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My Favourite Fake Tans 2018

The weather in London has been absolutely beautiful recently.  However, I don't think a lot of us were quite prepared for these scorching temperatures especially when it came to our pasty limbs.  But fear not, I've got your back!  Here are my favourite fake tans of 2018... First up is St Tropez Everyday.  This one is great for a gradual, natural looking tan.  It also moisturises at the same time which is a bonus as some self tanners can be quite drying.  It's perfect for beginners that don't want to go straight in with a dark tan.  It comes in light/medium and medium/dark.  Just be sure to wash your hands afterwards as it can really stain. Next up is Superdrug Solait fake tan.  I've spoken about this one so many times because it really is so so good for the price point.  It's super easy to use because of the colour guide, it doesn't smell too bad and it doesn't streak.  I probably apply this every other day.  Although it says it lasts for ag

The Top Ten Reasons I'll Be Watching The World Cup This Summer

I think most of us girls can agree that when it comes to football we're just not that interested.  Watching a ball being kicked around the grass for 90 minutes whilst screaming, swearing and jumping up and down like chimps is just not our idea of fun.   However, I don't know about you but I get weirdly patriotic around the World Cup.  I always hold out so much hope for England to win even though in the last few we've done so badly!  This year though we seem to be doing pretty well.  6-1 today WHAAAATTT!! Anyway, here are the main reasons I'll be tuning in this summer: After today's result, England may well be in with a chance of winning.  Gotta support my home boys. Christian Ronaldo in those shorts. I got Germany in my work sweepstake and they're always a good bet. Harry Kane is pretty easy on the eye. Watching Panama get all antsy is quite amusing, not to mention the 8 bookings and counting they've gotten so far. If

Lost and Found in Malta

Last month I visited the tiny island of Malta for the first time.  We were headed to the Lost and Found Festival by Annie Mac (one of my favourite DJs) for my boyfriend's birthday. Day 1 Obviously I had to seek out the best ice cream on the island and in fact this place was voted best restaurant on the whole of the island.  It's called Sottozero Gelato and it was amazing.  Not only did it have a huge selection of flavours but half of them were vegan.  I tried the dark chocolate and the cookies and cream. Day 2 The weather was a bit overcast this day and it looked like it might rain so we took solace at the local cinema and checked out the latest Avengers movie!  Oh and I found the coolest van so had to take advantage and have a quick little photo shoot ;) Day 3 This is when the festival really kicked off and we took a coach out to a remote beach for a beach party that Annie Mac herself was playing at.  This was probably my favourite day, so m

Best Outfits from Sex and The City

It has been 20 years since Sex and the City first aired.  To be fair I would have only been around 11 so I probably wasn't watching back then but as I went into my teens and early 20s SATC became my guilty pleasure and style bible.  I learnt so much from these sassy city girls living the American dream in New York and can relate to each one of them in different ways. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first episode I thought I would put together some of my favourite outfits from the show although I must say there are so many fab ensembles it is very hard to narrow it down to just 5! Carrie Charlotte Samantha Miranda Which one is your favourite? Lauren xx Follow me here for more style inspo @wonky_lauren

The Best Avocado Toast in London

At the risk of sounding like a total basic bitch or typical blogger, I bloody love avocado toast.  I love making it at home with a splash of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt but even more I love ordering it out on sourdough bread and a side of fries. Generally I find the pubs in London are the best places to find avocado toast but the little hidden gem cafes are coming up trumps too.  It's also a very nutritious meal so all round it gets a big thumbs up from me.  Here are my faves... The Railway in Streatham This is served on sourdough bread and I love the chunky chips here too.  They also have a cute bakery selection including vegan oreo cupcakes. F.Mondays in Brixton I ordered mine with tomatoes but it also comes with halloumi which my friend really liked.  This place is one of my favourite cafes in London.  They have a great selection of vegan food including a vegan toastie and vegan brownies. Cut The Mustard in Tooting This is served on sou