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London Fashion Weekend // AW15

My last Fashion Week post and then I promise I'll start blogging about something other than clothes! This past weekend I went to London Fashion Weekend which is an amazing event for any fashionista to attend.  They hold catwalk shows with the latest trends and designer pieces and they also have lots of stalls where you can buy the clothes at discounted prices. This year it was held at Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea which is a great venue and super convenient for me to reach.  You can purchase tickets here (so look out for next season's event) and you can also select a ticket with a goodie bag which I always go for. One of the things I love about this event is that it always predicts the trends for the upcoming season and this year I am very excited about all of the trends.  We have: Into The Wild Shades Of Marsala Super Retro Punk Punk was probably my favourite as I've alwa

Good Reads

From a very younger age or ever since I learnt to read I've been a huge book worm.  I'm not just saying this to sound intellectual but I mean I literally read anything and everything.  I'm never ever without a book in my bag and if there's a magazine or newspaper near me I just have to pick it up and start reading. I recently decided I would buy myself an Amazon Kindle .  I love a traditional book but carrying them around all day was just too heavy and not kind on my shoulders so I decided to get with the times and make the purchase.  I went for the Paper White version and since then I think I've gotten through more books than ever.  I'm so happy with it and just can't put it down (*ah just remembered I need to charge it!*). It's super light weight and doesn't even need charging that often (maybe every 10-14 days?)  Anyway, the point of this post was to let you know some of my favourite reads of late and to see if you had any recomm

Shoeaholics x Wonky Lauren

I contemplated whether to do this post or not, whether I wanted to give away one of my best kept secrets haha. I'm a self confessed shoe addict and that is no secret but funding this addiction can prove difficult at times and that's what I love about .  They're basically an online stockists of designer shoes at a discount including my favourite brand Kurt Geiger. Their shoes ar e all up to 70% off with prices starting at just £19. This site is so perfect for me because I love a good bargain almost as much as I love a good pair of shoes!  I've bought many shoes from them over the years from high heels to boots and wedges. Also, if you sign up to their newsletter you'll get an extra 15% off your first order.  By signing up to their newsletter you'll be informed of all the latest offers and they often send discount codes for free delivery which is amazing.  They also deliver to most countries. If you're obsessed w

Paris Photo Diary

Notre Dame La Seine Two weeks ago I was able to spend a day in Paris thanks to the super speedy Eurostar.  You can jump on the Eurosta r from Kent or London and it will get you to Paris in just 2 hours.  I've done this before and if you book the tickets in advance you can get them for £69 return. When in Paris we decided to hire a moped for the day to get around as this is a much quicker way of seeing the city especially when you only have 12 hours.  Then of course we saw all the tourist spots, ate crepes and even had a little sunbathe (sleep!) under the Eiffel Tower.   Le Louvre Tour Eiffel The sun was shining and it was such a perfect day.  I hope you enjoy the photos :) Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

London Fashion Week // AW15

This weekend I was invited by Oxford Fashion Studio  to attend their shows at London Fashion Week.  I was so excited to be invited and couldn't wait to see what their designers were going to showcase.  The designers I got to see were: Royal Couture Orenteayaba Sans Soucie Laura Margna Hanbyel Kang Sketch Around Japo Okworobu Charlotte Ambrose The show was held in Devonshire Square which is a venue I've always loved in the heart of the City.  It was beautifully decorated with pretty lights in the trees.  We were given refreshments including ice cream! The catwalk lasted about 45 minutes but had a drinks reception beforehand.  I loved seeing all the shows and it was clear the designers had put a lot of work into their pieces. If I had to pick my favourite I'd probably say Royal Couture just because I loved the deep red colours and that's my favourite colour to wear. I left it extremely last minute to pick my outfit

Outfits Of The Week - Tour De Europe

All the outfits from my mini tour around Europe last week and don't forget to follow along on Instagram @wonky_lauren for more outfit updates! Out in London Skirt - Zara Boots - Miss Selfridge In Cologne, Germany Jacket - Miss Selfridge Dress - Missguided Going to work in London Top - H&M Skirt - Dorothy Perkins In Paris, France Top - Topshop Jeans - Zara Boots - Office In Brighton, UK Top - Abercrombie & Fitch Skirt - Forever 21 In Cologne, Germany Skirt - New Look Trainers - Converse Hope you've had a lovely week! Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Living in the UK we never used to have a Forever 21 and it's a brand I discovered on my first trip to the US back in 2007.  I visited many of the stores in New York City and instantly fell in love.  I just remember all the shops being so HUGE with many floors and just SO.MUCH.STUFF!  I honestly thought I had died and gone to heaven and the best part was, the price tag was super affordable. Since then, Forever 21 have opened several stores here in the UK and we can also shop online with a reasonable delivery charge. Here are a few of my favourite Forever 21 pieces: Skirt ( similar ) Shorts ( similar ) Top ( similar ) Skirt ( similar ) Shorts ( similar ) Have you ever shopped at Forever21?  What do you think of it? Lauren xx Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Fashion Week Essentials

I know every blogger is doing these posts at the moment but I find them really useful, especially for new bloggers like myself that have not attended many fashion shows.  So I've done my research and rounded up the essentials that I'll be taking to London Fashion Week when it kicks off this weekend. Camera Well duh.  You can't do fashion week without taking 100s of photos (and selfies) of all the amazing outfits you're going to see.  You don't even have to have a super duper camera, in fact, I think I'll only be taking my iPhone as the quality is really good and I won't have to lug my heavy DSLR around with me then.  I usually only take my iPhone to events but I'm thinking of investing in a smaller compact DSLR like the Olympus Pen . Notepad and Pen Whenever I've attended a fashion show I know I'm always going to blog about it afterwards so it's a good idea to take down notes when the curator is speaking about latest tre

Wear | Life | Eats: Cologne, Germany

This time last week I took a trip to Germany for 2 days.  It was my first time visiting the country and I'll admit it's never been very high on my 'places to visit' list but seeing as it's so close to the UK and the flights were so cheap ( RyanAir ) I thought it was a no brainer. Wear I was expecting the weather to be similar to the UK but in fact it was actually colder and rained pretty much the whole time.  I came somewhat prepared and for the first day I wore a black off the shoulder dress with my black leather jacket and white converse.  I changed that evening for dinner into a purple bodycon dress with sandals and then the following day I wore my new leopard print skirt, black t-shirt, leather jacket and converse.  I was comfortable enough for walking around the city but I kind of wish I'd worn jeans! Dress - Missguided ( similar ) Jacket - Miss Selfridge ( here ) Bag - Chanel Skirt - New Look ( here ) Trainers - Converse