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How To Shift Your Mindset And Reach Your Fitness Goals

January is finally over (did that month last forever or what?!), the month we all sign up to the gym and fitness classes, convince ourselves that this is the year we are going to get fit and healthy, no excuses but then February comes around and we are struggling to keep motivated and stick to our fitness goals.

We are all guilty of this, myself included but all you need to do is try to shift your mindset.  Here are the easiest ways I have found to do this:

1. Try not to feel guilty if you do start to slack.  We all need a break from it sometimes and often when we push ourselves too hard we start to slack off and then feel really guilty.  Feeling guilty is not going to help, you need to just look at it as an 'off day' and then start over the next day but don't feel bad about it.

2. Set attainable and realistic goals.  If you are pushing yourself too hard and setting goals you are going to struggle to reach then you are destined to fail.  Start slowly and ease yourself into it, increasing your goals as you go.  They will be easier to reach leaving you feeling better about yourself and more motivated to keep going.

3. Be positive.  Positive thinking always help to reach our goals and fitness goals are no different.  Tell yourself that you can do it and don't get disheartened if you don't see results straight away.  It takes around 12 weeks for you to see a real difference in yourself.

What are your tips for reaching your fitness goals?

Lauren xx

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The Best Fashion Trainers Out Right Now

The last few years have seen people wearing trainers over heals a lot more and I am definitely okay with this.  Perhaps with the exception of ankle boots because these will always be my first loves.

Last year in particular the trend of chunky 'dad trainers' came out with Balenciaga leading the way. I've rounded up my favourites below.






How do you feel about the dad trainer trend?

Lauren xx

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Double Standards At The Super Bowl

So do you remember back in 2004 when Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson played the half time slot at the Super Bowl?  Maybe not if you're too young but you must have heard about the #NippleGate incident?  

Basically Justin Timberlake "accidentally" flashed Janet's boob by pulling down her top which he claims was supposed to have a bra underneath.  There was then a huge outrage amongst viewers which led to Janet being banned from most major music channels and radio stations.  Justin, however, got off scot free.

Image via Vanity Fair
Anyone then watching Adam Levine's Super Bowl half time performance this year would have noticed that during this performance he pulled off his [own] t-shirt revealing BOTH of his nipples.  Noone battered an eyelid and everyone cheered because he is a white man and so it's perfectly acceptable for him to do that?

But why is it that Janet as a black female should be banned from showing her nipple (which was actually done by a white male) but a white man can show both of his nipples and there be no repercussions?  Talk about double standards.

Image via Esquire
Janet has been treated so badly since this incident, she wasn't even invited to watch any of the Super Bowls since despite Justin Timberlake being invited to them all.  She has also been a laughing stock in the music industry hence why she seems to have pretty much retired since then.

I personally don't feel this is far and can't believe we STILL live in a world that has differing standards for men and women.  However, this is just my opinion so please don't take offence.  I would love to her your views on this matter?

What do you think?

Lauren xx

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