Holiday Beauty Essentials

When I went to Ibiza last month I only went for 4 nights so I decided to only take hand luggage with me.  It obviously works out cheaper to only take hand luggage but it also limits the amount of stuff you can take, especially restrictions on liquids and creams.
In my make-up bag I packed:
BB Cream
Brow pomade
Brow gel
1 small eye shadow palette
Eye liner
False eyelashes
3 lipsticks
I know it seems a lot but it all fitted nicely into my Ted Baker makeup bag and were all under the 100ml limit. 
I also packed makeup wipes to take it all off at the end of the night. 
I didn't pack any skin care stuff as I thought for 4 nights it was not necessary and my skin always really clears up in the sun anyway so I felt that was enough.  However, a lot of shops such as Tesco and Boots do really good mini bottles that you can pour your favourites moisturisers and face washes into.  I think when I go away in November for 2 weeks then I will pack skin care stuff as I'll be taking a big suitcase!
What are your holiday beauty essentials?
Lauren xx

Summer Lookbook

Typically the weather has started to get colder this week (although today seems a bit warmer) but nevertheless I wanted to share some outfits I've been rocking this summer.
This is just a casual outfit I threw together for a girl's night in at my friend's house.  I wanted something comfortable but still cute at the same time so I wore this fringed t-shirt from H&M.  Fringing is still very much in at the moment and even my nan is a fan! (not for herself but for me :)).  I teamed it with these super comfy denim shorts from the Kate Moss for Topshop range.  I've had these for years but I love them.  They have rips and are frayed at the bottom.  Then I just threw on my trusty Converse and some dark grey ankle socks. 
This is a dress I bought recently from Ruby Sky London.  It's the same as the one Olivia Palermo wore so I was really excited when I saw it as she's one of my style icons.  I wore it to my local pub with silver jazz shoes.  I think it's really pretty but still casual and comfy at the same time.
This is another dress from Ruby Sky London.  I originally thought it was red but it's actually bright pink but that's fine because I love a bit of colour, especially in summer.  I bought this to wear to work but that I could go out in after, kinda of a office to bar type number and that's exactly what I did.  I met some old friends in London after work for cocktails and a catch up and this dress was perfect.  I wore it with tan sequin sandals from Primark.
The last outfit is one I wore for a friend's birthday dinner in London a few weeks ago when the weather was a lot warmer.  It's an all white outfit which I think looks lovely with a tan and then I added a bright scarf for a pop of colour.  The top is from H&M and I also have it in orange as they come in lots of colours.  The shorts are Mango, the scarf is Primark and the tan sandals are Tesco.
I hope you liked this post.  I haven't done one like this in a while and I missed doing them!  For more outfit inspirations follow me on Instagram @wonky_lauren
Lauren xx
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Let's Talk Concealers

Concealers are such small little products that make such a big difference.  Before I got into make-up I never wore concealer, I didn't really understand the use of it and just thought it was for covering spots which I never really suffer with.
Now, however, it's a different story.  I love concealers and trying out new ones.  I could never ever skip this part of my make-up routine even if I was running super late and I always carry a concealer in my handbag wherever I go.
Here are my top 3:
I have two shades of this concealer which came in a little kit that I got for Christmas.  One shade is more yellow toned and the other is more pink.  I generally just mix both of them together and put it under my eye and over my eye to cancel out any redness or veins.  I like the packaging of this so I can throw it in my bag and it doesn't get messy.
This is one of the best drugstore concealers around and is supposed to be a dupe for Nars Creamy concealer.  It comes is 5 shades too so there's something for everyone.  I use this a lot and find it lasts for ages and never creases if I set it properly.
This one has to be my favourite.  I've nearly run out and I'll definitely be repurchasing.  It's very high coverage which is great for me as I suffer with dark undereye circles.  It also lasts all day and can be used to highlight the face too.
Which concealers do you love?  I really want to try the Nars one and also the Maybelline age rewind?
Lauren xx

Head Gear

When I say head gear I don't mean the unattractive dorky braces, I mean pretty floral head bands with bows that a lot of people have been sporting lately.
I didn't really like this look when it first came out.  Then I saw Cheryl Cole with her scarf folded and tied round her hair and also Phoebe from Made in Chelsea who is one of my fashion icons.  I thought they looked really cool and would give it a go.
And if anyone knows the DJ Hannah Wants (who I'm kind of a bit obsessed with lately) you will see that it's a statement look of hers to wear a bowed headband.
There seems to be lots of them everywhere in the shops at the moment and I picked this one up in Primark for £1.50!  It's super comfortable and the bow has bendy wire in it so you can have it flat or bend it up however you prefer.

Here's also a photo of me thinking I'm Hannah Wants!

What's your favourite head gear?
Lauren xx
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Maybelline Colour Tattoos

I decided to take a week off from blogging.  I started a new job last week so I wanted to make sure I was entirely focused on this, not to mention I was so tired every night that I slept for about 11hrs at a time so there was no time for anything else really.
This week, however, I aim to get back to normality; working, blogging, gyming, socialising and filming.
For this week's first topic I wanted to talk about the Maybelline Colour Tattoos.  I've been using these for a while and would highly recommend them.
I have the colours on and on bronze and rose gold.  I'm going shopping this weekend (so look out for a haul on my YouTube channel) and want to pick up the gold one.
The reason I love these eyeshadows is because they're super pigmented, work great as base eyeshadows to add others too, you can easily wear them on their own for quickness and they still look amazing and they also last for ages.
I think my favourite is the bronze colour because I'm much more of a neutral kind of girl.  The pink one is pretty too though and perfect for spring and summer.
I'd really like to try some of the other bold colours such as the blue or purple.
Do you own any of the Maybelline colour tattoos?  What do you think of them?
Lauren xx

Summer Tan and Bronzing Picks

I've only been writing my blog for a year but this is probably my most talked about topic because, well, tanning and being brown is one of my most favourite things.  Sad I know, but it just makes me feel good when I have a tan and look healthy and glowy.  So here is my low down on my favourite tanners for summer 2014...

Budget Buy

My favourite budget tan at the moment has to go to the Superdrug solait tan.  It's under a fiver, streak free and lasts a good few days if you moisturise properly.  I can't get enough of this and use it twice a week to maintain a healthy looking glow.


I'm stuck between Fake Bake and St Tropez here because they're both really good and give long lasting tans.  I think maybe I like the Fake Bake a little bit more because the smell is not so bad and it's a tiny bit cheaper I suppose but usually I'll whip these out for a special occasion.


I think this is a cult favourite, it's the Rimmel instant tan and at the moment Binky from Made in Chelsea is promoting it and she looks bloody gorgeous.  It comes in 3 different shades and 2 different finishes (matte or shimmer).  I prefer matte myself, great if you need something quick and washes straight off if you go wrong!

Long Lasting

In this category I would have to say Tan Truth which you can buy at Sally's Salon Services. I used to have this when I went for a spray tan at the salon and liked it so much I thought I would give the lotion one a try at home.  It doesn't streak, gives a deep salon tan and lasts for over a week.


The best gradual tanner for me is the St Tropez Everyday.  I find it's the only one that truly gives you a bit of colour with one application.  It's only slight and can be buildable. The other good ones, however, are Dove Summer Glow and the original Johnson's Holiday Skin.

Which are your favourite tanners?  I'm always on the market for trying a new one.  In fact I think I might go and grab the new Cocoa Brown this weekend!

Lauren xx