5 Makeup Products That Will Make Your Makeup Routine So Much Quicker

I don't know about you but whenever I'm getting ready in the morning I always seem to be short on time!  Don't get me wrong, I love spending time on my makeup but if I'm in a rush I need to get in done quickly so with these time-saving products I've managed to get my morning makeup routine down to 5 minutes!

Any sort of 2 in 1 product is going to save you time so look out for those first of all.  This one is my favourite.  It's quite full coverage but you can thin it out by using a beauty sponge or mixing it with your moisturiser.

Bare Minerals Powder Compact

This is great because you can also use it for on the go.  The pressed powder comes with a mirror and sponge.

Laura Geller Mocha Blush

The colour of the blush is a near bronze colour so you can get away with not having to use a bronzer as well, saving more time!

NYX Tinted Eyebrow Gel

I love tinted eyebrow gels because you can fill your brows in at the same time as setting them, genius!  They also give a more natural look and stop you from overdrawing them!

IT Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara

This mascara really does what it says on the tin.  One or two quick coats of this and you're good for the day ahead.

Do you have any trusty and speedy makeup products you use for quickness?

Lauren xx

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Mexico City

So I went to Mexico in May this year and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write a post about it but time has just flown!  Mexico is a country I’ve wanted to visit for ages but there’s so much to see, I wanted to do it properly and take a bit of time to travel around.


My boyfriend (kind of) surprised me with plane tickets to Mexico City for Christmas and we straight away got planning to where else we wanted to go.  We decided to fly to Mexico City for 5 days, then fly across to Cancun for 5 days and then get a bus to Tulum for the last 4 days before heading back to Mexico City and then home.  I will write about Cancun in a separate blog post (hopefully that won’t take me another 3 months!).

We flew direct with British Airways from London Heathrow and our flights were around £600 each.  This included luggage and seat selection.  I can’t fault BA at all, even with the delays, because it was such a comfortable flight.

After the long 11.5 hour flight from London to Mexico City plus a two hour delay we finally made it around midnight to our hotel (which would have been around 7am back home!).  We were very tired and just wanted to sleep.


We stayed at the Pennsylvania Suites just outside the city centre and we had the penthouse suite.  The room was insane with it’s own living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.  We also had a long balcony overlooking the most beautiful plant wall.  The was definitely my favourite hotel room from the whole trip.

Day 1

We took an Uber into the city centre to explore.  Ubers are really cheap in Mexico City and easy to get around.  We meandered around the city seeing some beautiful architecture, looking around the shops and stopping for some Mexican lunch.  The food is also super cheap here.  A bowl of guac and chips cost just £2.50 and the beer around £3 a bottle.  After spending the day in the city we headed back to our hotel to change and then went out to a local restaurant for dinner.  There are a lot of Mexican-Italian eateries around so that’s what we went for that night.

Day 2

We got up early and took a taxi to Teotihuacán to see the Pyramids.  It was a super hot day so you can imagine climbing the pyramids were a challenge but we got there and it was worth it because the views were just amazing.  It’s crazy to think that this architecture was built by hand 100s of years ago.  After a long day in the Mexican sun we headed back to our hotel to change and jump in another Uber to the Azteca Stadium.  My boyfriend is a huge football fan so getting to see one of the greatest teams in the world play in one of the world’s biggest stadiums was a real treat for him.

Day 3

This was my boyfriend’s birthday so I let him decide what he wanted to do and being the geek that he is he said he wanted to go to the Museum of Anthropology!  The museum was nice (not as nice as the London museums) and it was very big, however, I did find that it seemed to repeat itself a lot as you went round.  Overall, however, we had a lovely day in the city and went back in the evening for a nice dinner at an upmarket restaurant for our final night here.

Day 4

We were flying to Cancun later this day so didn’t want to venture out too far from our hotel so we decided to look up some nearby parks to explore and found this really cool one with gardens, a running track, gym and children’s playground (where we may have jumped on the swings)!

I loved this city so much I really didn’t want to leave but was excited to head to the beach and get some warmer weather.  It was hot in Mexico City but not as hot as we were about to experience in Cancun.. *stay tuned for the next chapter*


Places we ate at and would recommend:

Senora Grill
El Huequito
El Romano
La Rural Argentina

Have you been to Mexico City?  What did you think?  I will definitely be back!

Lauren xx

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