Outfits of the Week!

I thought I would do another outfits of the week post as the one I did before proved rather popular last time and I gotta give the people what they want!

So the first outfit is when I went to Dagenham Market.  I wanted something comfortable but also warm as I would be outside for a few hours.  I’m wearing a t-shirt from the Disney Store.  You can’t really see it properly but it’s really cute; it’s red and white stripe with a drawing of Minnie Mouse on it.  I then teamed it with my new black glitter leggings from Missguided.  I really like these leggings because they’re actually wool so super warm and super comfy which is exactly what you want from a pair of leggings!  Plus they have glitter in them just for something different.  I then put on my military jacket from Primark.  I’ve gotten so much use out of this jacket because it’s really lightweight and just what you need when the weather is in between seasons.  I then put on my military style ankle boots from Tesco as they are really comfortable and good for walking around markets as sometimes it can be a bit muddy.

Then next outfit I wore was for a night out in Fulham.  The dress is from Missguided and I copied this from Millie Mackintosh’s style diary as I saw she had it.  The boots are from River Island which I feature in my clothing haul video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKKpatnRsNg they look black in the picture but they’re actually dark navy suede with black elastane at the back.  I’m in love with them!  The necklace is from New Look and is also featured in my video.

Next is an outfit I wore to work.  It’s a white pussy bow blouse with grey wool cigarette trousers and a dark turquoise cardigan that is low cut and ties with a bow.  So lots of bows going on here!  The whole outfit is actually from French Connection.  I really like French Connection for work clothes as I think they do some really smart pieces.  I know it is quite expensive for a high street brand but they also do really good sales so watch out for those!

Then another outfit I wore to work but this is a bit more dressy as I was going out straight from work.  I’m wearing a loose black sheer shirt with roll up sleeves but you can’t see it in the photo so trust me that it looked good haha!  I had that tucked into an a-line skirt from ASOS in cobalt blue.  This skirt is so pretty and perfect for an office to bar look.  If you look closely it’s actually striped with mesh bits going through it.  The blazer is from Zara and another item I saw Mille Mackintosh in.  This blazer actually has little silver and red sequins on it and silver military style buttons.  The Chelsea boots are actually ankle wellies as they’re made from a rubbery material, perfect for if it snows again or at festivals as you can still look on trend.  Also, Millie has these too!  They’re by a brand called Gathering.

Next is an outfit I wore to Kensington Roof Gardens.  The dress is from Missguided and is an Aztec sort of pattern with cut out bits at the side.  I accessorized this with a pearl necklace from Primark, rings from New Look and clutch bag from Topshop.  And I did have some funky gold heels on from Kurt Geiger but you can’t see these in the photo unfortunately.

Then next is another outfit I wore to work which I think makes me look a bit like a school girl but oh well.  It’s a white shirt from Zara with a grey v-neck jumper also from Zara and then the skirt and shoes are H&M.  Quite a simple outfit but you can’t go wrong with a bit of simplicity for the office!  Good for the days when you don’t feel like making an effort and don’t have time in the morning.

Lastly is an outfit I wore on a night out in Clapham.  The crop top is from New Look and the disco pants I got on eBay.  I wasn’t 100% sure on this outfit at first as it’s quite daring but I threw on a leather jacket and my killer wedges by Chinese Laundry and I felt better.  I still think animal print is very much in and can really sexy up an outfit!

So that completes my outfits.  I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure you check out my beauty haul video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U19dhsvlZoU

Lauren xx

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My NAKED Everyday Make-Up

I wanted to show you a look I created that can be worn everyday using the Naked palette by Urban Decay.  This is a really popular eye shadow palette and probably my favourite.  It has some really good neutral colours in it and I’m now really keen to try the Naked 2 palette.  I also featured it in my favourite eye shadow palettes video which you can check out here for a more in depth review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lszhv0xse8Q

So for this look I started off using half baked all over my lid just using a regular shadow brush.  This colour is so pretty, it’s like a goldy sparkly colour.  Then I took naked and using a blending brush put that along my crease and blended slightly upwards and to the outer corners.  This is like a soft light brown.

Then I took my pencil brush and put buck into my crease but didn’t blend it upwards.  Just literally through my crease.  This colour is more of a warm matte brown.  Then taking an angled brush I used use naked again along my bottom lash line.

To finish off I added a bit of Bourjois eye liner on my water line, Dior showcase mascara on my lashes and a nude lip pencil by Avon on my lips.

I think this is a really pretty look.  There are some great colours in the Naked palette some really good dark ones for a smokey eye that would be great for a night time look but for day time I wanted to tone it down and keep it simply but still girly so I think this is perfect.

I hope you like this look and enjoy re-creating it.  Do check out my latest video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U19dhsvlZoU

Thanks, Lauren xx

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Make-Up Do's and Don'ts!

Just a post giving tips on what I think looks good and what doesn't.  Obviously you don't have to go by this and if you do something a certain way which works for you then carry on doing that :)


It's important to get a foundation that is the right colour for you.  The best way to choose is to get it to match your skin.  Some people have more pinky tones, especially if they are quite pale, and others may have a more yellow tone, especially if you wear fake tan.


Again it's important to get a powder that's the right shade, compliments your foundation shade and doesn't override it.  Some people use a powder foundation over the top of their foundation which it not really necessary.  It's best to use a pressed powder over your foundation, especially if the foundation is full coverage, as it will make your make-up look too cakey and heavy.


A lot of people seem to use too much bronzer but sometimes this can look muddy and over the top.  What I find best is to use it as a contour to sculpt out my cheekbones, run along my forehead and down my nose. Leaving my cheeks free for blush which brings me onto my next step...


This is just put on the apples of the cheeks and bring it lightly up to my temples. However, if you've gone overboard with the bronzer and then put blusher over the top it just looks too much.


A lot of people seem to neglect their eyebrows.  If you shape them right and fill them in properly they can change your whole face and make you look a lot prettier.  If you are blessed with full eyebrows then you just need to get them waxed into a shape to compliment your face shape.  If you're not then you can fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow that matches your brow colour then set them in place with an eyebrow gel.


Highlighter is meant to be used in moderation because it is so eye catching in itself so if you have a thick highlighter stripe down your face it's going to be too much.  It's better to go for a nice subtle sheen down the cheekbone which will lift them.

Eye Shadow

Blend, blend, blend is the secret here!  You don't want any harsh noticeable lines where your skin starts and your eye shadow ends.  It's important to invest in a good brush for this and use wind screen wiper motions to blend the eye shadow in.

Eye Liner

My next point is to do a bit of eye liner on your top eyelid and blend it out with a brush. Then put a bit on your bottom from the outer corner to the middle and along your water line.  It should always be more thick on the top than the bottom.


The next common mistake is that people do their mascara really clumpy and that makes your lashes stick together.  You need to push your lashes up and away to get a really good clump free and long lashed look.


I really hate when people wear lipsticks that are far too light for them or wear concealer on their lips.  It's not meant for that purpose and will dry your lips out.  Go for a colour that suits you as not every colour suits everyone.

I hope this post was useful and I didn't offend anyone!  If you don't do your make-up this way there's nothing wrong with that.  I'm not saying this is the best way to do it and everyone has to follow.  I just find this the most flattering way and compliments the face.

You can check out my latest video here where I do a beauty haul of all the recent beauty products I've bought: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U19dhsvlZoU

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Lauren xx

Perfect Butt Lift

Want to know how to get the perfect butt?  I have the secret!  Below I’ve listed some easy to follow exercises that will give you a butt that even Katy Perry would be jealous of!  You don’t have to do all these movements for as long as I say.  Do what you can and what feels comfortable for you :)

The Booty Push – lay on your front, with your legs bent and hip distance apart.  Then bend your arms and place your hands either side of your chest.  Now you’re in position you want to push up with your hand and lift your top half then come back down.  Then you want to lift your legs, keeping them in that position and come back down.  Now keep repeating these two moves for about 2 minutes.

The Hammer Squeeze – still laying on your front have one leg bent and one straight.  Then lift the bent leg from the hip like you did in the booty push but just on one leg.  You can keep your arms relaxed and do this for 1 minute before switching to the other leg.  Then swap legs again and do little pulses of this movement whilst lifted (that’s where you do the movement quicker).  Do 20 reps of this if you can.

The Hamstring Curl – still laying on your front I want you to have your legs straight and lift them from the hip.  Once in the air I want you to bend your knees and push up with your feet.  Then uncurl your legs and lay them back down.  Repeat this for 10.  Then do 10 pulses at the top.

The Bottom Flutters – still laying down have your legs straight and feet together.  Then slightly lift them about 1 inch from the floor.  Then push them open and pull them back together.  Do 20 reps of these.

And that’s it!  You’re all done.  I hope you enjoyed these exercises (as much as you can enjoy exercise!) and I hope you get the results you want.

Lauren xx

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How To Look Hot Like Lucy Mecklenburgh!

Here is a make-up/hair look inspired by Lucy Mecklenburgh from The Only Way is Essex.  I think she is naturally very pretty and has an amazing figure.  She is also very glamorous in the way she dresses and does her make-up so this look is more for night time wear or the more daring of you!

First I prepped my skin with a pore minimiser from the Body Shop.  Then I went in with MAC studio sculpt foundation in NW30 mixed with Benefit you rebel all over my face.  I then took Chanel universal bronzer and buffed that all over my face for a real bronzed look.  Lucy always has a fab tan so it’s important to really bronze up here.  Then I took Rimmel stay matte powder in translucent and dusted that all over the skin.  I then took my MAC prolong wear concealer in NW20 and patted that under my eyes.  This is a great full coverage concealer and Lucy’s skin always look perfectly even so it’s good to get a full coverage concealer and foundation for this look.

I then took my Chanel universal bronzer and put that along my contour.  I went over it with MAC studio powder in NW40 and also put some along my forehead and down my nose.  Then I took my eyebrow pencil by Barbara Daly in brown and filled in my eyebrows, then set them with MUA’s brow gel.

For my eyes I used a purple shade by MAC on my lid and then a black shade under my lower lashes.  I lined my waterline with a black kohl line and smoked out the lower lash with a pencil brush.  Lucy quite often has a bold smokey eye so you can use any colours you want to create this dark look.  I thought I would go for a more purplely smokey eye.  I then used Barry M liquid eyeliner on my top lid and winged it out slightly.  Then I used lashings of Estee Lauder sumptuous extreme mascara.  Lucy normally always wears fake eyelashes too so you could apply a pair on if you wanted.  I haven’t because I find they don’t really suit me and I have naturally quite long eyelashes anyway.

Then for my lips I also went for quite a bold colour which I wouldn’t normally do if I was doing a bold eye but I know Lucy normally does so I went for impassioned by MAC which is a bright pink.

Finally I added some highlighter by The Balm in the inner corner of my eyes, along my brow bone, cheek bone and cupids bow.  I also added a little in the centre of my eye lid just to give a little shimmer as the colours I used were quite matte.

Then for the hair I curled it using my Remington Pearl wand which I absolutely love.  It’s so easy to use and you can create different kinds of curls on it.  I’ve gone for quite a tight curl as I have tried to re-create a look of Lucy’s where she has her short hair.  I have also sprayed a bit of VO5’s salt spray on it to fluff it up and make it big.  Lucy is never without her big hair!

So I hoped you liked this look and enjoy re-creating it yourself.

Love Lauren xx

Day to Night Make-Up

I wanted to show a look that I think is perfect for when you are in a rush and need to go straight from a daytime event to a night time event.  I think this is particularly perfect for going straight from the office to the bar or just out after work.  But can be adapted for any situation.

So for the daytime look I would go for lighter more softer make-up.  I would wear barely there foundation, concealer to cover any dark circles, a light dusting of powder (especially if I am wearing this all day at work), a little gel through my eyebrows to keep them in place, some bronzer for a healthy glow, a light coat of mascara but probably not any eyeliner as I don’t want a heavy make-up look for work, a small amount of blusher and just some lip balm on my lips.

In my photo I am wearing Body Shop tea tree pore minimiser, MAC studio fix foundation in NW30 mixed with Benefit you rebel tinted moisturiser, MAC prolong wear concealer in NW20, Rimmel stay matte powder in transparent, MAC studio powder in NW40 which I use as bronzer, MUA clear gel, Dior showcase mascara, Laura Geller blusher in mocha and tinted lip balm.

So for the night time look you’ve already got your base make-up on.  You just need to touch it up a little and maybe make it a bit more dramatic depending on where you’re going or how you like to wear your make-up.  I would go for a bit more bronzer, concealer and powder to cover any oily patches that have developed throughout the day.  Some eyeliner and if I have time some eye shadow.  A few more coats of mascara to make my lashes look long and thick.  A top-up of blusher and then a slick of lipstick.

In my photo I’m wearing Chanel bronze universal, a dark brown eye shadow by Urban Decay through my brows and set in place with my MUA gel, black kohl eyeliner on my water line by Bourjois, Barry M liquid liner on my top lash line, Estee Lauder sumptuous extreme mascara, Benefit throbb blusher and snob lipstick by MAC.

I hope you like these looks and have found this helpful.

Lauren xx

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