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2 Quick and Easy Ponytail Styles

Hey guys, I wanted to share with you two cute and easy ponytails styles that are really quick to do. 1. Sleek High Ponytail This look is super easy and does not give you a headache as some high ponytails do.  You can also add extensions to your hair to this look for a longer ponytail. First you want to take your hairspray and spray the front of your hair and then round underneath.  Then take a brush and smooth the hair back.  Then brush all the way round and hold it all into a high ponytail or as high as you want it to be on top of your head.  Once you’ve got it really smooth you are then going to tighten it with a hair band.  Then apply more hairspray. You can then take a section of the hair (about 1inch wide) and wrap that around the hair band, securing with a bobbie pin. Then you’re all finished and should be left with the perfect ponytail J A further step to this look could be to braid the ponytail if you have longer hair or extensions in.  You could do

London Fashion Weekend

Hey guys, This weekend I was lucky enough to attend Vodafone's London Fashion Weekend.  I've been a few times before and it's always a really good day out.  I think I would actually say though that this was the best one yet. We arrived at 1pm as our allocated time slot was 1-4pm.  It took place at Somerset House on the Strand and was very busy when we arrived.  We had to queue to get our tickets and goodie bags but this didn't take too long.  Everyone was fashionably dressed (obviously) and there was so much inspiration and muse around, I was trying to take it all in. Once inside we took a look around some of the pop-up shops to see what was on offer and everything was really quirky and cool.  Then we queued up to see the 2pm catwalk show which is my favourite part of the day. The catwalk show we saw was the trends show which basically shows you different trends that are predicted to be big for this season with different designers showing

Meeting Your Crush: Do's and Don'ts

Hey guys, I thought I would write a post about the do’s and don’ts of meeting your crush; how to be around them, how to get catch their attention and get them interested in you, what to do if you’re nervous, dating rules etc etc. I’m by no means an expert on this topic but I just thought I would share a few tips that I have learnt from past experiences. First off you want to catch their attention.  It may be someone at school, gym or work that you like but they might not necessarily know you..  So this is where looks and charm come in.  You don’t have to be the prettiest girl in school, of course you want to be who you are but in order to catch their eye you are going to have to up the ante in order to get them looking in your direction!  So wear something that you know looks good on you, that flatters you and that you have perhaps had compliments wearing before.  Then do your hair really nice and make-up.  I wouldn’t go overboard on the make-up because I do think most guy

Croatia and Venice

Hey guys! Sorry I've been a bit MIA again, actioned by my recent holiday to Croatia and Venice. I had such an amazing time and wanted to share it with you. Firstly we flew out to Croatia.  The flight from London was about 2hrs and we flew to a city called Pula.  Once in Pula we had a half hour drive to a town called Porec. Porec Porec is such a beautiful place.  Loads of people had told me how beautiful it was but I couldn't quite believe it when I saw it and it was even more beautiful than I even could have imagined. Porec The hotel we stayed in provided a free boat service that took us over to a small island called St Nikola where we had access to a beach which was both sand and stones. We spent a few days here just relaxing and enjoying the breath taking scenery and luxury yachts that sailed past.  It was complete bliss. St Nikola St Nikola On the days in between we went on day trips to different islands.  One of t