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Must Have Products For Your Brows

I am brow obsessed.  For me, brows are the most important part of my routine and I think they frame the face and bring everything together.  If I don't have my brows on I just don't feel myself.  I've only been like this for the last year or two though.  Before that I honestly don't know what I did and sometimes I look back at really old photos are just cringe at the state of my brows! Fortunately I've sorted it out for 2016 and these are my holy grail eyebrow products that I swear by. NYX Tinted Brow Mascara This is a miracle product because not only does it set my brows in place and keeps them there all day, it's also great for days when I don't want a lot of makeup or I'm in a rush.  I can just brush this through my brows and it gives them a hint of colour. Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade Anyone that knows anything about eyebrows will know that Anastasia is the Queen when it comes to them.  It's no secret that ABH is m

Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Foundation Review

I heard so much hype about this foundation a few months ago so when I was in the US in September I decided to pick it up during my Sephora haul. The first thing that got me was that it's a water foundation and as someone with dry skin I love water foundation as they don't dry up or go flaky on me.  It does mean, however, that it can be quite sheer but you can definitely build it up if you are someone that likes more coverage.  It also has SPF15 in it which is great for every day. The shade range in this foundation is another plus point as they have so many to choose from.  I went for light medium honey which is for light to medium skin with yellow undertones which is perfect if you fake tan like me.  The finish is really pretty.  It isn't matte but doesn't get too shiny.  I do set it with a powder and it has a nice glow to it. I really really like this foundation, the only downside I would say is that it comes with one of those pipette dispen

Comfy Coordinates

And by comfy coordinates I mean pajamas!  Pajamas are literally my favourite thing about winter and Christmas I think.  Is that sad?  It just gets so cold in London this time of year and all I want to do is snuggle up and keep warm.  Oh and eat loads whilst bing watching YouTube videos.  So here are my favourite jammies around at the moment. ASOS New Look Primark Will you be cosying up this Christmas with matching PJs? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

What I Wore For Date Night

Okay so for the purpose of this blog let's just pretend that I have a boyfriend and actually get taken out on dates.  This outfit I wore to the pub last weekend for a friend's birthday that was a super last minute invitation but I thought it looked quite cute and would make the perfect date night outfit.  It's dressy but not too much as still has casual vibes with the leggings and flat boots AND still adds a bit of sexiness with the faux leather. The top is from ASOS and has a really pretty floral pattern on it which adds a touch of girliness.  It also has a frill along the bottom and goes into a V at the back with a tie at the top.  Red also happens to be my favourite colour and I think it's a great one for date night. The leggings are faux leather from H&M .  H&M do some great affordable faux leather leggings if you're looking for some.  They are comfy for date night but still add a bit of sexiness. Finally the boots are my new babies I

Vintage Walks

I wasn't really sure what to title this blog post, I was trying to be creative.  But basically everything in   London is so historic and vintage that I thought this was the right name for such a post.  So anyway, I was talking a little stroll through one of our beautiful parks and it gave me such inspiration for so many fall and autumnal blog posts. It also got me thinking that in London we are so blessed with such amazing parks that why not share them with you in case you're every here and like walking in pretty surroundings as much as I do. Hyde Park Probably the main park that everyone has heard of and also the one with the most tourists.  It's absolutely huge and has a large boating pond which is great fun in the summer for hiring pedlos etc. Crystal Palace Park I had to give this a mention because I went here all the time as a kid.  It's not really one of the main parks but it has a special place for me.  It's great for children too so

Outfits Of The Week

1. Shirt - ASOS, Trousers - Zara, Shoes - Primark 2. Top - F&F, Skirt - Next, Boots - Rocket Dog 1. Shirt - ASOS, Skirt - Dorothy Perkins, Boots - Freemans 2. Shirt - HM, Shoes - Primark 1. Cardigan - HM, Trousers - Gap 2. Jumper - Primark, Dress - Missguided, Boots - Office Top - ASOS, Leggings - HM, Boots - River Island Which is your favourite?  For more outfits, follow my Instagram! @wonky_lauren Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Bikinis x9

Dreaming of winter sun but don't know where to shop for summer clothes?  Don't worry, there are still some great bikinis around! ASOS New Look HM Are you going away nice this winter? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

How To Create A Modern Boho Look With A Basket Bag

Basket bags were really in this summer but just because the sun has gone doesn't mean we need to pack up the basket bags.  I bought a simply one in Primark as I liked the idea of being able to add a scarf or a key chain to jazz it up if I wanted.  What I love most about the basket bag, however, is the size and how much you can fit in it. They're perfect for holidays, picnics and shopping.  They give any outfit a real boho look which is always in season if you ask my opinion.  Here is how I dressed mine up to create the perfect modern boho look which is stylish in any season. How do you style the basket bag? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

4 Stylish Ways To Wear A Turban

Turbans are really in this season!  And they come in some really lovely colours, patterns and prints.  As I spoke about before in this post, metallic and velvet are going to be the height of trends this season so I have been on the look out for the best turbans that incorporate these trends.  I think turbans are great for this season because they are an alternative to wearing a hat so will still keep your head warm when it's cold. They're also great for the summer seasons too because I think they just look so cool and hipster on the  beach with a bikini or kimono.  Here are some of my favourites on ASOS . What do you think of the turban trend? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

What I Ate Today

Today is not the best day for me to be showing you what I ate but I always want to be real with my readers and show that I'm not always on a strict vegan healthy diet but that we all have cheat days or just days where we perhaps do not eat our best.  I'm pretty sick today and really run down with cold and flu so it has been an effort to make anything substantial. Breakfast Avocado on a wholemeal english muffin Lunch Two slices of wholemeal organic bread 1 bag of Walkers crisps Dinner Jacket potato with baked beans Snacks Hot chocolate Beecham's cold and flu drink What do you like to eat when feeling ill? Lauren xx Instagram | T witter | YouTube

Why You Should Invest In A Biker Jacket

The biker jacket has to be the most versatile jacket around.  I, for one, LOVE a good biker jacket and have 3 different ones in my closet.  They instantly give any outfit that extra edge and can toughen up a girly look which is what I like the most as I've never been a super girly girl.  I also love that in winter you can put a chunky blanket scarf around them meaning you can wear them all year round. I have mine in the traditional black which I think everyone should start with.  I also have a metallic pink one which is very on trend for this season and one in orange which I guess is in season too now that Trump is President! How do you feel about the biker jacket? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Recent Bargains

I decided to go on a little shopping spree the other week.  I buy a lot of my clothes online these days (hello ASOS) as I never have enough time to go out properly shopping at precidents and malls such as Bluewater or Lakeside.  However, I went to my local shopping mall the other week as I wanted to visit Primark and have a general look around and I was so happy to have picked up some mega bargains! Primark I find this store to be so hit and miss but actually the had some great trends in store this time around so I wasn't disappointed.  I picked up a metallic faux leather skirt for £8 which is going to be a major trend this season and also a pretty royal blue dress for £10 which is a skater style and has longer sleeves.  They also had lots of velvet pieces around. Then I picked up the essentials of roll neck jumpers in black and grey for £6 each along with a lace bralette set for just £4.  I got a grey long sleeved tee for £2 because you can never have enough gre

Outfits Of The Week

Top - ASOS, Trousers - French Connection 1. Top - eBay, Cardigan - Next, Jeans - New Look 2. Top - Pull & Bear, Jeans - John Lewis, Converse - Office 1. Jumper - Primark 2. Fauz fur gilet - Warehouse, Trousers - Next 1. Skirt - Next, Boots - Topshop 2. Dress - H&M, Shoes - Pull & Bear Lots of darker colours for this time of year! Which is your favourite? P.S. I am walking BAREFOOT over HOT COALS for Headway East London charity tonight.  You can sponsor me  HERE  if you would like :) Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Bumbags Are Your New Best Friend

Remember in the 80s when everyone wore bumbags?  Yeah me neither but the 80s trend has come back around and with it is the revival of the bumbag.  When I first heard that bumbags were back in fashion I wasn't sure.  They reminded me of old tourists fumbling around London or my ex Primary school teachers on school trips. Then I saw people wearing them to festivals or around Ibiza and it struck me that actually the bumbag was the perfect type of bag to carry all your essentials at a festival without them getting lost or stolen but still keeping your hands and arms free to dance!  Oh and hold drinks ;) I also saw people were designing their own so I decided to get a little creative and bought faux leather one from the luggage store in Bluewater and then ordered some gold studs on eBay.  I then stuck them on to the front in a little design and was actually really happy with it.  I wore it in Ibiza and again at any festivals I had.  It was so handy but also looked rather cool (

My Hairdresser Made Me Do It

My hair got really long this year and I couldn't have been more happy.  However, it wasn't in very good condition at all.  I tried everything to fix this.  I stopped dying my hair, used coconut oil as a mask once a week and even stopped wearing it in a pony tail.  Sadly, none of these really worked and so the only thing left to do was to cut it. Before My sister is my hairdresser which is good and bad.  Good because I can pretty much have my hair done as much as I want for next to nothing but bad because we sometimes get into arguments as to what is best for my hair.  I only wanted 2 inches off but she told me it was so badly damaged I needed at least 4 off so reluctantly (after a small fight) I gave in. After In truth, I think it looks a lot healthier and I've now promised to have my hair cut every month as I was only doing it twice a year before.  I know.  We also dyed it dark using Superdrug Colour Sensations in 4.0 because the blonde highlights