Why You Need To Try This £3 Facial Scrub

Since going vegan a few months ago it also occurred to me that I should probably only use cruelty free products also.  Superdrug is a brand that I've always loved and generally buy most of my skin care and makeup from.  Now it's a brand that I love even more because it is so against animal testing.  I did a lot of research into cruelty free products and it's surprising how many brands still test on animals.

With Superdrug, however, it's easy because I know they are against it, I can see the leaping bunny symbol on all their products and so it makes it so much easier to identify which products I want to buy when shopping.  I recently picked up this exfoliator as I'd run out of my old one.  This one is by their Vitamin E range which is so good for your skin, especially dry skin like mine.

It's so gentle and still gets rid of any dry patches.  I love that it has oatmeal in it because this is what makes it not too harsh on the skin like some other exfoliators.  It also states to be high in antioxidants which protect the skin from enviromental damage.  I really notice a difference using this product and because it's cruelty free it makes you feel good on the inside too!

Have you tried any of the Superdrug own brand?

Lauren xx

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Outfits Of The Week

1 - dress, Millie Mackintosh, shoes, F&F
2 - skirt, ASOS, boots, M&S
Top - ASOS
Leggings - Forever21

1: Dress - Hoss Intropia, Shoes - Primark
2: Skirt - Armani, Shoes - New Look

Top - Zara
Dress - PLT

Top - ASOS
Jeans - Armani

Which is your fave?

Lauren xx

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Models' Off Duty Style: Steal The Look

I'd say the main thing I search for on Pinterest is 'model street style'.  It's probably my favourite look to go for.  I just love the relaxed easy going style but still with a bit of edge that oozes coolness.

Here are some of my favourites along with my favourite model icons.  All I need now is those endlessly long legs, any ideas?!

Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid & Stella Maxwell

Hailey Baldwin, Irina Kulikova & Sara Sampaio

Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Jackman & Joan Smalls

Who's your favourite?  I think mine is Gigi, you can see more of her style here.

Lauren xx

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My Evening Routine

I recently changed my evening routine and I think it is so so much better than the one I had before.  I would always end up going to bed stupidly late because I would tell myself a time I wanted to go to bed but end up sitting on the sofa until that time and by the time I cleared up, washed and changed it would be at least 30 minutes later than I planned.

So my new routine is much better.  I get more sleep and my skin is looking great with the skincare routine I coincide it with.

Gym straight from work

Protein smoothie

Make tomorrow's lunch


Bed at least 1 hour before I want to sleep

Social media or read

Lights off around 10pm!

What does your evening routine look like?

Lauren xx


OMGeeeeeee I can't even explain how much I love brunch.  Isn't it just the best?  You legit get to eat twice as much bcos it's two meals in one so it's totally okay to stuff yourself and eat ALL the carbs.  I love going out for brunch with friends but I also like to make it at home especially at the weekends when I don't have time to make my 3 meals a day.

For example, on a Saturday I like to wake up around 9 and be in the gym by 10.  I don't like to eat before I work out so when I get back around 12 I make myself a big brunch. Currently I've been having Linda McCartney sausages with baked beans, mushrooms and hash browns.  Very British I know.

On a Sunday I like to be lazy and sleep in so again I won't eat properly (sometimes I snack on biscuits in bed, don't judge) until around 11am.  Sundays I think we deserve to be more carby so I'll go for pastries, bagels and lots of avocado.

How do you like to brunch?

Lauren xx

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5 Easy Healthy Vegan Snacks

When I decided to go vegan a few months ago I made sure I did a lot of research.  I actually went vegan about 7 years ago but never really did much research so ended up eating just as unhealthily as I was before.  So this time I wanted to make sure I was doing it properly.  My main reason for becoming vegan was for animal welfare but secondly because I feel it's a lot cleaner and healthier if you do it right.

Here are a few of my favourite recipes I found for snacks since becoming vegan.  I hope I can inspire you enough to maybe even take the plunge for a plant based diet too!  Literally any meal can be made vegan so you're really not missing out and these snack ideas prove it.  For more vegan recipes just check out my Pinterest board here.

Please share any vegan recipes you have and let me know if you try any of these!

Lauren xx

Market Crush: Top 5 London Markets

Markets are quite traditional in Europe.  I don't mean the Farmer's Market style ones I mean the proper long markets that sell all kinds of things from clothes to furniture, second hand goods and one off vintage pieces.

Growing up in London it was a tradition in my family to frequent the various markets across town and we still have that tradition now.  Here are my top markets in and around London.

Roman Road Market, Bethnal Green

This is one of the first markets I ever visited as a kid and I have very fond memories being here and scoffing hot doughnuts from the fresh doughnut stall.  Ahh they were so good, 10 for £1!  Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Dagenham Market, Essex

This is probably the one I visit the most now and I love picking up clothes bargains that rival designers and the latest trends.  They have a carpark but get there early.  Only open on a Sunday.

Greenwich Vintage Market

Closest to my house but only small, this market is great for getting one off pieces and I like to pick up stuff for the home here.  Open everyday.

East Street Market, Walworth

I used to visit this one with my nan on the bus.  I haven't been here for years but it's pretty similar to the Roman Road.  Open everyday except Monday.

Deptford Market, Lewisham

This one is good for picking up cheap produce; fruit and veg etc.  They also have stalls selling household cleaning products which are cheaper than the shops.  Open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Where are your favourite markets?  I'd love to visit them!

Lauren xx

The Transformative Tuck

This is such a silly small little thing and it feels weird to even be blogging about such a minor detail but I feel like it's one of those little things that makes a big difference, you know?

So it's basically when you tuck your t-shirt and shirt into your jeans or pants but just a little bit in the middle at the front, does that make sense?  To be honest I'm sure you all do it anyway but it's something I've been doing for a while and it just makes me feel so much cooler but also put together.  You can see what I mean better in the photos below.

Will you be trying the tuck?

Lauren xx

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Outfits Of The Week

1 - Dress - Ruby Sky London, Shoes - Primark
2 - Top and trousers - HM, Sliders - Peacocks
1 - Shirt - Primark, trousers - Next
2 - Top - Next, trousers - Gap, Trainers - Adidas

Eyewear - Jess Wright
Top - Primark
Trainers - Nike

1 - Top - ASOS, Skirt - Primark, Shoes - New Look
2 - Dress - Glamorous, Shoes - Spanish market

Which one is your favourite?

Lauren xx

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What I Ate Today


Porridge with almond milk and strawberries.  1 glass of Robinson's squash.


Pasta with vegan pesto and mushrooms.  1 bottle of Evian water.


Protein smoothie - 1 frozen banana, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of raw cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1 teaspoon of chia seeds


1 bag of salt and vinegar Snack-A-Jacks.  A handful of peanuts.  Another bottle of Evian and a cup of peppermint tea.

I think this is my first post since fully going vegan.  

Any vegan meal ideas would be much appreciated!

Lauren xx

Pretty Wild

Because I'm all about that cruelty free life..


New Look

Top - Zara
Bottom - Primark

How do you feel about going cruelty free?

Lauren xx

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Gigi Hadid Style

I think there's no denying that Gigi Hadid is one of the most beautiful women in the world right now.  Not only that but she seems like such a sweet genuine person too.  Jealous much?  The main thing I love about Gigi though is her style.  I follow her on Instagram and she just does that 'off-duty-model street style' look so well.

Here are some of my favourite Gigi looks if you're looking for some inspiration!

Images via Pinterest
Are you a fan of Gigi's style?

Lauren xx

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That Jean!

It feels like jeans have been around since the beginning of time.. Or maybe they have? But whenever they were introduced to the world there seems to be no end in sight for them.  They are probably the most worn and versatile item of clothing in most people's wardrobes.  They definitely are in mine anyway!  I just wish I could wear them to work.. anyway..

With so many different styles of jeans around at the moment it's hard to pick just one favourite style.  I'd probably have to go with the skinny jeans but I do also love the boyfriend and flare styled one.  Ahh there's just so many!  Here are so of my online favourites around at the minute.


New Look


Which is your favourite style of jean to wear?

Lauren xx 

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eBay Bargains

We all love a good bargain and one of the best places to get them is eBay.  You can honestly buy anything on here.  You will be surprised at the things people don't want or the brand new items you can get for so much cheaper than anywhere else.  They do such good dupes so I always be sure to check eBay before forking out elsewhere.

Here are some of the random things I had bought for my weird little life of late..

Clear Spectacles

I bought these clear spectacles for about £2 cos I thought they might look cool.  I'm not sure they do haha but that's the great thing about eBay, it's so cheap that it doesn't matter!

A Harmonica

See, I told you I buy the weird and random shit.  The harmonica is my favourite instrument so I thought, heck, why not try and learn to play it!  This cost me around £3.

Black Suede Choker

I've wanted just a plain black choker for ages and to be honest I don't know why I didn't just go to Primark.  This one cost me about £1 but I had to wait over a week for it and then it was too big!

Rayban and Celine Sunglasses Dupes

I love buying sunglasses on eBay because they always have such dupes (not necessarily fakes with logos etc) on there.  I bought both these pairs for around £4 each with free postage.

Do you love an eBay bargain?  What do you like to buy?

Lauren xx

Online Favourites


New Look


Lauren xx

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