March Favourites

This is probably the first favourites post I've done this year so it's kind of all the things I've been loving and enjoying this year so far.

L'Oreal Studio #TXT Volume Supersize Spray

First up is this volumising spray from L'Oreal.  I bought this a few weeks ago as I'd seen a lot of hype about it especially from girls with long hair.  I find it hard to find products that will hold long enough in long hair but this seems to do the job and I love using it after I've curled my hair.

I've been loving this brand of make-up brushes for a while now but I'm not sure I've ever mentioned them on my blog.  I have the expert face brush which is brilliant for applying foundation, the core collection which is great to start with as you get a few essential brushes in there, the stippling brush because every girl needs a good stippling brush in their collection and I recently bought the miracle sponge which I'm luving to apply my concealer.

I've never been a lipgloss kinda gal, in fact I never used to put anything on my lips.  Then a few years ago I got into lipsticks and now I love wearing really bright daring colours.  So I've really been enjoying wearing these lip lacquers lately because they're like a lipgloss and lipstick in one.  I have mine in the colour luna which is like a peachy colour.

This is a beauty cult product now and I got a tube of it for Christmas as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and now I see it!  It's kind of a silicon texture when you apply it to your skin and a little goes a long way.  I use this every time I apply my make-up and generally just apply it to my t-zone where my skin is most porous.  It makes your skin feel so smooth and makes applying foundation a lot easier and quicker.

I've had this product for a while now and I have to say I'm still loving it.  It's so easy to apply because you just spray it on after you've cleansed your face which is a massive plus for me because I never have much time for my skincare routine and can sometimes neglect it, especially in the mornings.

I've been using this for about a year now and I've only just run out so although it's a tad pricey it does last for ages.  I don't use it everyday, maybe every 2-3 days when I feel my skin needs a good clean and scrub and I'll use it on wet skin to break down any make-up or dirt that's been left behind before going in with my facial scrub.

I think I've probably raved about these before but they're such a good multiple purpose eyeshadow.  You can wear them on their own for quickness, you can use them as a base to hold other shadows and they're small enough to shove in your bag when you're on the go. I like to apply mine with my finger too so no brushes necessary!  They also live up to their 24hr claim.

I'm absolutely loving the Sleek blushers at the moment.  I recently bought the rose gold one which everyone tells me is a dupe for Nars orgasm.  This is my favourite blusher at the moment and I reach for it nearly every day.  I definitely want to get more blushers from their range, in fact I want every colour!

This is a bit of a random one but I had to put it in here because it has been a favourite over the past few months.  I'm a real lover of hot chocolate and I'd much prefer a mug of this over tea but I do find that it can be a bit fattening especially if you drink it nearly every night like me!  So I was on the hunt for a low fat one that still actually tasted like chocolate as a lot of the ones I've tried are really watery.  This one my nan actually got me into and I've repurchased it ever since.  It's low calorie and low fat but still has an awesome chocolatey taste AND it's fairtrade, what more could you want!

Lauren xx

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Loving These Links

I'd say I spend 50% of my free time reading blogs, browsing websites and watching YouTube videos.  As unsociable as it is to be glued to my tablet or computer I genuinely love it!  So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite links to browse...

Ashley is a British actress who lives in America.  She stared in Revenge and is soon to release Salem.  I absolutely love her style and on her website she does style diary type posts showing you photos of outfits she has put together, where they're from and where you can buy similar items.

Tess is an Australian girl living in America.  She has a whole website dedicated to fabulous healthy blender recipes and a lot of them are vegan too.  Since getting a blender for Christmas I have been searching the internet for a great website where I can find lots of different blender recipes in one place and I think this is it.

Corrie is a really sweet English girl that writes a blog about all things beauty and fashion.  I really love to see what new products she's bought or what she's wearing as I find her very similar to myself.  If you like reading my blog I think you would love hers too!

Lucy is an English socialite who appears in the British reality show Made in Chelsea.  On her website she also post similar style diaries showing you her outfits and where you can buy them.  You can also find out what she's up to, recent news and view her clothing range.

Millie is another star from Made in Chelsea and if you've been reading my blog for long enough you will know she is my biggest style icon.  On her website you can view her style diary (which I do religiously!), read her blog to see what she's up to and buy eyelashes from her eyelash range.

This girl doesn't need much of an introduction and any fashionista will know what amazing style she has.  I have loved Olivia's fashion sense for years and years now and probably always will.  I just love the way she puts bright bold colours and patterns together but yet still looks smart and elegant.

I'm afraid I don't actually know this guy's real name but he's an Australian YouTube chef who uploads lots of delicious easy to follow recipes.  He's probably one of the first channels I subscribed too and I haven't bothered to subscribe to any other chef on YouTube because he literally has a recipe for everything!

Last but not least Two Halves Blog.  This was created by Shenae and Josh Beech.  Any fans of 90210 will recognise Shenae as Annie.  The couple write this blog mainly about fashion and it's good to see a guy's input sometimes as well as being super cute!  Their style is quite rock chick/grunge glam which I looooooove.

Please let me know if you have any other cool websites for me to look at.  I love discovering new ones!

Lauren xx

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My Evening Clutch Bag

I'm going out in Soho tonight so I will be taking my trusty Mulberry Daria clutch with me. During the day my work bag is rather large and I like to fill it out with all sorts of rubbish. In the evening however I try to be a bit more limited in what I bring with me and of course my bag is always smaller.

So I generally like to pack what I call (and I'm sure what most of you call) 'the essentials' which is my purse, my iPhone, my door keys and my Oyster card.  I didn't bring my purse tonight as when folded out this bag as a zipped compartment where I like to keep my money and cards.

Then for the added extras which tonight will consist of my Maybelline lipstick in taupe along with my Chanel lipgloss in amour for added glossiness.  I'm forever touching up my lipstick during the night so I can't leave home without it.

Then I have a hairband and some kirby grips in case I get really hot and need to tie the mane back.  I like to go to raves a lot which tend to get really sweaty and with my long extensions now having a hairband with me is a must.  Although there won't be any raving tonight!

I also have my little Chanel compact mirror in there so I can see where I'm applying my lippie, especially after a few drinks!  And to check the barnet isn't flying everywhere.

Lastly I sometimes like to pack gum or mints because you never know who you might meet haha ;)  However, some clubs are funny about you bringing stuff like this in so depends where I'm off to.

My clutch bag is small, compact and has everything I need in one place.  Perfect.

Lauren xx

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Skincare On A Budget

With the economy the way it is today (although I hear it's on the up) a lot of us have been left tightening the purse strings and cutting back on little luxuries such as eating out, clothes shopping and beauty buys.  Or some of you may just not be able to justify splashing out on expensive skincare products.  However, there are still a great range of drugstore products out there that work just as well and here are a few I have in my bathroom cabinet.

This is a great little cleanser that comes out in a foam consistency.  I just apply 3 pumps into my hands and then rub it evenly over a wet face.  Once it's all rubbed in I wash it off and my skin is left feeling soft and clean.

I have dry to normal skin and this product is perfect for it.  It's nice and gentle but still has a small amount of beads in it that is going to get rid of the dirt and make-up on my skin.  I put a small amount on my hands and work in circular motions across wet skin then just wash off.

This is one of my all time favourite drugstore skincare products and I can't stop raving about it.  It's so so good and removes all eye make-up but is still really gentle, doesn't sting or pull out any eyelashes.  It's a miracle worker for those of us that like to wear a lot of eye make-up and mascara!

This is another great product for people with dry skin.  It's quite rich so it really sinks in and soaks up any dry patches.  I apply this about 3 times a day because I love the feeling of my skin afterwards and feel that it really hydrates it.

These are unbelievably cheap but actually really good and I always repurchase them.  It's so easy to just pop them in with my shopping.  I find some face wipes to be a bit dry but these are so moist and get everything off.

Another Simple product as I find this range really good for dry skin.  I was looking for an eye cream and I'm not sure this works in the same way but it's so cool and soothing that I love applying it after a long day when my eyes feel tired.  Or even in the morning if I need a quick pick me up, this really energises my eyes leaving them feeling brightened and more awake.

I also did a night time skincare routine on my YouTube channel which you can view here.

Lauren xx

Facial Oils: The Best Of

For the past couple of years now there seems to be a craze for facial oils.  I was first introduced to these by a friend that was working for The Sanctuary in Covent Garden.  At the time I remember thinking 'why on earth would I want to add oil to my face, making it even more greasy?!' and couldn't think of anything worse.  Now, however, after doing some research and seeing so many good reviews I want to jump on the bandwagon!

So my quest at the moment is to find the best facial oils.  I've found that these products can be rather pricey (some costing over £100!) but I don't want to spend too much especially as I don't know how my skin will react to it and obviously have a love for drug store items.  Here are a few that have been recommended to me:

This one claims to be good for scars, stretch marks and dehydrated skin.  It also says it is made of natural plant oils and vitamins.  However, whilst doing further research I found that bio oil is also known as pyrolysis oil which is a synthetic fuel currently under investigation as a substitute for petroleum.  Now I don't know about you but I don't fancy putting petrol on my face so I think I will give this one a miss!

This is meant to be one of the best drug stores face oils and I think is a bargain at around the £10 mark.  You know if you're buying from the Body Shop it's going to be good stuff and not made of anything nasty.  Vitamin E is also really good for hydrating the skin and keeping it super soft.

Another drug store favourite is by Boots and part of their botanics range.  This is an organic product so straight away you know it is all natural with no chemicals added.  It's made from rosehip and omega oils.  It's a great price for 25ml.  It claims to soften, condition and restore the skin to its natural glow.

This is probably the main facial oil I have heard about EVERYWHERE at the moment.  So many people have been talking about this product on the internet and it has a lot of rave reviews.  I'm really keen to try this one as argan oil is meant to be great for the hair and skin and it's chemical free too.  However, there doesn't appear to be a lot of stockists of this in the UK so I don't know how easy it will be to get hold of.

This is the one my friend uses and was telling me about a few years ago.  It seems to have 5 star reviews and with my friend being a beauty therapist I trust them all to be true.  I don't think it is a bad price either, especially for a spa product.  It also claims to be a youth boosting favourite!

I will let you know which one I go for!

Lauren xx

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DIY Ombre Hair

Ombre hair or 'dip dyed' hair is when just the ends of the hair have been highlighted to give a sun kissed look.  You can dye the ends any colour you want though really although blonde/caramel seems to be the most popular choice.  I also think red looks quite nice.

Rachel Bilson
I had this hair look about 2 years ago now but it does still seem to be pretty popular and I've been having a few thoughts about what to do with my hair when I take my extensions out.  I want to change the colour quite drastically so I'm thinking ombre, all over highlights or maybe a funky purple colour??

Fortunately for me my sister is a hairdresser so she will always do my hair but as she is generally quite busy when it comes to colour I do like to have a go myself.  There are loads of at home ombre kits you can get now or even just a highlighting blonde colour you can just put on the ends so I think if I do this I may have a go myself.  Where I have already seen my sister do it I wanted to share a few little tips with you.

So firstly you take your dye kit and maybe test the colour on a small strand of hair first just to see how blonde it's going to come out and how long you need to leave it on for for the colour to really develope.

Once you're happy with the colour then you need to backcomb your hair.  I know this sounds mad but by backcombing the hair you can then apply the colour to the ends up to the backcombed bit.  If that makes sense?  This way you're not going to get an even line of colour around your hair because that will look unnatural and the ombre effect is all about looking messy and like you have just 'dipped' the ends in dye.

Once you've applied the colour to the ends you can then put some tin foil over it to help it develop more, if you wanted a brighter blonde.  You probably need to leave the colour on for about 20-30 minutes.

Then just wash it all off, twice with shampoo and once with conditioner to make sure all the bleach is out and you should have a great ombred do!

The ends will get pretty dry after ombreing so you want to make sure you use a good conditioner, hair mask once a week and hair oil on the ends after washing.  Don't use too many heat tools on it either and use protectants if you do.

I hope it all goes well and I will be sure to post some pictures of my hair once I decide what to do!

Dip dye?


Lauren xx

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Food Diary

I thought I would mix things up a little instead of always writing about fashion and make up.  I love being nosey and seeing what other people eat so I thought I would run through a few things that I have been enjoying lately.


I love my almond milk at the moment.  I'm trying to be vegan wherever possible but I'm not dead strict about it because it can be really hard to find vegan alternatives but almond milk is great.  It tastes so much nicer than soya milk which I used to have and it has less calories.  Win!

I like to have a cup of this every morning and then I'll either have some fruit, a bowl of porridge made with the almond milk, peanut butter on toast or a cereal bar if I'm running late!


I'll be honest, I'm not a massive fan of lunch.  I don't really like eating at my desk or buying lunch out because I find a lot of the foods are not good for you.  However, I got a blender for Christmas so I have been enjoying making healthy smoothies to take to work and have at lunchtime.  I'll usually just look a recipe up online, buy the ingrediants and I'm good to go.  I always have a bottle of water throughout the day too.


Now my cullinary skills are literally shocking.  I caught fire to my pasta last week.  Yeah, I'm that bad.  So I can be quite boring with dinner because I just stick to what I know and what I like and I also am normally running out the door to go to the gym so don't have time to cook a massive meal, plus I'm only cooking for one :)  So sometimes at the beginning of the week I will cook a big pasta bake because this is super easy, really filling and can be healthy if you choose the right ingredients.  This will then last me 4 days so I can just heat the rest up in the microwave super quick when I get in from work.

I also really like cous cous.  In fact I'm pretty much obssessed with the stuff so I like to make myself a bowl of this for dinner sometimes as it's really quick and low fat.  I also like rahman noodles or super noodles which I know are not great for you but good for quickness and okay if you only have them every now and then.

The other thing I like to cook is spaghetti bolagnaise but with quorn mince.  Again I can make a big bowl of this and it will last a few days in the fridge ready to heat up when I want some.

So that's what I enjoy to eat.  Probably pretty boring but I am a simple kind of girl when it comes to food!

Lauren xx

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