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How I Curl My Hair

It's always the way, when you have curly hair you want it straight but when you have straight hair you want curly hair.  I have straight hair so yep, you guessed it, I want curly hair.  To create the beach waves that I normally go for I use the Remington Pearl Curling Wand.  I bought this on Amazon a few years back and it's been my go-to ever since. It's so much easier to use than struggling with trying to curl your hair using straighteners and in my case burning yourself in the process!  You just take a strand of hair about 1 inch wide and wrap it around the wand for 15 seconds.  I then release the wand but still hold the curl in my palm for about 10 seconds.  Once I have done half my head I hair spray it and do exactly the same on the top half. I then let it 'set' for about 45 minutes before running my fingers through it to release the curls and make them more loose and beachy looking.  I then add salt spray to give more texture and a shine spray for added gla

Dubai Photo Diary

At the end of last month/the beginning of this month one of my best friends and I took a trip to Dubai.  Dubai is somewhere I have wanted to visit for ages and whilst it was lovely it wasn't quite as amazing as people seem to make out.  Not to hate, it really was so nice to get out of the cold and rainy London for some winter sun.  But for me, I prefer cities that have culture and history and there was just nothing but huge hotels and shopping malls. Anyway, I guess I should have expected that and whilst I wouldn't rush back and I would visit again if I wanted a winter getaway and some downtime because it is definitely great if you just want sunshine and relaxation.. but not much else.  It's even hard to get alcohol out there! Have you been to Dubai?  What did you think of it? Lauren xx Follow me here @wonky_lauren

What I Wore To Fashion Week

This post is slightly late now but hey better late than never!  I attended a few fashion events over London Fashion Week and here is one of my favourite looks for an event at The Lanesborough Hotel, Hyde Park (which by the way is one of the nicest hotels in London, in my humble opinion!) For more fashion photos follow me @wonky_lauren Lauren xx