Outfits of The Week

For this Monday's post I thought I would show some of the outfits I have worn over the past few weeks that I really enjoyed wearing.  I'm also a bit poorly today so I didn't feel like writing too much!  For all outfit details please check out my Instagram page @wonky_lauren

My Current Skincare Routine

I'm not sure whether I've ever done one of these posts but if I have it definitely hasn't been for a long time and there are a few recent purchases that I wanted to talk about.

I bought this a few weeks ago as I was looking for a good drugstore cleansing oil and had heard good things about this.  It did not disappoint.  Apparently it rivals the Clarins version.  I love the pump applicator and I just squirt one drop onto my fingers and then massage onto my skin.  It removes all my makeup, including waterproof mascara and then I just need to wash off with water and a muslin cloth or flannel.

After I've removed my makeup I either use a face wash or this scrub and it's amazing.  It comes out like a clay substance and smells so fruity and zesty.  My skin feels really smooth after use.  The best thing about Arbonne products is that they're completely chemical free and vegan.
This is another good little supermarket find.  I was doing my grocery shopping and looking for a toner and saw this one which is a rather large bottle and I think it was half price at the time so I thought I'd give it a try.  When I use it, it makes my skin feel a lot fresher and cleaner.
Then I go in with my old fave, the Boots facial oil.  I only use this of an evening but I find it really hydrates my skin as it can get quite dry.  I also like the fact that it's a very natural product and gets my skin really glowing.  I hated the idea of facial oils a year ago and now I can't get enough of them!
Lastly I go in with my moisturiser.  I use this morning and night.  the one I have is targeted at dry skin and is ultra hydrating but there are five different ones depending on your skin type.  I wouldn't say my skin is really dry, it's more normal to dry but when it comes to moisturiser I like quite a thick one.
So that's my basic skincare routine.  I do swap up the facial scrub with a facial wash every few days.  I feel like my skin is the best it's been at the moment.  I don't know whether that's down to diet, lifestyle or this skincare routine but everyone differs so it's important to find what works for you.
Lauren xx
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Wear | Life | Eats

Monday has rolled around again and I had quite a busy weekend so here is my latest edition of WLE.
Saturday I visited a lovely restaurant called Roast just above Borough Market and I heard that it's quite dressy in there on a Saturday so I wore a cut out Aztec dress from Missguided (similar here and here) with black studded heels from New Look (similar here).  I threw my leather jacket over this to tone it down a little and also for a little warmth whilst at the train station.

Sunday I went for casual drinks at a pub in Wrotham, Kent.  It was very quiet and country-fied so I opted for skinny jeans, a white top and my grey Aztec cardigan.  Loving the Aztec this weekend clearly!
It's less than a month until my US holiday and I cannot wait.  I haven't been away since my Ibiza trip in June which was pretty full on to say the least and after the madness of starting my new job I am really looking forward to getting away and relaxing for a couple of weeks.
And with my holiday looming also comes a healthy eating and fitness regime!  I have been trying new classes at my local gym and really enjoying them actually.  I find if I pack a gym bag, take it to work with me and then go straight after that, I do actually go rather than coming home and then not bothering to leave my sofa!
As I said, I went to a restaurant called Roast on Saturday night by London Bridge.  It's meant to be one of London's top restaurant and it was a bit more on the pricey side but the food was amazing.  I had Portobello mushrooms with melted cheese and poached eggs.  Then for dessert I had my favourite sticky toffee pudding but couldn't quite finish it all.  They also serve the yummiest cocktails.  I had one called 'Holiday' which was non alcoholic.  The only thing I would say about this restaurant is that I wasn't too impressed with the staff.  I found them to be quite rude which kind of ruined the experience but other than that I had a really good night and would like to go back for their Sunday service.

I hope you all had a good weekend.
Lauren xx
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My Favourite Highlighters

Before I got into makeup I had no idea how to use highlighter.  I think if someone had explained to me what it was I probably still wouldn't have used it.  The thought of adding glitter or shimmer to my face just reminded me of playing dress up as a little girl.  I was also confused by the idea of adding more shine to your face if your skin is quite oily anyway?
Now, however, it's a different story.  I completely get the idea of a highlighter and can see that it adds a subtle glow, lifting the cheek bones and giving the skin a hint of sex appeal.
The first highlighter that I tried was by The Balm and it was the Mary-Lou Manizer.  This is a white pearly skin of shimmer and I use it on the eyelids quite a lot too as well as the inner corner of my eyes.  It's just a great little compact and comes with a mirror.  I also want to try the Betty-Lou Manizer which has more of a golden glow and can be used all across the face for a bronzed Goddess look.
The other one I own is the Benefit High Beam which is a liquid formula.  I bought this because I'd heard great things about it and as much as it gives a pretty glow I find that where it is a liquid formula it sometimes rubs my foundation off?  I have started using it with a Complexion Sponge to dab it into the skin rather than wipe and that works a bit better.
The other highlighters I really want to try is MAC's soft and gentle.  The is probably the number one highlighter in the beauty world but I still don't own it.  Maybe a cheeky purchase on my trip to the states next month is in order!  I also want to try the Topshop one that comes in a contour kit as I think that would be good for travelling.  The Charlotte Tilbury one looks amazing but at £49 I'm not sure I can justify that on a highlighter!  A much much cheaper highlighter, however, is the one by MUA which gives a real wam bam shine for those special nights out.
Which are your favourite highlighters?
Lauren xx

Wear | Life | Eats

It's Monday (and what a miserable Monday we are having in London), I had a busy weekend so here is another instalment of WLE.
Saturday I went to a friend's house warming party and then onto a club in South Kensington called Eclipse (although it may have recently changed names).  Normally I wouldn't go too dressy for a house party but because I knew we were going to a club afterwards I made more of an effort.  I wore this beautiful pale pink dress with a lace pattern on the sleeves and back.  It has long sleeves as I thought as the weather is getting a bit colder it suited well.  I teamed it with sky high black patent peep toes from Kurt Geiger, Hollywood glam curls and a bright coral lip.

Sunday I met a friend at Liverpool St to have a little mooch around the East End so I decided as we would be outside mostly that I should dress a little warmer so I went for my new Zara ripped skinnies, a white vest and this amazing loopy cardigan from Missguided.  It was so snug!
The club I went to Saturday was actually really good.  I thought it was going to be one of these squashy clubs that has too many people in it and playing rubbish music but the music was great and I spent most of the time on the dancefloor.  I would definitely recommend this place if you like funky house and r'n'b.
Sunday was such a lovely day.  The weather was gorgeous and we spent the day wandering around Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane and Shoreditch.  I really like Spitalfields and picked up this really cool fedora hat that I've been searching for for ages.  I'm quite particular with hats because you have to find one that suits you. 
Friday I wanted a night in so I treated myself to a Chinese.  I was being lazy and wanted it delivered so had to spend a certain amount which was way too much food for me so I ended up eating the leftovers after my night out Saturday! 
Sunday we went for a coffee in Brick Lane coffee which was really quirky and sold vegan food.  We later had lunch at Iguanas which is a Mexican place and I had mushroom fajitas, so yummy I ate 4 of them!
I hope you all had a good weekend.
Lauren xx
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September Favourites

It's officially 1 October which means I get to say 'OMG where did September go/where is this year going?!'.  But seriously?
Here is everything I have been loving throughout the month of September.
I always forget to add accessories to my outfit, even though I really love them.  I'm normally in too much of a rush and don't have time to add anything but this month I've made a conscious effort to try and remember at least to throw on some bracelets and I've been really loving stacking them together.  I've got a few Links of London ones which is a classic brand that I love because it's Made in England and I'm all about supporting English brands and our economy.  The black one I bought when in Sydney at a market by The Rocks.  I saw a lot of peace signs in Sydney and so I wanted to get this as a reminder of my time there.  I also got a peace sign tattoo at the famous Bondi Ink but that's another story!

I'm a HUGE music fan so I'm not going to go on and on about every song I've been loving and listening to this month but instead tell you what I've downloaded and if you have any suggestions you think I'd like then leave me a comment below.

This month I went to Hawksmoor which was bloody amazeballs and I wrote about it in this post so if you want to know more, check that out.
I also visited The Good Life Eatery in Chelsea because I saw Millie Mackintosh goes there a lot and we all know how much I love her haha.  It was really nice, quite small but we managed to get a table and I ordered an egg white omelette with spinach and courgettes and also a fruit smoothie.

I also went to Sketch but that was more for the epic cocktails!  Check the cocktail list out here.
My skin has not been great this month.  I seem to have had a few break outs because I think I've been burning the candle at both ends too much and not looking after myself properly, poor Lauren!  So I've been reaching for the concealer at a bit more than usual and my favourites have to be Mac Prolong Wear, this is high coverage and looks flawless.  I also like the Collection one for brightening and Boiing by Benefit to cover redness.
I'm not normally a candles person.  I have quite a few in my flat but I never burnt them until recently.  I find it very calming sitting in a room with a scented candle and the flame flickering away.  It's also nice to have them round the bath.  Always remember to blow them out at the end of the night though!
So those are my favourites, what have you been loving in September?
Lauren xx