather though and it's made me feel a whole lot better in myself.  It's made me feel really positive and cheery.  I also had my appraisal at work last week and this has made me feel more motivated and focused.  I think sometimes you just need to talk things through with people and set yourself goals to reach.  This can make you feel a lot better about the future.


As I said, I did a lot of eating out this weekend.  I don't think I actually ate at home at all, whoops!  Friday night I went to a friends and she cooked us dinner.  She's half Italian and I love Italian food so I was expecting something yummy, I wasn't disappointed!  She made a pasta salad which consisted of spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella, olives and penne in a pesto sauce.  So nice!  I'm definitely going to be trying this.  

Saturday I went to Sushi Samba in the City.  The atmosphere here alone is enough to bring the people in but the food and drink is also amazing.  I would definitely recommend.

Sunday we went to Cau in Blackheath.  It's done out really nice and I love Blackheath anyway for it's traditional quaint vibe.  The menu wasn't great for vegetarian options, however, but I ended up going for a small plate of tomato and goats cheese brushetta and a side of truffled mac and cheese.  Cheese overload!

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Lauren xx

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