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How to Wear a Pink Lip

Wearing a pink lip can sometimes be quite hard, especially if it's a rather bright and vibrant shade but I think it looks so lovely for this time of the year. My favourite shade of pink is Impassioned by MAC .  It's very bright and has such a creamy texture that it glides on really well and stays put for quite a few hours.  I find I never have to wear a lip liner with this one either. When wearing a pink lip I think it's important to get the rest of your make up right so that you don't look washed up and colours don't clash. So starting off with the skin I would get myself nice and tanned.  My favourite tanners at the moment are the Superdrug Solait tan in dark and also Tan Truth which you can get from Sally's Salon Services.  Where I have just come back from Ibiza I have still got a bit of a tan so every few days I use the St Tropez Everyday gradual tanner and this helps top up my tan slightly. Then you've got to get the make-up right so

Organising Your Shelving Units

I wanted to talk about something other than beauty and fashion on my blog for a change.  It’s supposed to be an ‘all-rounder’ blog anyway so here is some lifeness for you. When I was studying which I’m sure you know all about because I didn’t stop going on about it!  But when I was studying my flat got into a bit of a mess and I remember thinking to myself “when this exam is over I’m going to have a proper sort out and organise some of these shelves”.  I think it’s important to do this every now and again anyway (maybe every 6 months).  It’s nice to de-clutter, change things up and keep them fresh. So my plan is to tackle this this weekend as I’ve spent the last 2 weeks catching up on sleep lost in Ibiza (I know, I’m getting old!) but c’mon I’ve been working full-time too J What I plan to do is clear the bottom shelf of my book case in my living room where I store my study books, throw out anything I no longer need and any books I want to keep for reference I’m going to st

Wear | Life | Eats: Mum's 50th Birthday!

This past week saw my mum turn the Big 5-0!  So for a special edition of WLE I thought I'd share with you what we did to make her birthday extra special. My sister and I started planning something about 2 months in advance and we were stuck between a spa day and afternoon tea.  We decided to go with the spa day as we thought it would last a bit longer than afternoon tea and we wasn't really sure if my mum would like afternoon tea as she's not really a tea and cake kinda person.  However, when we called our chosen spa (Rowhill Grange) it was fully booked until the end of July!  We've been to this spa before which is why we had chosen it but anyway it was back to the drawing board. I then looked into having lunch somewhere nice in London which is when I came across the celebration package at the OXO Tower.  The package included food, a cocktail, a glass of wine/beer/soft drink, a photo and cake. I am so glad we decided to go with this because it made i

Protect Your Skin

Now that we seem to be having some pretty good weather in the UK , I don’t want to jinx it but I’m quite impressed, I thought I should talk about the rather relevant subject of protecting our skin.  I know it’s a bit of a boring post but it’s something that’s really important especially this time of the year whether we have a hot summer or you are away on holiday somewhere hot.  You need to protect your skin. You should wear at least SPF 15 on your face all year round anyway.  This is to prevent premature ageing and wrinkles.  I know it seems like a chore but at lot of foundations and BB creams come with an SPF already built in so look out for those when choosing one. I know a lot of people like to wear lower factor sun creams because they want to get the best tan they can but you can still get a tan from wearing higher factors.  It just means it might take a little longer to reach that optimum tan but that you won’t burn and this is what we want to prevent.  Burning means you

Ibiza 2014

Last week was absolutely manic for me and I am still recovering (getting old!).  I started the week with a 3 and a half hour exam and 12 hours later I was on a plane to Ibiza where I spent the next 4 days. Ibiza is my favourite place to visit during the summer and this was my 4 th time on the island.  I love it because I’m such a huge music fan and go mad for all the top DJs that play out there. It was pretty full on this year and we spent most days at JetApartment pool parties or raving on Bora Bora Beach .  I normally stay in San Antonio which is generally quieter during the day and really comes alive at night with the West End bars.  This year I stayed in Playa d’en Bossa which is livelier during the day with not so many bars in the evening. The first night we went to Amnesia for a night called Together.  This is my favourite night of the week as it plays host to drum and bass and dubstep DJs.  The rest of Ibiza is mainly house music.

Wear | Life | Eats

Wear Lately the weather has been real hit and miss, which is most of the time for London, but it's been rather extreme.  We've had scorching hot days and down right miserable rainy days.  Now that we are in June and hopefully entering the summer season I'm hoping for a lot more sunny days.  Until then, however, to get me through the 'in between' weather I have dug out my trusty leather jacket and have been throwing that on with almost every outfit.  The thing I love about leather jackets is that they go with literally anything.  You can wear it casual like I have below, with jeans and a t-shirt or you can take it with you on a night out to put on over a pretty dress or playsuit.  If the weather is a bit chillier then I can either wrap a scarf around it or wear a hoody underneath and layer it.  It's so versatile!  I got mine from Miss Selfridge and I love the zip detailing. Life I feel like a broken record here but I am studying YET AGAIN.  I&