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Spring is officially here, even though it may not look like it right now in London.  The sun is [should be] shining but there is still a slight breeze in the air.  For me, as someone that is always cold, I like to add a light scarf or necktie to my outfits to keep warm during the spring weather.  Here is some inspo I found on Pinterest . Layered with a shirt, jumper and blazer.  This would be perfect for the office. With sunnies and an off the shoulder jumper to show a little skin. A silk scarf can dress up a more relaxed outfit. Parisian vibes with a hat and sunnies.  I love the bold print against the black jumper. How would you style a scarf for spring? Lauren xx Follow me here @wonky_lauren

8 Affordable Skincare Products That Work

I feel like I've really got my skincare down at the moment.  I bought lots of new products a few months ago and after testing them out, my skin having a bit of a freak out at first and then getting a good routine in order I feel like I've found some great products that work for my skin, are cruelty free and affordable! Mario Badescu Rose Water I use this as a toner to hydrate my skin every morning.  It's so refreshing and particularly good if you've had a heavy night! Superdrug Optimum Brightening Cream This is a black cream that I've spoken about before.  It's not too heavy so a good one for the day before makeup but it has brightening properties in it to keep your skin glowing. Body Shop Cleansing Oil This is the camomile one and is so good at removing makeup.  I use it every night to start off with and it even removes studdon mascara. Nip & Fab Glycolic Scrub I've started to incorporate glycolic acid into my e

6 Of The Best Cruelty Free Beauty Products

I've been vegan for over a year now and about 8 months ago I decided I would also go cruelty free on all my beauty and skincare products too.  I had to do a lot of research and found it alarming how many brands still test on animals!   One store that really works hard on supporting cruelty free products is Superdrug and they do a lot of different ranges within their skincare and makeup.  There are also some higher end brands that don't test on animals which I was really happy about. Here are some of my favourites: MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter I have this in the gold shade and it's beauty.  Not too pidgmented but still enough to get that glow.  I use it everyone including as an eyeshadow. Sleek Shimmer Blush I've talked about this loads.  I have the shade rose gold and it's almost identical to Nars' cult orgasm blush for a fraction of the price. Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette I bought this to try when contour

Vegan Stew

I made one of the best meals this weekend, it was so simple but super tasty.  It was a veggie stew with beans and lentils from Deliciously Ella 's Everyday book.  It serves 8 but I halved it and done 4 batches so I could have some for lunch this week too.  It took about an hour altogether but can be easily reheated if you want to make a big batch. You will need: Courgettes Carrots Garlic Lentils Tinned tomatoes Tomato puree Cinnamon Ginger Cannellini beans 1 lime Then all you need to do is cut up the vegetables and add everything into a pot for 30 minutes on simmer except the courgettes, lime and beans.  Then add these last ingredients and simmer for another 30 minutes.  That's it! I hope you enjoy this vegan recipe as much as I do.   Please let me know if you have any to share below :) Lauren xx Follow me here @wonky_lauren

Outfits Of The Week

1. Top - Missguided, Boots - ASOS 2. Jumper - Gap, Skirt - New Look, Boots - M&S Top - ASOS, Jeans - New Look, Uggs - Office Eyewear - Topshop, Shirt - Shein, Jeans - New Look Top - HM, Skirt - New Look 1. Jumper - Primark 2. Shirt - ASOS, Skirt - HM Which one is your favourite? Lauren xx Follow me here @wonky_lauren

Tie Sleeve Jumper

I picked up this tied sleeve jumper from Zara at the beginning of the year and I have seen them everywhere since.  I think they're really different with a slight twist to the bell sleeve trend.  This one from Zara is so comfortable too and such beautiful material.  I really love all the knitwear from Zara at the moment. This is the link to the Zara one .  I've also found some similar ones here , here and here . What do you think of the tie sleeve jumper? Lauren xx Follow me here @wonky_lauren

How To Weatherproof Your Bags And Boots

Sorry if this is a bit of a boring post but I feel like it's necessary to know how to keep your [designer] bags and boots from getting ruined in harsh weather conditions.  I mean, you paid money for them after all and if you're as much as a shoe lover as me you definitely won't want them getting spoilt! When I purchased my first designer handbag from Mulberry the lady at the till asked me if I also wanted to purchase a can of leather protector.  I've been offered this before in various shoe shops and always decline as I just think it's them trying to get another sale.  However, when you are spending half your pay cheque on one purchase you realise that maybe an extra tenner to protect it is not such a bad deal after all! So I reluctantly paid the extra £8 for this spray and use it every time before going out in poor weather and you know what, 7 years later that Mulberry bag is [almost] as good as new! I now use these sprays on all my bags and sho

What I Ate Today

Breakfast A glass of water with lemon juice 1 weetabix with almond milk and raspberries Lunch Sweet potato risotto (recipe by Deliciously Ella ) Dinner Strawberry, banana and spinach smoothie with almond milk Snacks Banana Peppermint tea 2 litres of water What did you eat today ? Lauren xx Follow me here @wonky_lauren

Comfy Days

The weather is still so cold here in London, what is going on!  It's March now.. we should be in Spring right?  So what is up with the rain, wind and 5 degrees temps?!  Eugh.  The upside of this weather, however, (yes there is an upside!) is that I can spend cosy days inside doing the things I love.  So here are a few ways to have a cosy day or night inside when the weather is pants! Redecorate The Home/Bedroom I've recently decided I wanted to do a little overhaul to my apartment now that I've owned it for 5 years.  I love places like Wilko, Ikea and Primark for affordable but chic furniture.  See my post on my new Shoe Wall here . Board Games Remember how much fun we had as kids playing these?  I haven't played a good board game in ages but I got a puzzle as a Secret Santa present for Christmas and it inspired me to want to play more games and puzzles! Work Out Just because you can't get to the gym doesn't mean you can't