My Top 10 Favourite Podcasts

I've been loving listening to podcasts for the past few years now and in fact I probably prefer to listen to them over music now which is saying a lot because I LOVE my music!  Here are some of my favourites; some that I've followed for a while and some that are new discoveries.

1. Food For Thought - I've always had a keen interest in food and nutrition and my husband always tells me I should have been a dietitian because I know so much about it!  This podcast interviews key experts in the field sharing their knowledge and I find it so insightful.

2. How To Fail With Elizabeth Day - I love Elizabeth Day, she seems like such a sweet and genuine person.  She has some brilliant guests sharing their biggest failures.

3. Law of Attraction Changed My Life - I've always believed in the law of attraction but it wasn't something I really practiced until earlier this year when I discovered this podcast.  Each week a different aspect of the law of attraction is discussed and how you can implement it into your life, it really works!

4. With Whit - I remember watching Whitney Port waaaay back in the day on The City so was interested to see how she'd changed now that she was older and a mum etc.  I was surprised to discover that she'd actually experienced a lot of similar life changes that I had and so this podcast really resonates with me.

5. The Kindness Economy - this is a newer discovery of mine but I used to watch Mary Portas Queen of Shops and because of my love of fashion and my willingness to be more sustainable I thought I would give this one a listen.  She interviews different people in the industry who are taking steps to look after our planet.

6. My Therapist Ghosted Me - funniest. podcast. ever.  2 friends just chatting about anything and everything but making it hilarious at the same time.

7. The Courtney Black podcast - this girl has worked super hard to become successful and I find people like that so inspiring.  She's a fitness influencer and so mainly talks about fitness and interviews people in the industry but she does also talk about how she gained her success from time to time too.

8. Is It Normal? - this is a week by week pregnancy podcast by Jesse Ware.  Really helpful for anyone currently pregnant as she discusses what happens each week of your pregnancy and also interviews key guests.

9. In House With Arielle Charnas - Something Navy has always been my favourite fashion blogger and one of the first people I followed on Instagram.  On her podcast she chats everything from fashion, relationships, motherhood and business.

10. Made by Mammas - this came up as one of the best motherhood podcasts when I was searching for them and it does not disappoint.  They do weekly Q&As as well as interview key people who give their different tips and tricks for surviving motherhood!

What are your favourite podcasts to listen to?

Lauren xx

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