How To Get Emily Ratajkowski's Bikini Body

There’s no denying that Emily Ratajkowski has one of the most enviable bikini bodies out there and with summer coming up we are probably wondering how we can get this body.  Now we may not be able to get her boobs but we can try and get the rest of her body with a bit of work!

Here are some of my favourite workouts and exercises to get toned and slim for summer:

  • HIIT (high intensity interval training) – this is a killer but I do a 30 minute session at the beginning of each week to motivate me and get me going for the rest of the week.  It really gets your heart going and you can definitely feel it the next day.  The class consists of different cardio and strengthening exercises which you do for 2 minutes before moving onto the next one.

  • Trampolining – I’ve only just started doing this class but it’s such a good workout for your legs and so much fun.  It’s only 45 minutes and you each have your own small trampoline rebounder.

  • Running and Cycling – whether it’s in the gym or outside these are one of the best exercise you can do for weight loss.  It’s actually also really good for toning the abs.  If you can’t afford a gym membership, this one’s for you.

  • Yoga and Hot Yoga – this is my favourite exercise at the moment and I do two classes per week.  I used to think yoga was just good for stretching but it’s good for so many things, including toning and your mental health.  Hot yoga is tougher because you’re doing it in 38-40 degree heat so better if you want more of a challenge.

  • Barre – there’s a reason ballerinas look so slim and strong.  This is another great one for the legs.

  • Step – this is a lot of fun and kind of dancey but I do find sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the movements.  Either way, you get a really good workout in whether you’re doing the correct steps or not!

  • Pilates – this class is amazing for getting those abs of steel but not as tough as yoga.  I’d recommend it to all levels.

  • Dance aerobics – this is basically like step but without the step so a bit easier.  If you love to dance you will love this class.

Will you give any of them a go?

Lauren xx

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Meghan Markle's Maternity Style

Try saying that after a few glasses of prosecco!  Anyway, seeing as everyone seems to be pregnant at the moment I thought I would spread some inspiration from our leading lady.  Say what you want about her but there's no denying her maternity style is on point.  She still seems to look chic, graceful and elegant.  Maybe Kim K should take a leaf from Meghan's book!



Evening glam

She just nails every look.

What do you think of Meghan's maternity style?

Lauren xx

How To Look Chic On A Budget

There’s nothing better than bagging a bargain but there’s also nothing worse than wearing something that looks cheap and tacky.  So I think the goal we always work towards is looking chic but still on a budget.  Here’s how:

  1. Shop in the sales

Make a list of designer or pricey items that you want and then hold out until the sales start.  I love making wish lists on ASOS for some of their high end brands and then as soon as they go in the sale I’ll know because I can see them get reduced on my wish list!

Trousers by 2ndDay, bought in the sale on ASOS and worn with a Zara jumper

  1. Mix high end with low end

This one I learnt from my mum as a little girl.  You don’t need a full outfit of designer pieces to look chic.  Just one or two items will do and then team them with high street pieces and no one will ever know the whole outfit is not designer.

  1. Shop high end high street stores

There are some stores that sell a happy medium if you can afford it.  Not cheap but not too expensive either; French Connection, Whistles and All Saints are good examples and always have great sales too.

Skirt by Sisley, bought in the sale on ASOS and worn with a blouse from New Look

  1. Seek inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest

Check out celebrity and blogger’s designer looks on the web and then try to recreate them yourselves.  Online stores such as Missguided, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing are great for making dupes of celebrity looks.

  1. Invest in the classics

Sometimes you do need to get a bit spendy but as long as it’s an item that you know you’ll wear forever it’s worth it because it will also last forever.  Items such as jeans, leather jackets and a good white shirt.

Sandra jumper bought as an investment piece and worn with YAS trousers from the ASOS sale

What are your tips for dressing chic on a budget?

Lauren xx

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The Best Makeup Looks From Fashion Week

Fashion Week isn’t just about the clothes you know!  There is always some great makeup looks that I take inspiration from too.  Here are some of my favourites from February:

Blue eyebrows

Peach looks perfect for fall

Glitter eyes by Pat McGrath

No makeup makeup by Fendi

All images via Pinterest.

Which is your fave?

Lauren xx

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