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How To Satisfy A Sweet Tooth The Healthy Way

The main reason a lot of us fall off the wagon when trying to eat healthier is because we have a sweet tooth and crave things such as chocolate, biscuits and ice cream.  We are also often put off by these healthy diets because they don't seem to have any treats in them and don't curb out cravings so we need to find alternative ways to satisfy these cravings whilst remaining healthy.

My favourite and easiest way to do this is fruit.  I know fruit can seem boring but there is generally at least a few pieces of fruit that people really like so stick to these.  My favourites are strawberries, bananas, dates, kiwis and mangos.

To make things more interesting you can blend your favorite fruits up into smoothies.  You can then add low fat or dairy free milk for added protein and cacao powder for added nutrients and chocolately taste!  I sometimes even add peanut butter to mine which is also high in protein.  This way I seem to get more fruit in and it just tastes like I'm drinking a milkshake!

Low fat jelly is also a good one to satisfy sweet cravings, you can even buy them ready made.  Also, low fat yogurts are a good one too.

Do you have any good tips for satisfying a sweet craving healthily?

Lauren xx

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My Favourite Home Instagram Accounts To Follow

As I've mentioned before (probably more than once) we bought our first house last year and I am really excited to get into decorating it, putting our own stamp on it and really making it ours.  So obviously I've been pinning ideas on home boards and following inspirational accounts on Instagram and I thought I would share some of my favourites that I've recently discussed.


This account has nearly 1 million followers and it's not hard to see why.  A typical scandy account showing cosy greys, clean whites and lots of gorgeous wooden pieces.


Based in England.  This is another Scandinavian account because honestly anything they don't know about home style isn't worth knowing.  Everything is black and white with hints of tan and greenery which is my favourite look right now.


Based in Wales.  This account is a little more dark and moody but still with a cosy feel.  She has the most beautiful rugs and throws and I just want them all!


Based in Australia.  This is another mainly white interior account but with pops of tan so perfect for what I am trying to go for in my new home.


Based in California.  This account has a real Moroccan feel to it.  There's also lots of vintage looking furniture and rugs without looking too much.

Who are your favourite home inspo accounts?

Lauren xx

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The Oscars' Best Dressed 2019

Amandla Stenberg
Jessica Alba

Maria Menounos

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Hudson

Who was your best dressed at the Oscars this year?

Lauren xx

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