About Me

Animal Lover.  Bit of a hippie.  Buddhist.  Fashionista.  Generally too tall to talk to.  Gym Bunny.  Make-up Junkie.  Music Freak.  Professional Human Being.  Socialite.  Lawyer.    Plant Based.  Tattoo Enthusiast.  The girl at the bar toasting the good life.  Wonky Lauren.

I got the name Wonky Lauren from a team building exercise at work about 5 years ago. We were asked to describe ourselves in one word which is pretty hard and the first thing I thought of was wonky?  Go figure.  I think this is because I'm always doing random things and can be a bit of a crazy wild child.  I would never describe myself as normal because I find the thought of that utterly boring and quite frankly I'm bloody bonkers, but apparently all the best people are.

I'd been reading blogs and watching YouTube videos for a couple of years before I decided I'd like to have a go of it myself.  On here you're likely to find beauty reviews, style diaries, fitness tips and general lifeness.

If you fancy a chat or want to ask me a question tweet me @wonky_lauren 

Thanks for reading! 

Lauren xx


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