The Oscars' Best Dressed 2019

Amandla Stenberg
Jessica Alba

Maria Menounos

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Hudson

Who was your best dressed at the Oscars this year?

Lauren xx

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My Favourite Date Night Spots in London

I've lived in London my whole life and have eaten in many of the restaurants so I feel I can give a good idea of the best places to go.  I know Valentines/Galentines was last week but should it really be just for one day?  I think not!

Here are some of the places I've tried recently and highly rate:

Timmy Greens in Victoria

This place is great for both brunch and evening.  They are mostly known for their sister restaurant Daisy Green but this is the newest one of the chain.  I went for the smashed avocado on charcoal toast with cashew cream cheese.  This was the perfect balance of healthy and indulgent.

Plume of Feathers in Greenwich

This is a pub so we went on a Sunday for a roast dinner.  You have to book and they have set times to eat so the food comes out pretty fast.  It was really good though.  I had the veggie roast (one of the best I've ever had!) and the sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

Cut and Grind Burgers in Kings Cross

If you're a burger lover, this one's for you!  Very reasonably priced, you can pick which style of meat you want or they also have chicken, veggie and vegan options.  The milkshakes are amazing too.  This one is the Oreo one.

Mildreds in Soho

This is a great little veggie/vegan chain, also perfect for brunch.  I went for eggs Florentine and a mimosa!

The Bike Shed in Shoreditch

Yep another burger place, I am a self confessed burger lover!  This place is a bit off the beaten track and they actually have a bike club at the back so you constantly see bikers riding past your table which is cool (and loud!).  They have a great selection of veggie options and I went for the goats cheese and mushroom burger with prosecco.

Do you have any London date night recommendations?

Lauren xx

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3 Day Date Outfits

As I've gotten older I am much more preferring to have day dates than evening dates, whether this be with my boyfriend or my friends.  Choosing instead to go for brunch or a Sunday roast and then chilling in the evening watching Netflix and eating snacks!  Who else is with me?

Just because you're not going out in the evening though doesn't mean you can't still dress up.  It might just be a different kind of dress up.  Here are my three favourite day date looks I've been wearing on repeat recently:

Skirt from YAS

Dress from ASOS

Shorts from Boohoo

What are your favourite day date outfits?

Lauren xx

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How To Style Skinny Jeans

Just throwing it out there but I think skinny jeans are probably the number one most worn and possibly most popular item of clothing, right?

I think it's because they're such a classic versatile piece that can be dressed up or down and really do go with everything.  That said, there are so many ways to style them.  Here are some of my favourites:

Jeans: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Jeans: Sainsburys

Jeans: John Lewis

How do you style your skinny jeans?

Lauren xx

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How To Shift Your Mindset And Reach Your Fitness Goals

January is finally over (did that month last forever or what?!), the month we all sign up to the gym and fitness classes, convince ourselves that this is the year we are going to get fit and healthy, no excuses but then February comes around and we are struggling to keep motivated and stick to our fitness goals.

We are all guilty of this, myself included but all you need to do is try to shift your mindset.  Here are the easiest ways I have found to do this:

1. Try not to feel guilty if you do start to slack.  We all need a break from it sometimes and often when we push ourselves too hard we start to slack off and then feel really guilty.  Feeling guilty is not going to help, you need to just look at it as an 'off day' and then start over the next day but don't feel bad about it.

2. Set attainable and realistic goals.  If you are pushing yourself too hard and setting goals you are going to struggle to reach then you are destined to fail.  Start slowly and ease yourself into it, increasing your goals as you go.  They will be easier to reach leaving you feeling better about yourself and more motivated to keep going.

3. Be positive.  Positive thinking always help to reach our goals and fitness goals are no different.  Tell yourself that you can do it and don't get disheartened if you don't see results straight away.  It takes around 12 weeks for you to see a real difference in yourself.

What are your tips for reaching your fitness goals?

Lauren xx

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The Best Fashion Trainers Out Right Now

The last few years have seen people wearing trainers over heals a lot more and I am definitely okay with this.  Perhaps with the exception of ankle boots because these will always be my first loves.

Last year in particular the trend of chunky 'dad trainers' came out with Balenciaga leading the way. I've rounded up my favourites below.






How do you feel about the dad trainer trend?

Lauren xx

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Double Standards At The Super Bowl

So do you remember back in 2004 when Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson played the half time slot at the Super Bowl?  Maybe not if you're too young but you must have heard about the #NippleGate incident?  

Basically Justin Timberlake "accidentally" flashed Janet's boob by pulling down her top which he claims was supposed to have a bra underneath.  There was then a huge outrage amongst viewers which led to Janet being banned from most major music channels and radio stations.  Justin, however, got off scot free.

Image via Vanity Fair
Anyone then watching Adam Levine's Super Bowl half time performance this year would have noticed that during this performance he pulled off his [own] t-shirt revealing BOTH of his nipples.  Noone battered an eyelid and everyone cheered because he is a white man and so it's perfectly acceptable for him to do that?

But why is it that Janet as a black female should be banned from showing her nipple (which was actually done by a white male) but a white man can show both of his nipples and there be no repercussions?  Talk about double standards.

Image via Esquire
Janet has been treated so badly since this incident, she wasn't even invited to watch any of the Super Bowls since despite Justin Timberlake being invited to them all.  She has also been a laughing stock in the music industry hence why she seems to have pretty much retired since then.

I personally don't feel this is far and can't believe we STILL live in a world that has differing standards for men and women.  However, this is just my opinion so please don't take offence.  I would love to her your views on this matter?

What do you think?

Lauren xx

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The Most In-Demand Skill of 2019

According to LinkedIn, the most in-demand skill of 2019 is creativity.  I personally think this is because of how technologically advanced we are now.  With bloggers and Youtubers and online business, creativity is key.  So how do you become more creative?

I get it, some people are just naturally more creative than others but we all suffer from ‘writer’s block’ or ‘lack of inspiration’ from time to time so here are some of my tips I have picked up doing research along the way on the topic of how to keep those creative juices flowing!

  1. Speak to those around you that inspire you.  I’m not saying to copy people but have a chat with those you know that are creative and see what inspires and works for them.  It may work for you too.  I also love using Twitter to see what others are writing about for inspiration.  Just like I did with this post after reading a post by LinkedIn on creativity.

  1. Keep a notebook handy.  Sometimes out of nowhere you will just be inspired by something and have lots of creative ideas so make sure you have somewhere to write them down until you can use them properly.  I love using the notepad app on my phone to write down new blog post titles on subjects I want to talk about.

  1. Stop procrastinating.  I know this is probably obvious and you’ve heard it so many times before but sometimes you need to stop putting things off and just give it a go.  You never know how well it will turn out.  Even if you just do a rough draft or outline of what you want to achieve you can always come back to it and add to it over time when you’re feeling more creative.  So do it now!

  1. Experiment.  This kind of ties in with what I say above about not knowing how good something can be until you try it.  You want to create something that stands out and isn’t the same as the rest so experiment with different ideas and see how they turn out.

  1. Learn something new.  If you really completely run out of new ideas then why not try learning something new?  A new skill?  A new exercise?  Recipe?  Anything!  Not only will it inspire you but it will also open up a whole avenue of new discussions on your chosen new topic.

How do you keep creative?

Lauren xx

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The Best Statement Coats

I woke up this morning to a temperature of -3c and the most pathetic amount of snow but still, it was cold!  Probably the only thing about it being this cold is the fact that we get to wrap up in the most amazingly cool statement coats around right now.  It’s great because you can be fashionable and keep warm at the same time!

I also think coats are quite an investment if you get the right one, especially in the UK where you’re going to be wearing them at least 5 months of the year!  Here are a couple of favourites that I own and also some that I have my eye on.

I bought this leopard coat from H&M a few years ago and I still love it.  It's one of my favourites and can be dressed up or down.

You just can't beat a Liam Gallagher parka!  This is super warm.  I've taken it to Norway and North Wales and will be taking it to Denmark next month too as it's just the best cold weather coat.  From Pull & Bear.

The classic teddy coat but with a twist of pink.  I can't believe I still haven't got one of these but there are just too many to choose from!  This one is from New Look.

A very chic coat that will add a little something to plain outfits.  Check is everywhere at the moment so this fits the trend perfectly.  From ASOS.

What are you favourite style of statement coats?

Lauren xx

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