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HD Brows

Hey guys, On Saturday I went and got myself some HD brows did!  I've heard a lot of fuss about these in the beauty world at the moment and wanted to see what it was all about.  It's quite a trend amongst celebrities too and I heard the likes of The Saturdays and of course the cast of TOWIE have been getting these done. Before you have them done you need to go for a patch test as they will be dying your eyebrows so you need to make sure you do not have any allergic reaction to the dye. The process consists of 7 stages to create the 'perfect' symmetrical brow shape and all in all it took about 45 minutes. The first step was to assess my face shape and colouring to get the best brow shape for me.  She noticed that one of my brows was slightly more arched than the other, which she said is very common.  There are a few different styles that you can go for.  There is a quite soft looking brow which is probably more suitable for blondes and there is also a mor

Ibiza Made Me Do It

Hey guys, Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but this is caused by the fact that I have been on the island of Ibiza !  So that is what this post is going to be all about today. Now I stayed in the resort of San Antonio which is notoriously known for it’s clubbing and party scene.  For those of you that are not into that you may want to stop reading now! The flight to Ibiza from London takes about 2 and a half hours so it’s not too long.  We then took a transfer to San Antonio which was about another half hour. We arrived in San Antonio in the early evening so we’d missed any sunbathing but still plenty of time for partying!  People will pretty much party all day and all night in Ibiza .  It really is the island that never sleeps.  For me, I like to party it up during the night but take time to chill round the pool during the day. Thursday For our first night we decided to take it easy and just have a few drinks in the bar strip which they call The West

Summer Make-up Look

Hey guys, The sun is still shining yay!!  I know I keep going on about it but seriously when do we ever get weather like this in London?!  So unfair I'm stuck at work though.  However, that doesn't mean we can't still dress and look summery in the office so here is a make-up look that I created.  I think this look is very versatile and can be worn for everyday or you could glam it up if you wanted for a summer night out. To start off I primed my skin with Body Shop tea tree pore minimiser all over my skin.  Then I took Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturiser and also buffed that over my skin.  I wanted to use a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation as I felt foundation can sometimes be a bit heavy in the summer and I wanted something light on my skin that didn't look like I'd caked it on. Then I took Garnier roll on concealer under my eye and Rimmel Stay Matte powder over my t-zone and undereye to set the make-up. After this I used Gunmetal from t

My Weekend... OXO Tower and Brighton!

Hey guys, The weather was so hot this weekend so I got to do some really nice summery things and here's what I got up to. Friday Night Friday I met one of my best friends after work and we went to the OXO Tower on Southbank.  I've been here a few times before but only ever in the winter so it was really nice to go in the summer as they have a balcony where you can sit (if you're lucky enough to get a table/chair) or stand and see the most amazing views of London. We ordered some cocktails from their rather expansive cocktail menu and they were absolutely delicious.  Here is a photo of a Pimms style one we had. We didn't eat here this time but I've eaten here before and the food is also fabulous.  There have both a restaurant and a brasserie depending on how much food you want to eat.  Then they also have a bar area which is where we were. I think the OXO Tower is perfect for any occasion; whether you have something to celebrate

Outfits of The Week!

Hey guys, Now that it's Friday, the end of the working week for most of us and finally (well, nearly) the weekend I thought I would show you all the outfits I have been rocking this week including gym, work and going 'out-out'. First up is gym clothes!  It's been rather hot this week so I've been wearing my little running shorts from Nike and I've paired it with this neon yellow t-shirt.  I love to wear neon tops at the gym.  I just think it looks really cool and they don't show sweat patches too badly! Next is this cute black pinafore playsuit from New Look.  I actually got this in the teen section but I think they do a similar version in the adult section.  I've teamed it with this gorgeous lace top from Next which I love.  It's so versatile and I just know I will get lots of wear out of it.  I'm even considering getting it in black and they do short sleeve versions now too.  My head has been cut out of this photo as I'm

Today I'm Wearing... outfit and make-up

Hey guys, I'm at work today so wanted to show you what sort of things I wear and how I do my make-up. I work in an office so we have to dress quite smart.  It's not too strict however, so I get to add my own little twist and I like to jazz outfits up by wearing funky jewellery and shoes. So first my clothes; I'm wearing a simply black dress from Tesco.  Black dresses are great for work as they look smart but you can jazz them up with any colour statement jewellery and a fab pair of heels.  I've gone for this necklace from New Look which I think is so pretty and still quite elegant looking.  Millie Mackintosh also has this exact necklace!  For my heels I've gone for a simple pair of nude peep toes.  I got these from Next. As for my make-up I also like to keep this quite simple for work but still with a good coverage.  So for foundation I mixed MAC Studio Sculpt in NW30 with Benefit Rebel tinted moisturiser as I'm kind of between the two colours a