My Morning Routine

Happy Hump Day ya'll!  Today I thought I'd share with you my morning routine.  I like to think it's quite a simple one that I have just got into the habit of doing and is quick and easy for me to get out the door on time.


Alarm goes off.  It's a radio alarm so I like to listen to it for about 15 minutes before I actually get out of bed.  Oh and it's Radio 1 which I've listened to every morning since I was 12!


Get out of bed.  First stop bathroom to try and wake myself up a bit then I go into the kitchen and start on last night's washing up.  I always do it the morning after so that it can dry during the day.  Then I make my breakfast and lunch and feed my bunny.


Eat breakfast whilst checking social media and e-mails.  For breakfast I'll generally have porridge or peanut butter on toast because it's quick.  I like to wash it down with a glass of juice or almond milk or a cup of green tea.


Figure out what to wear.  I always decide on the day depending on the weather.  Then I do my hair and makeup and pack my gym bag if I'm going straight from work.


Out the door after doing the final checks.  I then walk to the train station to catch my train into London where I work as a trainee lawyer.

So yes pretty simple but I've had the same routine for about 4 years now and it just works for me.

Please share any links for your morning routine, would love to read them!

Lauren xx


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