5 Overnight Products That Will Give You Perfect Skin By The Morning

As I get older I find my skincare routine more and more important.  My skin is also quite dry so finding a good moisturiser is probably the most important part of my skincare routine.  Here are my 5 favourite products that always give me soft, glowing skin in the morning even in the harsh winter months!

Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Oil

I'm a huge fan of facial oils for getting super soft skin.  I also put it on my eyelashes and eyebrows and I swear it makes them grow.

Weleda Skin Food

This is a super thick and greasy cream but if you can get past that it does wonders for your skin overnight, it really is food for the skin.

Nip and Fab Dragon Blood

Obviously it's not really dragon blood ;) Nip and Fab are a cruelty free brand and this little product gives so much hydration.  I like to use it under my facial oil or moisturiser.

Pixi Glow Tonic

This is a cult product and for good reason.  It's a toner that contain hyaluronic acid which is great for extra hydration and I always use it after washing my face.

Superdrug Vitamin E Eyecream

Last but not least, eye creams are so important.  I use a pea size amount a little lower than my lash line and work it up.  If you use it too close to the lash line you can end up with puffy eyes in the morning.

Do you have any overnight products you swear by for perfect skin?

Lauren xx

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Recipe Box: Warming Chickpea Stew

Now that winter is really kicking in here in London (I feel like I've started every blog post with that recently!) I'm craving warmer foods but also meals that are packed with nutrients and vitamins that are going to stop me catching any colds or flus that always go around this time of year.  I found a recipe by my favourite, Deliciously Ella, which I slightly adapted.  It's sort of between a stew and a curry which you can have with or without rice.


Tinned tomatoes
Coconut milk
Sweet potato
Tomato puree
Apple cider vinegar
Curry powder
Salt & pepper
Brown rice

Pop the sweet potato into the microwave for 10 minutes and then cut into chunks

Chop the aubergine into chunks

Put the tomato puree, vinegar, garlic, spices and salt into a pot with olive oil for 1 minute

Then add the coconut milk, tinned tomatoes, aubergine, sweet potato and more salt and pepper into the pot for about 25 minutes

Then add the chickpeas and spinach and cook for a further 10 minutes

Serve with brown rice

Let me know if you try this or what your favourite winter recipes are!

Lauren xx

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Pick Of The Day

ASOS - £25

Lauren xx

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Beauty Club

I did an online order from BeautyBay at the weekend, one of my favourite online stores for purchasing skincare and makeup because they do both high end and drugstore brands.

This time around I got a new Beauty Blender because my old one had had it.  I had one before and then I swapped to the Real Techniques sponge but I have to say I do prefer the original Beauty Blender although the Real Techniques one is a great affordable alternative.

I also need a new facial exfoliator and have been loving the brand Mario Badescu so I got the strawberry face scrub which smells good enough to eat!  I haven't tried it on my skin yet but I will let you know when I do.  I have high expectations because the rose water is so good!

Then I picked up a cream concealer from Milani.  I've not heard much about this concealer but it had good reviews online.  I'm not normally one for cream concealers but I thought I would give it a go as I do really like the brand Milani.  I tried it this morning under my foundation and it worked so well!  Got rid of my bags anyway haha.

Lastly I picked up a setting powder from LA Girl.  I've got a loose powder from them that I love but I wanted a compact I could take on the go and replace my MAC one as I want only cruelty free products now.  I haven't tried it yet but will keep you updated!

Have you tried any of these products?  What new products are you loving?

Lauren xx

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Beauty Advice From My Mum

Even though we now live in a world where we have internet access at the click of a button and social media is a big part of our lives where we watch beauty gurus and makeup artists showing us how to recreate the latest makeup looks and beauty hacks, I think we all started as a little girl or teenager watching our mum do her makeup and trying to copy..

Here are a few things that my mum has taught me over the years.

Always remove makeup before you sleep

Less is more

Red lipstick glams up any look

A good moisturiser is key to keeping skin looking younger

Don't forget your neck and hands, this is where your age shows

Do you have any advice you have taken from your mum?

Lauren xx

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