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Trainers To Add To Your Wardrobe This Spring

I used to be such a heels girls and would wear them at every opportunity I got and although I still love them (check out my shoe wall to see more) for the last year or so I have been gravitating towards trainers and more casual shoes like Converse.  Before, these were only reserved for running errands or at the gym but now I even pair them with dresses and wear them to the pub!

Here are some of my recent purchases:
Vans - Office

New Look

And here I'm some on my wishlist:

Kurt Keiger
New Look

How do you feel about trainers for spring?

Lauren xx

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Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Always use a primer

I know a lot of people skip this step and I always used to as I didn’t think it would make much of a difference but if you get the right one it’s can really help your makeup last and stop is getting too oily.  For my dry skin I love using illuminating primers such as this one by Sleek.

Dampen your beauty blender

Sounds really obvious but you’d be surprised the amount of people that use a dry sponge to apply their makeup, I’ve caught so many of my friends doing this!  Using it damp will smoothen your foundation and concealer out, creating an airbrushed finish and overall give a more natural look.

Curl your lashes

I’m not really a fan of false lashes as I’m quite lucky to have pretty long lashes but I do find that they don’t always curl upwards and instead go straight out.  By using a lash curler before your mascara it will really add volume and length which I also love on days when I don’t want any mascara but still a little something.

Lipliner as a lipstick

I find lipliners have more staying power than most lipsticks and if I really want them to last the whole day or night I’ll just put one all of my lips and then either add a lippie on top or stop just there.  They also give a great matte finish if you like that look, which I do!

Setting spray

Like the primer I never thought this was something I needed and then I bought one and now I use it every single day!  It’s hold your makeup in place and stops it looking too powdery.  I also love the cooling effect when I’m in a rush in the mornings.  I use this one from Makeup Revolution.

Do you have any makeup tips to add?

Lauren xx

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Floral Dress and Flats

The sun is out in London, like properly out this time and hopefully for the foreseeable near future and I couldn't be happier about it.  So this obviously means all the cliches; florals, floaty dresses and flat shoes.

Eyewear - Celine
Dress - Glamorous
Dress - H&M
Flatforms - Topshop

Playsuit - ASOS
Converse - Office

Which is your favourite floral look?

Lauren xx

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