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What It Takes To Get A Job In London

I thought I would try to share some life advice today because at the end of the day I am a lawyer first and a blogger second.  I've worked in London ever since I left school but getting jobs here, or at least good jobs, wasn't always easy. Persistence If at first you don't succeed.. Don't give up!  I've suffered so many knock backs over the years of job hunting.  Being told you haven't got enough experience which is most frustrating when you're like "how do I get the experience if no-one will give me a job!", also sometimes being over qualified because you then apply for the jobs which need no experience.  But don't give up and take on board all the feedback (negative and positive) and use it to your advantage for future references. A good CV A well presented CV will get you far.  After all, most of the time your CV is the first thing that an employer will see and if they don't like the look of it you won't even get a c

Saturday: London Gay Pride

So Saturday ended up being really unexpected.  My initial plan was to meet my friends that I traveled to Poland with (post here ) and have a little Warsaw reunion in London.  We had booked a table for lunch at a really nice rooftop place called The Trafalgar that appeared to have an impressive cocktail menu. Nearer the time we realised it was the same weekend at London Gay Pride parade but we didn't think it would impact too much on our plans.  We then checked our trains and found that Charing Cross station was closed and therefore we would have to go to London Bridge and get a tube to Piccadilly which takes twice as long. Anyway, we did that and walked across to Trafalgar Square, right opposite where the lunch was but we couldn't cross the road!  The parade was in full swing and there was so many people we just couldn't do the 30 second walk over to the restaurant.  Plus, two of our friends had been able to get in as they had come another route and

The Liquid Lipstick Selection

Anyone that knows anything about the beauty world will know how much the liquid lipsticks have risen and over the last 6 months I have definitely fallen hook, line and sinker for them.  I believe it was Anastasia Beverley Hills that started the trend off and other brands have subsequently followed suit. As soon as I see a new brand bringing out a liquid lipstick I immediately pick it up, especially the drugstore ones which I find to be exceptionally good.  My favourites that I have tried so far have to be: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipstick Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colour MUA Velvet Lip  Lacquer NYX Soft Matte Lip Anastasia Beverley Hills Wearing MUA velvet lacquer in Reckless I'll be honest, I haven't actually bought any of the ABH liquid lipsticks because I can't find them stocked anywhere in the UK.  Please if you know anywhere I can get them without paying a hefty tax fee from the US let me know!  Otherwise I will have to wait

Pale Blue

Pale blue seems to be everywhere right now and it definitely has my full attention.  To be honest, I'm more of a bright colours kind of girl but I've surprised myself this year with buying lots of white and pale blue pieces.  I recently bought the most beautiful pale blue lace dress from New Look which is an exact dupe for Self Portrait.   I wore it to my friend's wedding a few weeks ago and it looked lovely, even if I say so myself!  I had so many compliments.  It also came in white but I didn't want to wear white to a wedding..  Today I've rounded up some of my favourite pale blue pieces out there at the moment.  Zara have soooo many to choose from AND a lot of them are now on sale.. GO GO GOOOO!! Zara tops ASOS Zara dresses How do you feel about pale blue? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Be In My Girl Gang - Kayla Itsines London Bootcamp

For those of you that don't know Kayla Itsines.. DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?!  Okay so let me explain, she's like this really amazing fitness blogger from Australia who has an amazing community of BBG Girls all over the world which stem from her BBG (bikini body guides) that she sells helping people to workout, get fit and healthy. I've followed her for a long time on Instagram now and have definitely talked about her on the blog before.  So when I saw she was coming to London to do a bootcamp, naturally I had to get tickets.  So this Saturday I headed up to Kensington Olympia with my yoga mat, water bottle and about 5,000 other girls (and one boy I think!) to #SweatWithKayla. If you've read any of my fitness posts before you'll know I'm quite the fanatic.  I work out almost every day so I'd say my fitness levels were pretty good.  However, they were definitely tested on Saturday.  It was one of the hardest workouts I've ever done BUT it


It might seem a bit odd to talk about shearling in the middle of summer.  However, if you live in the UK you'll know that we're not really having much of a summer right now.  Today I was at the Kayla Itsines bootcamp in London (OMG amazing, post coming soon!) and Kayla, bless her, was like "I love London but why so cold?!" haha, our weather is ridiculous. So anyway, yeah I'm still wearing jackets, scarves, hat and SHEARLING!  Shearling has been really big the last year and I believe I did a post here about my love for it but I wanted to bring it back around and do an updated post with some new bits I've seen around.  I still have massive love for my stearling longline waistcoat I got from Dagenham market and in summer (British summer that is) I can still wear it over t-shirts. How are you coping with the British summer? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Vacay Pieces

I'm going away on my next trip in just under a month and I can't wait for some sun!  The weather in London has been shocking, I really need me some vitamin D.  Here are some pieces I've had my eye on for the trip.. ASOS New Look ASOS Are you off anywhere nice this summer? Lauren xx  Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Budget Friendly Pyjamas

Bit of a random post but bear with me.  I'm off to Marrakesh in less than 4 weeks and I'm kinda of stressing about what clothes to take with me.  I know it's respective to cover the shoulders and knees but I'm also concerned it's going to be hella hot out there and I will pass out in jeans and a jumper.  So that got me thinking of light clothing such as midi dresses and skirts and also those trousers that look like pyjamas! Anyway, whilst I was searching for some of these trousers online it kept popping up with actual pyjamas and it reminded me of my love for them, therefore I thought I would share some of my finds here.  And that's how this post was born! ASOS Missguided New Look Where do you get your pyjamas from? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Outfits Of The Week

Eyewear - Primark Neck scarf - Roman Road Market Tee - New Look Jeans - John Lewis Hat - Next Playsuit - Primark L: shirt - ASOS, skirt - M&S, Bag - Mulberry, shoes - H&M R: tee - New Look, trousers - Gap Eyewear and Jacket - Primark Pinafore - PLT L: Dress - Next, Shoes - Topshop R: Dress - Armani, Shoes - Next Which is your favourite? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

The Nude Makeup Staples

I'm on a bit of a beauty roll at the moment.  It swings in roundabouts, sometimes I'm all about fashion and others it's makeup.  At the moment it's definitely makeup and with that makeup it's definitely about the nudes.  Whether it's nude lips or nude eyeshadow I just gotta have it right now and there are some beautiful nude products around the market at present. Any beauty blogger will tell you that having a nude [lipstick/gloss/eyeshadow] in their collection is an essential.  It's a colour that will go with any look and can be dressed up or dressed down.  If you read my last post about my NYX lip collection , you'll know that they're one of my fave brands.  The nudes that I own from them are the creme brulee butter gloss and stockholm lip cream . Anastasia Beverley Hills are another brand that do some amazing nude lip products, I especially want to get my hands on their new liquid lipstick in the shade naked .  However, you

My Favourite NYX Lip Products

Can we just take a moment or two to talk about how bloody great Nyx are at lip products? I am OBSESSED!  Living in England it was never that easy to get hold of Nyx products and so British beauty bloggers galore would get all excited and squeely at the thought of an impending trip State Side just to pick up some of these bad boys in Ulta and Target . Over the last year or so, however, it's been a lot easier to get hold of Nyx here in the UK with places like stocking them and more recently Boots .  Nyx have been killing it with their products lately, keeping up with all the latest trends on contour kits and brow pencils but for me it's always been about their lip products. Here are my faves: Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheesecake (orange gloss) Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee (nude gloss) Black Label Lipstick in Indie Flick (orange/red matte lip) Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen (dark plum) Soft Matte Lip Creme in Stockholm (pi

My Favourite Face Masks

At the beginning of the year I made a pledge with myself that I would start looking after myself more, inside and out.  I want to be more healthy, fit, get more sleep and drink more water.  Along with that I also want to take better care of my skin, removing my makeup properly and using really good skincare products in my routine. A good skincare routine generally involves a face mask.  It doesn't have to be all the time.  I normally try to do one once a week, usually at the weekend when I also apply my hair mask and do my little pamper routine to get me set for the week ahead.  Here are a few of my faves. Origins Clear Improvement Mask £23 Champneys Replenishing Moisture Mask £12 Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask £26 Lush Mask of Magnaminty £10 Superdrug Dead Skin Purifying Clay Mask 99p What's your favourite face mask to use? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Mix or Match?

I used to always be a real matchy matchy kinda girl and everything had to match right down to my nail varnish.  Now I love mixing colours and prints, different tones and shades, the more clashing the better.  However, I recently realised that it's important to get the balance and that there's a time and a place for mixing and matching. With wedding season kicking off and attending two already this year I would say this would be an occasion where matching is key.  For the first wedding I wore an orange dress with similar coloured wedges and clutch bag.  The second wedding I wore a pale blue dress with gold shoes and a gold bag.  I also painted my nails the same pale blue. Holiday season however is the perfect occasion to mix it up.  My favourite thing to do when I go away is mix up my bikini tops and bottoms.  There's something just really fun about it PLUS it means you have so many different bikini options.   For work and in the office I like t

Sunday Mood

I think Sundays are actually becoming my favourite day of the week.  When I was a child I used to dread them because it always meant school the next day and even though I now have work on a Monday I still make sure to fill my Sundays with lots of exciting plans and make the day as productive as possible so that when Monday comes around I don't regret wasting it moaning about what was inevitable. This past Sunday was extra special as the Monday was a bank holiday and who doesn't love a 3 day weekend!  I went to see Busted at The 02 on Friday night which was bloody amazing.  They were my favourite band growing up so I couldn't wait to see them again 12 years later!  Then Saturday I was up early for my friend's wedding in Kent which took us 2 hours to reach from London.   The wedding was absolutely perfect because we had such good weather for a start, the bride looked gorgeous and they are literally my favourite couple in the whole world!  It was suc