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The £12 mascara I'm Obsessed With

I recently discovered the L'Oreal Paradise mascara which I've been using for the last 5 months now and it's safe to say I'm totally hooked. I know L'Oreal have always lead the way when it comes to high street, affordable mascaras but they have really excelled themselves with this one .  Not only does it give you longer, thicker looking lashes, it also has castor oil infused into it which is good for naturally lengthening your lashes over time as well as being a dream to apply. It's also one of those products that you can make as dramatic as you want.  For work I just apply one coat which you can see in the photo and it just gives a natural lift and look but for a night out (when we're eventually allowed out!) I would apply 2-3 coats for thicker, darker looking lashes. Share your favourite drugstore mascaras below! Lauren xx For more inspo follow me here @wonky_lauren *Post contains affiliate links*

How To Stay Stylish When It's Cold Outside

The cold weather can really put a spanner in the works for us fashionistas; we want to stay warm but also look stylish, we want to be cosy and practical but without looking outdated and boring.  However, it doesn't always have to be this difficult with these top tips. Buy yourself a cool puffer jacket Your coat or jacket is going to be an integral part of your outfit in making you look more stylish as this is probably the only thing people will see (or at least the first thing they see) so make it count.  There are loads of trendy jackets out there that are still very warm just like the puffer coat.  You can go for a chic long black one which will go with everything and feel like you're wearing a sleeping bag or you can go for a colourful patterned one to really make a statement. Coat Leggings Boots Beanie Jacket Jeans     Invest in some stylish but practical boots Boots are probably the warmest type of footwear and there are some really stylish snow boots and

Items In My Wardrobe That Went From Trend To Staple

One of my goals for 2021 is to stop buying trends and start investing in staples.  However, sometimes a trend becomes a staple which you can't always predict, here are some of my favourites that will definitely be sticking around: Smart Joggers Pre-Covid, joggers for me were always something I wore in the house only or maybe just to run errands or do the groceries.  Fast forward 12 months and having to work from home pretty much full time, I decided I wanted something a little smarter but still just as comfy and so my fiance bought me these smart joggers from Topshop which I think are the perfect mix of smart casual. Jumper Trousers Shoes Hunter Boots These definitely started as just a trend almost 10 years ago when I attended a lot of festivals.  I would never have worn wellies anywhere else but figured I would get my money's worth seeing as I was attending around 5 festivals a year.  Now, however, with my festival days behind me (okay, maybe the odd one once a yea