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If you'd asked me about a year or so ago how I felt about wearing neutrals I would have said "Boring.  Give me some colour!" but now I can't get enough of classic, wearable looks. I don't know whether it's my style maturing or my want for creating the perfect wardrobe full of staple pieces I can constantly rotate but neutrals are taking our my daily outfits in a big way. Here are some of my favourite ways to wear neutrals and some of my favourite neutral pieces out there at the moment. ASOS Topshop Target Do you wear a lot of neutrals? Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The Winter Makeup Menu

As I've mentioned a thousand times before, I have dry skin and in the winter this dry skin gets even worse and so I sometimes struggle with what makeup to wear in order to not accentuate any dry patches but also will not dry my skin out more as I find some makeup can do that. Base For a base I always always apply moisturiser before my foundation in order to stop it drying out and I also skip the primer.  I don't know whether this is bad or not but it works for me with my dry skin.  I then like to go for a slighter higher coverage foundation such as Makeup Forever's Ultra HD or Maybelline's Fit Me .  I know a lot of people like matte foundations but they don't work for me unless I add in a tinted moisturiser. I try not to go too mad on concealer if I have a heavier foundation and also don't feel the need to highlight too much as my skin is generally looking quite pale during the winter anyway. Eyes For the daytime I don't do much d

Orlando City Guide

Did you know Orlando is the most visited city in the USA?  Set in the Sunshine State of Florida, with some of the best theme parks the world has to offer, amazing shops and outlet malls and beautiful beaches and rivers perfect for outdoor activity, it's easy to see the appeal. I've been to Orlando 3 times now and have probably seen every part of the city (not just the tourist spots!) so I've put together a city guide of the places I enjoyed the most in case anyone was thinking of travelling there. Where to Stay If you're visiting for the first time I would say the best place to stay is on International Drive (I-Drive).  This is where I stayed and it's pretty much in the middle of everything you want to get to.  Also, if you're travelling by public transport you can pick up buses along this road then go to most tourist spots. Another good place to stay is Downtown Orlando .  This still has lots to offer without being too touristy so if you'v

Outfits Of The Week - Florida, Week 1

Jumper - H&M Jeans - Victoria Beckham Dress worn as top - Missguided Shorts - Debenhams Boots - Dagenham Market Hat - Peacocks Tee - River Island Pinafore - Pretty Little Thing Trainers - Adidas Stan Smiths Lace blouse - Next Pinafore - Forever21 Boots - ASOS Necklace - New Look Jumper - H&M Skirt - Topshop Bag - Chloe Shoes - Chanel Cardigan - Primark Jumpsuit - Topshop Bag - Chloe Trainers - Adidas Stan Smiths Sunglasses - Rayban Dress and boots - ASOS Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

My Current Fitness Routine

I like to swap up my fitness routine every 6 months or so as I feel it's important to keep challenging your body and working your muscles in new ways so that they don't get use to a certain exercise and then you don't reap the benefits. You can see my last fitness routine here but currently it goes something like this. Monday REST DAY   I'm always so tired on a Monday and I don't know why.  It's not like I even party at the weekends anymore I just like to use Monday as my 'leaving work on time and going to bed early' day. Tuesday PiYo.   LOVING this new fitness class.  You can read my full review on it here . Wednesday KETTLEBELLS I've been doing kettlebell classes for nearly a year now and I can definitely see improvement.  I was always scared of doing weights but just a little session once a week is good for you! Thursday INSANITY This class is a killer and even though I've been doing it

My Morning Routine

Happy Hump Day ya'll!  Today I thought I'd share with you my morning routine.  I like to think it's quite a simple one that I have just got into the habit of doing and is quick and easy for me to get out the door on time. 7am Alarm goes off.  It's a radio alarm so I like to listen to it for about 15 minutes before I actually get out of bed.  Oh and it's Radio 1 which I've listened to every morning since I was 12! 7.15am Get out of bed.  First stop bathroom to try and wake myself up a bit then I go into the kitchen and start on last night's washing up.  I always do it the morning after so that it can dry during the day.  Then I make my breakfast and lunch and feed my bunny. 7.30am Eat breakfast whilst checking social media and e-mails.  For breakfast I'll generally have porridge or peanut butter on toast because it's quick.  I like to wash it down with a glass of juice or almond milk or a cup of green tea. 7.45am

Wynwood Walls, Miami

When I visited Miami for Christmas I made it my number 1 priority to see Wynwood Walls.  I'd seen so many other amazing photos on Instagram showing these coloured walls by talented artists that I wanted to see it for myself. It's a weird sort of place that's hidden and then suddenly you stumble across it and there's just these huge walls with crazy designs around every corner.  Fortunately for me my boyfriend grew up in Miami so he knew the area well. We parked up our motorbike and walked around in the Miami heat just in awe of these walls.  I didn't know where to look first and then when I looked down there were designs on the pavements too.  My favourites were the quotes people had spray painted on. There were lots of other people around taking photos as were we because it really is such a cool, different place.  The closest place I can describe it to in London is perhaps Shoreditch except it's bigger. Wynwood is fast

My Skincare Commandments

I'm never been the best at keeping a regimented skincare routine but I've always been interested in having one.. if that makes sense?  Slowly approaching 30 has really got me thinking about my skin and learning the importance of keeping it healthy. To give you a background to my skin I would say it's dry to normal.  Luckily I've never suffered with outbursts of acne but I do wish my skin was a little more on the oily side as getting older I know it will help keep the wrinkles at bay! In order to keep my skin looking it's best here are my skincare rules I try to follow: Always take your makeup off before you go to bed I know people say this all the time but it's soooo true.  Not only does sleeping in your makeup cause breakouts but it also settles into your fine lines creating wrinkles.  I'm definitely guilty of doing this more than I'd like to admit and my skin always feels so rubbish the next day. Double Cleanse I'v

My Favourite Food Blogs

Over the past year I've completed changed my diet; listening to my body and incorporating more protein.  I'm still a vegetarian but I am trying to cook more plant based foods at home.  So today I wanted to share with you my favourite food blogs that I follow and get inspiration from.  Most of them aren't vegetarian but that's okay with me because I swap up the ingredients for alternatives or quorn substitutes. Pinch of Yum I recently discovered this blog and it's quickly become one of my faves.  I think what I love about this blog is that there is a real mixture of recipes; healthy, naughty, veggie, meat, fish, it's all here!  She also seems to put a spin on traditional recipes that you would never have thought of yourself. Oh She Glows This is much more of a plant based vegan food blog which is where I get a lot of my plant based recipes from which I love because there seems to be a vegan version for just about anything including Nutella hot ch

American Beauty Haul

I'm finally back from my trip to the States!  So sad, but if there's one thing I do love about being home it's getting to sleep in my own bed.  Nothing beats it hey! I was out there for 3 weeks so obviously I couldn't resist a little shopping whilst I was there.  CVS, Sephora and Ulta were all at the top of my hit list. CVS and Walgreens (drugstore) I love the drugstores in the US, they're so much better than the ones we have in the UK as they seem to have more?  They also have new products that haven't reached the UK yet and offer slightly cheaper prices. NYC bronzer in sunny I've always heard really good things about this product and it's so cheap at $3!  It's not too pigmented which I prefer in a bronzer. Revlon liquid lipstick in seduction I'm not normally a fan of Revlon but I can't seem to resist a liquid lipstick at the moment so when I noticed these and yes I was a sucker for their packaging, I had to pic