Comfy Days

The weather is still so cold here in London, what is going on!  It's March now.. we should be in Spring right?  So what is up with the rain, wind and 5 degrees temps?!  Eugh.  The upside of this weather, however, (yes there is an upside!) is that I can spend cosy days inside doing the things I love.  So here are a few ways to have a cosy day or night inside when the weather is pants!

Redecorate The Home/Bedroom

I've recently decided I wanted to do a little overhaul to my apartment now that I've owned it for 5 years.  I love places like Wilko, Ikea and Primark for affordable but chic furniture.  See my post on my new Shoe Wall here.

Board Games

Remember how much fun we had as kids playing these?  I haven't played a good board game in ages but I got a puzzle as a Secret Santa present for Christmas and it inspired me to want to play more games and puzzles!

Work Out

Just because you can't get to the gym doesn't mean you can't excercise.  I quite often will move the furniture around to create a workout space, put on a good playlist from Spotify and do a workout I found on Pinterest.

Order Takeout

Why not try something new from a place you've not ordered from before?  Or even cook up a recipe you've been wanting to try if you have the ingredients in the kitchen.

Netflix and Chill

Sorry had to put it in there.  Read it how you want!

How do you like to spend comfy days inside?

Lauren xx

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