My Weekend... Southwest Four Festival and Notting Hill Carnival

Hey guys,

Thought I'd do a post today filling you in on my bank holiday weekend escapades!


Saturday was the day that rained and rained and then rained some more.  It just didn't seem to be giving up.  Usually on the Saturday of August bank holiday I will go to SW4 but this year we decided that the line-up looked better on the Sunday.  So I was actually really really glad we decided this because I absolutely HATE the rain and would not have been loving being at an outdoor festival in that weather!

Anyway, I did have to venture out into the rain on Saturday because it was my friend's birthday and him and his girlfriend had organised a BBQ at their house.  Luckily they had a marquee that people could shelter under and this was also where they had the BBQ so the food did not get soggy ha!  As I said I do really hate the rain so I stayed in the living room and had my food passed through to me haha.  I'm a vegetarian so had Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages in hotdog buns which was yummy :)

Below is a little pic of me in my outfit, details of which you can find on my Instagram.


Fortunately the rain stayed away on Sunday and the sun was shining strong.  We headed over to Clapham Common about half past 4 where the festival was in full swing.  When we got there we went straight to the bar and were drinking ciders.  I don't normally drink cider as I find it quite fattening but at a festival I think it's the perfect drink.

We then went to the main stage and saw Andy C who played some pretty heavy drum and bass.  I absolutely love DnB though and the heavier the better for me!  Everyone was skanking hard in the mosh pit.  It was awesome.  He also had MC GQ MC-ing over him which was cool and I'm finding a lot of DJs are doing this now.

After Andy C we went and got some Mexican food.  There are so many food stalls to choose from and have something for everyone.  I went for a falafel wrap with halloumi cheese.  Then we headed back to the main stage to catch Knife Party.  I've seen these play a few times now, including Amnesia in Ibiza and I just can't get enough of them.  They were really really good.

We then went to the Together tent to see Rustie.  Together is the night they put on in Amnesia which is mainly dubstep and DnB so I knew I would love this because Together is my favourite night in Ibiza.  I've never seen Rustie before but I'd heard that he was meant to be pretty good.  At first his set was quite mellow and was a bit of a slow start.  He then dropped a beat and had full on bass playing.  Everything got a bit exciting then!

After that we ran over to the Bedrock tent to catch Boys Noize.  Again, I had heard a lot of hype about this fella and really wanted to check him out.  The tent was quite full so I'm guessing a lot of people had the same idea.  Once squeezed inside we saw this huge black skull with red eyes that lit up, then the music came and we saw that Alex Ridha was standing at the top of the skull which he was using as his decks.  This blew me away before the music even started.  His sound is very electronic dubstep and reminded me a lot of Skrillex.  Skrillex is probably my favourite DJ so I was very happy about this.  I later read that he has done a lot of work with Skrillex and so I'm guessing Sonny Moore has had quite an influence on Alex's sound.  This was probably the highlight of the festival for me and I will definitely be looking out to see when Boys Noize play anymore gigs in or around London.

Lastly we ran over to the main stage to catch the last of Example's set.  I've seen Example twice already this year.  Once at Earl's Court and again in Ibiza.  So yeah I have a lot of love for Elliot Gleave!  It goes without saying that he was really really good.  He always sings (and never mimes like some!) and puts on a good performance.  He really got the crowd going and it was a fantastic end to the festival.

Below is a photo of what I wore which you can check out on my Instagram!


Monday I thought I would head over to Notting Hill Carnival for a bit.  I always like to go to carnival and I think this is my fourth time.  It always has a good vibe and everyone is in a happy mood.  The music is like reggae/ska and they have lots of stalls selling Caribbean style foods like jerk chicken and corn on the cobs.  I didn't go for very long as I didn't get up till late due to be out late the night before and then I wanted to be home at reasonable time before going back to work today, so I don't have loads to report on the carnival. However, I can say I had a really good time and anyone living in or around London should definitely check it out next year.  Especially if the weather is good.  If you have never been before then you should try it just for the experience because it's one of a kind!

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My Favourite Lipsticks

Here is a few of my favourite lipsticks I am loving at the moment...


Most of my favourite lipsticks are actually by MAC.  I think they just have such a good choice of colours and finishes with something to suit everyone.  They are about £15 to buy in the UK which I don't think is too bad for a good 'high-end' lipstick.

My first favourite is the colour 'Impassioned'.  This is a bright pink colour and is part of the amplified collection which means it is a very vibrant colour.  I particularly like this colour on blue eyes as it looks really nice when I have my blue contacts in.

The next colour I'm loving from MAC is called 'Morange'.  This again is from the amplified collection so a very bright vibrant colour.  It's a vivid orange with a slight reddy tone. This is a good statement lipstick if you just wanted to have a bold lip and nature eyes.

The next colour I love from MAC is very aptly named 'Snob' (he-he).  This is a pale pink colour and has a satin finish.  Its very girly and goes quite nice with a black smokey eye.  I took this colour to Ibiza bcos I couldn't take too many lipsticks and I knew this would go with a lot.

My last favourite colour from MAC (for the time being anyway!) is called 'Rebel'.  This is a very popular colour and I struggled to buy it at first.  It's like a dark pinky plum colour and is perfect for winter.  Obviously it looks nice in summer too and in fact this was another one I took to Ibiza.  It's a good bold lipstick and goes well with a nature eye.


The other brand of lipsticks that I love is the drug-store brand Make-Up Academy.  Their lipsticks cost just £1 and come in a variety of colours.  When I first purchased these lipsticks I was originally wanting to buy Costa Chic by MAC but it was sold out.  So I thought I would try to find a similar coral colour and for a £1 I didn't think I could go wrong, and I didn't!  These are the two corals that I found...

Firstly there was the colour Juicy.  This is a more pinky coral and perfect for a daytime look.  The other colour is called Nectar and this is a slightly more brighter coral with an orangey tone to it.  So I couldn't choose between the two and for a £1 I thought 'Heck, I'll just get them both!'  I really really love these colours.  They're quite glossy and give a really nice finish.  They do last a couple of hours too so I was dead impressed with these and will definitely be purchasing a few more!


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Outfit of the Day and New Highlighted Hair!

Hey guys,

I thought I would do a two in one blog post today because I wanted to talk about my new highlighted hair but didn't think that would be very long so I've thrown in an 'outfit of the day' post as well.  Double whammy!

I'll start with my outfit as this is actually an outfit I wore on Sunday.  Sunday I went with my friend along the King's Road in Chelsea to do some shopping and then watch a movie at the cinema.  I didn't end up buying much as we didn't shop for long because we also wanted to catch up over coffee before seeing the film.  The film we saw was The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and is so so funny you have to see it!!

We did go into Zara on Duke of York Square which is my favourite Zara ever!  Zara is one of my favourite shops anyway because I think it has so many different types of clothes (and furniture now!) to suit everyone.  You've got your smart clothes, work clothes, glam going out clothes, gym clothes, laid back casual clothes etc etc.  I did see some neon yellow faded skinny jeans which I may go back and purchase.  They also had some neon vest tops which look great with a tan or just to throw on with a pair of jeans and blazer to jazz up a plain look.

Anyway, onto the outfit.  The blazer I'm wearing is from Tesco.  I actually purchased this on eBay as I was looking for one of the 'fantasy blazers' from Zara and I saw this.  I think it was only £25 or something originally and I paid £15 for it on eBay.  It was brand new.  It's a lovely bright blue and just makes such a difference to a boring outfit.  The shirt that I have is just a plain cream one from New Look.  It drapes down slightly longer at the back. This is just handy to go with any kind of look where you need a plainer top.  I also like to tuck it into floral skirts.  The jeans are from River Island.  They have that waxy kind of finish and are super skinny.  I love them because they make your legs look thinner and longer and pull everything in. They just make me feel kinda sexy when I'm wearing them haha.  And then to complete the look I wanted a more casual feel as it was just a Sunday shop and cinema trip so I went for wedged trainers.  This way I still had a bit of height. These I got from Dorothy Perkins.  I think they were £40 but I got them in the sale for £20 and they had them in beige too.

Then last night I had my hair done.  I get bored with my hair so quickly and the colour had really faded so rather than go dark again I thought I would go a little lighter and have a few highlights pulled through.  As it is summer now I just thought this was rather apt and then I will probably go darker again in winter.

I do like it but where I had a slightly red colour on before it hasn't completed washed out and so I have been left with a reddy colour with golden highlights.  I'm gonna give it a week to get used to it.  I don't hate it but it's not exactly how I wanted it.  Fortunately for me my sister is a hairdresser so I can pretty much get my hair done whenever and I only have to treat her to take-away and she's happy!

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Back to School/College/University Essentials

Hey guys,

As the new school year is fast approaching I thought I would do a post on essentials for going back to college, uni, school etc.  Or it can just be a useful guide for whoever and whatever, you don't have to be under 21!

1. Face Exfoliator -  we all want to go back with beautiful, blemish free looking skin so this is a must in helping that.  I am currently using No7 by Boots which I have found to be really good.  So good in fact I have used it all up now so must remember to re-purchase this weekend!

2.  Face Moisturiser - this is good for keeping skin hydrated, especially with the winter months coming up.  It's also quite good to get one with an SPF in it.  The one I am currently using is also by Boots and is their cucumber one which smells super fresh.

3.  Deodorant - always handy to carry in your bag if you have gym class you can top it up during the day to keep fresh.  The one I'm currently using is by Sanex and as well as keeping you dry it's kind on your skin.

4.  Body Spray - another thing to keep you smelling nice.  Impulse do lots of varieties of these and I don't think they're too pricey either.  Always good to keep one in your bag just for life in general!

5.  Hair Spray - always good to keep your hair in one place, especially when playing sports.  I always had to have my hair tied up when at school so hair spray was essential to stop it looking messy.  Even now when I have my hair up at work I like to add a little hair spray to stop any fly aways and I think it just looks really neat and put together.  At the moment I like to use the TIGI rockaholic one cos it makes me feel like a bit of a rock star, ha!  But Elnett is also a fave of mine and comes in small handbag sized bottles which I take to work.

6.  Tinted Moisturiser - when I was at school we were not allowed to wear make-up so if you feel quite self conscious of your skin then it could be a good idea to wear a tinted moisturiser or BB cream which is quite light (so you won't get caught out by teachers!) but also a bit of coverage for any acne/spots etc.

7.  Blusher - it's nice to have a bit of colour to your cheeks to give you a healthy glow but without going over the top so go for a peachy tone.  I really like the Sleek ones.

8.  Eye Shadow - again I know some of you may not be allowed to wear eye shadow at school but if you're at college or uni or wherever and you are allowed then keep it simple with neutral earthy colours such as Maybelline colour tattoos.  It's also good to have little eye shadow palettes that you can chuck into your bag and top up during the day.  I really like the one by Laura Geller that has 3 different shades of beige/browns.

9.  Bronzer - this is good for keeping your summer glow when going back to school.  Just a little bit on your contour, temple, forehead and nose.

10.  Concealer - great for hiding those dark circles where we have been sitting up on the internet or texting all night!  Another good product is an under eye highlighter such as Benefit Eye Bright.

11.  Eyeliner - if you're at school still you may want to skip this as it can sometimes look to heavy and noticeable.  However, if not then you could go for a kohl liner which is my fave to put along the water line.

11.  Mascara - you'll want to go for a more natural mascara to just enhance your own lashes.  You could also try curling them first for a little extra something.  You might want to choose a waterproof mascara as it's going to last longer during the day especially if you have sports or swimming etc.

12.  Lips - I think for school it's best to just stick with a lip balm.  This will keep your lips looking glossy but moisturised at the same time.  They are always handy to just carry around in your bag and top up during the day.  I really like the little tins by Vaseline.

13.  Nail Varnish - keep it simple and go for a clear coat.  This will make your nails look super shiny and healthy!

14.  Bag - I would say the best bag for school is a back pack.  I know these are a bit geeky but they are coming back in fashion!  I recently purchased a faded denim one from Primark for about £9 and I love it.  I took it to Ibiza with me as a carry on bag and you can fit so much stuff in it so would be great for all your college books.  I also sometimes take it shopping with me because where you can put it on both shoulders it doesn't feel as heavy and you are able to carry more stuff.

15.  Folders - folders are a good way of keeping all your homework and school work organised.  I particularly like the subject organisers which are like concertina folders to seperate all your different subjects or you can put things in alphabetical order.

16.  Pencil Case - you always need a good pencil case to keep all your writing equipment in.  The zipped pouch ones are good to fit everything in.  I also used to like the tin ones because I think they are easier to find stuff in.

17.  Pencils and Pens - gotta have a good HB!  I really like the mechanical ones where you don't have to sharpen them (because I'm lazy like that!).  For pens I like just standard Papermate ball point pens or Bic if you want something cheaper that will last long.  If I wanted to write something in best then I would use a Parker ink cartridge pen but to be honest, don't you all use computers for everything now anyway?!

18.  Post-it Notes - these are handy for writing yourself little notes and reminders for assignments etc.

19.  Mini Stapler - it's always good to have one of these.  You would be surprised how much you actually use it and your classmates will thank you as well!

20.  Cereal Bars - these are a good break time snack and can easily be thrown into your bag.  I am obsessed with cereal bars and have at least one a day.  They are just so handy for when you don't have time to sit and eat breakfast or if you just get a little peckish during the day.

21.  Water - it's important to stay hydrated during the day so make sure to pack a bottle of water in your bag.  I find when I drink water during the day I have more energy and can concerntrate more.

So those are all my back to school/college/university essentials.  I hope you found this useful.  Be sure to check out my latest video where I do the 3 minute make-up challenge: and follow me on Instagram: fash_swag24 and Twitter: wonky_lauren.

Thanks xx