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My Top 10 Favourite Podcasts

I've been loving listening to podcasts for the past few years now and in fact I probably prefer to listen to them over music now which is saying a lot because I LOVE my music!  Here are some of my favourites; some that I've followed for a while and some that are new discoveries. 1. Food For Thought - I've always had a keen interest in food and nutrition and my husband always tells me I should have been a dietitian because I know so much about it!  This podcast interviews key experts in the field sharing their knowledge and I find it so insightful. 2. How To Fail With Elizabeth Day - I love Elizabeth Day, she seems like such a sweet and genuine person.  She has some brilliant guests sharing their biggest failures. 3. Law of Attraction Changed My Life - I've always believed in the law of attraction but it wasn't something I really practiced until earlier this year when I discovered this podcast.  Each week a different aspect of the law of attraction is discussed an