Thursday Ten: Florida

I'm back from my trip to the States and I had an amazing time (photos to follow!).  Here are some of the things I love about Florida.

1.  Year round sunshine

How could I not post this first.  Being a Londoner this was one of the biggest differences I noticed.  The weather is just nice there all year round but May time is especially hot as it proceeds to summer.  I couldn't get enough!

2.  Shopping

Malls, outlets, Walgreens, Ulta; they have everything!  And it's so much cheaper than here in the UK.  The outlets were crazy cheap I wanted to go mad and I can never go into Walgreen without spending at least $50.

3.  Food

Americans are known for their love of fast food and I know it's not exactly healthy but when you're on vacation it's okay right?  So obviously I tried as much as I could; pizza, biscuit (different to ours), grits (looks gross but really yummy), pancakes, cookies, ice cream.  They are spoilt for choice and everywhere is open till late.

4.  Miami Beach

Expensive but worth it.  This place is a dream; the sand is white and the sea is blue (#nofilter).  They have a lot of fancy hotels with cool bars (just watch the price tag!).  They are so many Spanish people and Spanish places that I actually picked up a little Spanish.  In America!!  Haha.

5.  Baseball

I went to my first baseball game whilst I was there.  I saw the Miami Marlins play the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The actual sport itself didn't interest me too much and it's quite a long game but the atmosphere in the stadium was great and there's so many other things going on with the dancers and the mascot, it was a lot of fun.

6.  St Augustine

I was lucky enough to visit the oldest city in the whole of America.  The place is beautiful and so cute.  There were lots of little boutiques and cafes along little cobbled lanes with pretty wooden swinging signs outside.  We hired a moped and drove it around the area which was another first for me but I had the most epic time.

7.  Orlando

Set in Central Florida you can pretty much access everywhere.  It took us 3.5hrs to drive to Miami Beach and 1.5hrs to St Augustine.  You also have Kissimee about an hour away and Tampa about 1.5hrs.  There are also some beautiful parks here such as Cranes Roost and Lake Eola.  This is also where you'll find the outlet malls.

8.  Cars

All their cars are so big!  This was another difference I noticed from the UK.  I guess it's true what they say; everything is bigger in America!  The roads are a lot bigger and the parking spaces too which is good.  You can also go on road trips to different states so I guess it helps having a bigger car.

9.  Coffee

They love their coffee and you know what, I kinda love it now too.  I don't wanna be a coffee addict but because of the Spanish influences in Florida they do know how to make a good cuppa!  The cafe con leche was my favourite which is a strong cuban coffee.  I really don't think I'll find one in London :(

10.  Mosquitoes

Now these are one things I don't like!  I know you're supposed to love all God's creatures but these buggers can do one.  I literally got eaten alive!  My poor English Rose skin was covered in bites, mainly when we were on the beach in Miami.  They itched so much and looked horrid.  That's one good thing about having cold weather in London, no mozzies!!

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Lauren xx

Thursday Ten: The Struggles We Go Through When Having A Fringe

If you're reading this and you're American you're probably wondering what on earth a fringe is?!  Well, I think you call them bangs which I think sounds really funny but then you probably think fringe is rather funny too.

I haven't got a fringe at the moment but I've had my fair share in the past.  I actually really like them but I just find the upkeep a bit much, even with a sister as a hairdresser!  Here are the main struggles I think we can all agree on:

1.  It gets in your eyes.  My hair grows pretty quickly and I found I'd have to have my fringe cut every other week else it would be in my eyes and I'd be doing that flicking my head back thing to move it and eventually pull a muscle in my neck.

2.  When working out, in a hot club or country it sticks to your forehead and looks so unattractive!

3.  If you pin it back to get it out of the way for said workout or club it just looks odd and sticks up everywhere.

4.  You're constantly styling it because otherwise it goes out of place, especially first thing in the morning after being slept on!

5.  If you colour your hair the roots always look worse in the fringe.

6.  You're always having to wash it because it gets greasy quicker where you're constantly touching it and STYLING it.

7.  When you are finally bored of your fringe and you want to grow it out the growing staging seems to take forever and you never know how to style it.

8.  Sometimes it will just part in the centre for no reason and makes you look like you have curtains!

9.  If you have sensitive skin it can cause irritation and make you itch.

10.  It can make you break out in spots if it gets greasy but at least you can hide them!

Lauren xx

Hair Care

I've always been really anal when it comes to my hair.  I don't like using too much heat on it and always use a good mask once a week.  Having said that, I've probably put it through the mill too with having lots of different colours over the years and getting bonded extensions done twice.  However, I don't think my hair is in too bad a condition and seems to have grown so much this past year so I wanted to share my current hair care routine, favourite products and tips.


My natural hair colour is a medium to dark brown.  My hair doesn't get too greasy so I normally wash it every 3 days as I think it's good for your hair's natural oils to be replenished which helps the hair stay healthy.  I actually only get it cut twice a year.  I'm trying to grow it at the moment and I think this has helped although I do notice it getting a bit scraggy at the ends in the last 5-6 months before the cut.  At the moment I have a few caramel highlights pulled through it to lighten it up for summer.


As I said I wash my hair every 3 days and when I do I will just go in with a shampoo and conditioner and then once a week use a conditioning mask.  I find this keeps my hair really soft and silky.  In the summer I let my hair dry naturally as I really hate using heat on my hair as I find this the worse for damaging it.  In the winter I have to use a hair dryer because it's just too cold in London to go around with wet hair!  If I'm going somewhere special which is maybe twice a month I will clip in extensions and curl my hair.  I also like to use an oil on it after it's dry and salt spray when I curl it for added volume and that beachy look.

Favourite Products

My favourite brand for hair care has to be L'Oreal.  Whether it's their professional products or just what they sell in the drugstore they always work for me.  At the moment I'm using their Fibrology Thickening Shampoo and the Extraordinary Oils Conditioner from their Elvive collection.  I then like to use the Extraordinary Oil to run through my hair after I've dried it, especially if I've used heat.  When curling my hair I always use my trusty Remington Pearl curling wand (similar here) which I've had a few years now and absolutely love.  It always give me the perfect loose curls.  I then go in with the L'Oreal Studio Line Volume Spray which is another great product from them and acts like a salt spray.  If I want to backcomb my hair which I try not to do as it's not great but I will use the Batiste dry hair shampoo as that works really well on the roots.  Then to finish it all off I use the No1 bestselling hair spray... L'Oreal Elnett!


1.  Try to avoid heated tools where you can and if you have to use them, use a protectant first.

2.  Use a conditioning mask once a week.
3.  Try to avoid overbleaching and just get your roots done instead of the whole head.
4.  Don't wash it every day, this strips it of natural oils.
5.  Have a good cut at least twice a year.

Lauren xx

April Re-Capped

Taking a look back on the events of last month and more importantly, the outfits!


I'm seemed to go on about dating a lot last month, I honestly have no idea why but check out these posts for more deets:

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Which kind of posts do you like best?

Happy Friday!  Lauren xx

What's In My Handbag?

I've seen so many people do posts and videos on this that I thought it was about time I did one!

Starting off by saying that my current handbag is the Bayswater by Mulberry.  I do love a good quality British handbag and have quite a few that I use on rotation.  Mulberry is probably my most favourite brand as they do such classic and classy handbags that will last forever which is good considering the price tag..

So what's inside...


My purse is this beautiful green suede one by Stella McCartney which my mum gifted to me last year.  I have got the Mulberry one to match my bag but I love this green one so much I can't give it up just yet and to be honest I'm not much of a 'matchy' person.


I always have a book in my bag as I get the train a lot and it passes the time.  I've always been a real book worm since I was little and I'm currently reading Gone Girl.  I'm near the end and it's getting so good I can't wait to see the film!

Hair Brush

Always important to carry in your bag for tidying your hair up throughout the day.  I bought a Tangle Teezer as they're small and easy to carry, they also work really good on thick hair and extensions.


Mascara is probably my ride or die make-up item.  The 'if you could only have one makeup item on a desert island' product.  So I always carry some for touch ups and the one I have in my bag at the moment is L'Oreal Miss Manga.

Hair and Beauty

I also carry hair grips, tissues, deodorant, body spray, lip balm, hand cream, tampons and a mirror (click for links).  All the essentials in my eyes!


Can't go ANYWHERE without a pair of earphones or headphones.  Literally obsessed with listening to music and there's nothing I like more than shutting the world out and getting lost in song.  I actually won an award at school for being 'surgically attached to my iPod'!

Train Ticket

Living in London you have to travel most places by train, bus or tube.  Hardly anyone owns a car because the traffic is just too bad, the petrol prices are high and you get hit with the congestion charge!  Boris Johnson is also always trying to encourage people to use public transport and even has 'Boris Bikes' scattered around for people to use in the capital (if you live in London, you know exactly what I'm talking about!)


If I'm not travelling by car, which is most days, then I only take my house keys out with me and I have them on this really cool chain I got one year from London Fashion Week.  I also have a cute Tiffany keyring my friends bought me back when I was 16!


Last but not least my most treasured possession!  Seriously, where would we be without mobiles these days.  I currently have the iPhone 5 which is due for an upgrade next month.  I'm not sure what to get yet, any suggestions??

Lauren xx