Organising Your Shelving Units

I wanted to talk about something other than beauty and fashion on my blog for a change.  It’s supposed to be an ‘all-rounder’ blog anyway so here is some lifeness for you.

When I was studying which I’m sure you know all about because I didn’t stop going on about it!  But when I was studying my flat got into a bit of a mess and I remember thinking to myself “when this exam is over I’m going to have a proper sort out and organise some of these shelves”.  I think it’s important to do this every now and again anyway (maybe every 6 months).  It’s nice to de-clutter, change things up and keep them fresh.

So my plan is to tackle this this weekend as I’ve spent the last 2 weeks catching up on sleep lost in Ibiza (I know, I’m getting old!) but c’mon I’ve been working full-time too J

What I plan to do is clear the bottom shelf of my book case in my living room where I store my study books, throw out anything I no longer need and any books I want to keep for reference I’m going to store on a shelf in my wardrobe or take to work (hehe).

In my bedroom I have a square unit which has 4 cut out squares inside.  It’s hard to explain so I’ll attach a photo with a link if it’s still available.  I’ve just thrown stuff on here over the past 2 years and it’s become really messy so I want to get some pretty little boxes that I can fit inside and throw everything in them so from the outside it’s no longer messy.

I’ve been looking at these ones in H&M.

Do you have any tips for de-cluttering and organisation?  If so, tweet me @wonky_lauren I’d love to here!

Lauren xx

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