OMGeeeeeee I can't even explain how much I love brunch.  Isn't it just the best?  You legit get to eat twice as much bcos it's two meals in one so it's totally okay to stuff yourself and eat ALL the carbs.  I love going out for brunch with friends but I also like to make it at home especially at the weekends when I don't have time to make my 3 meals a day.

For example, on a Saturday I like to wake up around 9 and be in the gym by 10.  I don't like to eat before I work out so when I get back around 12 I make myself a big brunch. Currently I've been having Linda McCartney sausages with baked beans, mushrooms and hash browns.  Very British I know.

On a Sunday I like to be lazy and sleep in so again I won't eat properly (sometimes I snack on biscuits in bed, don't judge) until around 11am.  Sundays I think we deserve to be more carby so I'll go for pastries, bagels and lots of avocado.

How do you like to brunch?

Lauren xx

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