Fashion Week Essentials

I know every blogger is doing these posts at the moment but I find them really useful, especially for new bloggers like myself that have not attended many fashion shows.  So I've done my research and rounded up the essentials that I'll be taking to London Fashion Week when it kicks off this weekend.


Well duh.  You can't do fashion week without taking 100s of photos (and selfies) of all the amazing outfits you're going to see.  You don't even have to have a super duper camera, in fact, I think I'll only be taking my iPhone as the quality is really good and I won't have to lug my heavy DSLR around with me then.  I usually only take my iPhone to events but I'm thinking of investing in a smaller compact DSLR like the Olympus Pen.

Notepad and Pen

Whenever I've attended a fashion show I know I'm always going to blog about it afterwards so it's a good idea to take down notes when the curator is speaking about latest trends and designers etc.  They usually always have industry talks too with different designers and bloggers which are always useful to get tips from.

Flat Shoes

I love wearing my heels to fashion week but sometimes there can be a lot of running about which kills my feet and slows me down!  So if you can fit a pair of flats in your bag or some of those fold up shoes, great, if not, grin and bear it!

Makeup and Hair Ties

I usually just pack mascara, lipstick, a compact mirror, one hair tie and a few hair grips.

Umbrella and Sunglasses

You never know what the weather's going to be like in London and more than likely it will be raining so the last thing you want is to turn up looking like a drowned rat so try to squeeze a little brolly in if you can.


You can say what you want about models/bloggers not eating but quite frankly if I'm running about and watching back to back shows then I will need to eat at some point.  Mostly there will be food places you can grab something or a drink but if you don't have time I like to pack a cereal bar or something a like.

I've got 3 days to attend this year and I'm super excited but have no clue what to wear yet.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Twitter for updates @wonky_lauren  Are you attending LFW, what are your essentials?

Lauren xx


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