Thursday Ten: The Struggles We Go Through When Having A Fringe

If you're reading this and you're American you're probably wondering what on earth a fringe is?!  Well, I think you call them bangs which I think sounds really funny but then you probably think fringe is rather funny too.

I haven't got a fringe at the moment but I've had my fair share in the past.  I actually really like them but I just find the upkeep a bit much, even with a sister as a hairdresser!  Here are the main struggles I think we can all agree on:

1.  It gets in your eyes.  My hair grows pretty quickly and I found I'd have to have my fringe cut every other week else it would be in my eyes and I'd be doing that flicking my head back thing to move it and eventually pull a muscle in my neck.

2.  When working out, in a hot club or country it sticks to your forehead and looks so unattractive!

3.  If you pin it back to get it out of the way for said workout or club it just looks odd and sticks up everywhere.

4.  You're constantly styling it because otherwise it goes out of place, especially first thing in the morning after being slept on!

5.  If you colour your hair the roots always look worse in the fringe.

6.  You're always having to wash it because it gets greasy quicker where you're constantly touching it and STYLING it.

7.  When you are finally bored of your fringe and you want to grow it out the growing staging seems to take forever and you never know how to style it.

8.  Sometimes it will just part in the centre for no reason and makes you look like you have curtains!

9.  If you have sensitive skin it can cause irritation and make you itch.

10.  It can make you break out in spots if it gets greasy but at least you can hide them!

Lauren xx


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