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A Week In North Wales

My boyfriend is from North Wales so every year either for Christmas or just after we spend a week there with his family. I've been a going to North Wales for nearly 3 years with my boyfriend now and it really is a beautiful place to spend a few relaxing days.  It's so quiet and peaceful compared to The Big Smoke.  The weather isn't great but if you can see past that (and wrap up warm!) it really has a lot to offer. So here's how we spent our week: Friday We took the train from London Euston to Colwyn Bay which takes around 3hrs, much quicker than driving.  Although in hindsight I wished we'd taken the car because being there for a week with no car is quite annoying and you have to rely on everyone else for lifts as there's hardly any public transport there. On arrival we went back to Tom's parents house for a late lunch and caught up with them and then we headed out in the evening to see some of Tom's friends that were also in

My 2020 Fitness Regime

I've always been an avid gym goer, taking classes most days but every 6-12 months I like to switch it up and re-arrange my schedule.  Mainly to keep things fresh and not to get bored but also so my body doesn't get used to doing the same thing over and over and I continue to challenge myself.  So here is what my current gym schedule is looking like: Week 1 Monday - pilates Tuesday - HIIT Wednesday - 5k run and yoga Thursday - interval training Friday - rest day Saturday - 5k run and yoga Sunday - barre Week 2   Monday - HIIT Tuesday - 5k run Wednesday - barre Thursday - hot yoga Friday - 5k run and yoga Saturday - 5k run and yoga Sunday - barre What does your gym routine look like for 2020? Lauren xx Follow me here @wonky_lauren