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The Best Of Winter Coats

In my eyes, winter officially starts tomorrow which means it's totally acceptable to listen to Christmas music and put up the decorations!  On another note, it's time to bring out the big coats if you haven't done already so I've picked out the best ones I've found online at the moment. Topshop Nordstrom HM Zara Which one's your favourite?  Zara is always usually my go-to for coats and I must say, they definitely don't disappoint this year.  How gorgeous is that faux fur one?! Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Christmas Party Wear Inspiration

Yay we finally mention the C word because Christmas is literally less than a month away now!  I don't know about you but for me the best part about Christmas is all the parties we get to go to and dress up for.  I had my Christmas work party last night but I wrote this post about 10 days ago when I was starting to look for a dress so I thought I would share with you what I found and also the option I went for. ASOS Boohoo New Look And here is the one that I went for from Zara... Have you got your outfits sorted yet? Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th has always had a rather ominous feeling about it.  It is known as a day of bad luck where sometimes silly little disasters will happen that may mess up your day a little but generally nothing awful.  I sometimes wonder whether it's just psychological and we just notice more bad things that day than any other. However, Friday the 13th of 2015 was way worse than a day of bad luck but a day of tragedy that has struck and shocked the world.  I'm not going to write too much about it as quite frankly I'm fed up of hearing everyone's 'opinions' and 'judgments' all over social media but I wanted to show my respect and support for those suffering as I don't think it's something that can be ignored. I hope acts like this won't scare us and take away the beauty that Paris brings.  However, it seems unfair to only mention Paris when clearly the world is falling apart. Sorry to have such a sombre post today but I just

10 Things That Seem Like A Good Idea When You're Drunk

I'll be honest, I very rarely drink alcohol these days so when I do it doesn't take me long to get drunk.  Cheap date, I know.  With the party season fast approaching I figured there will be quite a few of us getting tipsy and merry (and why shouldn't we!) and maybe doing silly things that seem like such a good idea at the time.  We've all been there right? 1.  Shots, shots and more shots!  It's like the drunker you get the more alcohol you want.  Recipe for disaster right there. 2.  Stumbling along to the kebab shop at the end of the night and ordering half the menu.  There goes the diet! 3.  Texting/calling your ex.  Then cringing the next morning as you read through the messages! 4.  Singing loudly in the middle of the street to One Direction because you think you have the best voice ever.  And you don't. 5.  Becoming besties with the cab driver taking you home and asking him all sorts of personal questions because you're

Outfits Of The Week

Dress - H&M Tee - Primark Dungarees - New Look Jacket - H&M Boots - Hunter Hat - Hermes Shirt - Topshop Shirt - Next Trousers - H&M Jacket and Dress - Missguided Glasses - Urban Outfitters T-shirt - More T Vicar Leggings - H&M Jumper - Zara Trousers - F and F Shoes - Next Which is your favourite?  Follow me on Instagram for more outfit inspiration @wonky_lauren Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Autumn Favourites

Autumn is finally over (*weep*) which I guess it has been for the last few weeks I just haven't wanted to admit it.  It really is my favourite time of the year (what a blogger thing to say hey!).  So I just thought I'd do a quick little round up of all the things I've loved this season. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes  although I'm more excited for the toffee and caramel latte that will be coming out for winter but autumn kicks off the flavoured latte seasons. Dark Vampy Lips   MAC's Rebel has been on rotation these last few months along with Rimmel's Kate Moss 107 beautiful wine coloured lippie.  You can see more of my Autumn Makeup Menu here . Ugg Boots and Hunter Boots  people still wear these right?  Because these are my ride or die for 6 months of the year here in London. Coloured Leaves and Trees  so pretty, so Instagram / Pinterest worthy. New Season TV Series  not strictly associated with autumn but I've really been

1 Jacket, 3 Ways

I have this jacket I bought a couple of years ago that is one of my all time favourites.  I initially saw it on Millie Mackintosh and knew I had to have it.  At first glance you will see it's a metallic pink shade and instantly think it's not wearable or adaptable to most outfits but actually it is!  It's a biker style jacket with zip details and I love that I can wear it for day or night time looks, casual or dressy. Here are 3 types of ways to style this jacket and other types of pieces that you might think aren't versatile but totally are. Look 1 For the first look I've gone for a dressy day time outfit.  Pairing the jacket with this long sleeved maxi dress from Missguided it just gives a bit of colour and life to a dark grey outfit. Look 2 This time I've gone for a smarter look pairing the jacket with these cigarette trousers from French Connection .  I also added these Topshop sunnies as I thought the colour went well

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

As much as we begrudge doing it, every now and then we should really do a good cleanse of our brushes and sponges.  If we don't, bacteria will build up which will transfer onto our skin and cause SPOTS!!  Yep, and nobody wants that. But you're probably wondering how best to clean them.  I honestly had no idea and buying brush cleaners can be expensive so I have a good DIY trick that will save you money! You basically wash them how you would wash your hair.  You grab your shampoo, doesn't have to be anything fancy and add a little to the palm of your hand.  Get the top of the brush slightly damp being careful to hold the brush downwards so the bristles are at the bottom.  This is because if you hold it the other way the water will run into the glue where the bristles are and weaken them causing them to fall out. You then rub your brush into your palm and you should see all the foundation coming away.  Keep doing this and then running it under the tape unt

Another Drugstore Haul

Another month, another payday and yes another drugstore spree.  Sometimes I just like to spend on a few bits in the drugstore rather than one high end product.  If you missed last month's one you can see it here. Superdrug Creme Sensations Hair Dye in Black Cherry I wrote a full review on this in my last post if you want to check it out but it's really good stuff.  So easy to use, gives a great colour and has no amonia.  They currently have it on special offer too - 2 boxes for £5. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory I went for the lightest colour in this concealer as I like quite a bright highlight.  I get quite dark circles under my eyes and so this is meant to really help make you look more awake! Makeup Revolution Contour Kit I've never bought anything from this brand before.  I'm not sure I've even heard of it but they do lots of different palettes at really reasonable prices.  This one was just £8 and comes with 8 shades.  It has

Superdrug Creme Sensations Black Cherry Hair Dye

This weekend I decided to dye my hair as I was really bored with the colour AGAIN!  I like to change my hair colour maybe twice a year to update it for the season ahead.  If you remember I had caramel highlights/ombre "bronde" through my hair over the summer so now that we are into autumn/winter I wanted to go back to dark. I was in Superdrug on a bit of a spending spree (post coming next!) and they were doing an offer on their hair dye of two boxes for £5 .  I used this brand earlier in the year to dye my hair dark brown so I knew I liked it and was not allergic.  What I love about this dye is that it's semi-permanent so only going to last 6-8 weeks which is great for someone like me that gets bored easily.  It also has no amonia and added keratin so won't harm the hair. The process was super easy.  I mixed the colour in with the toner and gave it a good shake.  I then put on the plastic gloves and started to apply it all over my dry hair.  I started

Inspirational Quotes

I had some pretty crappy news this week and sadly it's times like that that make us really appreciate life and realise that we really need to get out there and live it because you just don't know what could happen, time is so precious. Anyway, aside from my sad news I've always loved inspirational quotes that lift you up and make you feel empowered.  Some people may find them silly and a load of nonsense but they can really help cheer a girl up and put things in to perspective! Images via Pinterest. Please add any additional inspiring quotes you love in the comments. You can follow me on Pinterest here . Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Outfits Of The Week

Coordinate set - Missguided Cowboy boots - Russell and Bromley Dress worn as top - French Connection Shorts - Debenhams Eyewear - Rayban Jacket - Primark Skirt - Topshop Bag - Aspinal of London Hat - Missguided Jacket - F&F Eyewear - Rayban T-shirt - New Look Chinos - Primark Eyewear - Urban Outfitters Trench coat - Burberry Playsuit - Missguided Which one is your favourite?  Follow me on Instagram for more outfit inspiration @wonky_lauren Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

To be honest we probably only have another month left of Autumn before Winter really sets in and a lot of you might already be dressing for the colder weather but seeing as the two seasons kind of overlap, let's have a look at the essentials to get us through the next month or so. A Chunky Scarf I love a good scarf and will take one with me everywhere I go ( just  in case) but there's nothing more pleasing than a chunky scarf that you can purchase in September and it will take you right through the next 6 months of cold weather.  You can add them to any jacket and coat or even wear them as a pashmina. Left - Tesco £12 ( here ) Right - ASOS £18 ( here ) Ankle Boots Yay we can bring out the ankle boots!  Put on your thick tights and forget out shaving your legs or painting your toe nails for the next 6 months haha.  I love a good pair of ankle boots because they literally go with everything from jeans and trousers to skirts and dresses. Left - Nordstro

The Best of Gym Wear

I'm always been an avid gym goer so workout clothes have always been part of my wardrobe.  However, I never really got excited about buying it and generally went for baggy tracksuit bottoms and oversized t-shirts.  More recently this has changed.  There are so many fun pieces to wear whilst working out.  I love the all the different leggings you can get with the patterns and colours.  I also love wearing coloured sports bras with a white vest that's knotted at the bottom. I've picked out some of my favourites below. Missguided HM Next Where's your favourite place to buy sports clothes?  I'd love to find some new places!  I really want to try Bandier Fit and Fabletics . Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

All Black Everything

As I mentioned in my Little Black Dress post , my style over the last couple of years has matured somewhat and I am preferring all black outfits with maybe a pop of colour over a full outfit of brights. Below I've put together my favourite looks I've styled and also some really great pieces I've seen online recently. Jacket - Miss Selfridge ( here ) Trousers - Next ( here ) Top - Primark Trousers - Zara ( similar ) Left Skirt - New Look £15 ( here ) Right Jumper - ASOS £16 ( here ) Left Bodysuit - Missguided £22 ( here ) Right Coat - Boohoo £30 ( here ) Do you prefer colour or all black?  Check out my Instagram for more outfits @wonky_lauren Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter