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Creating My Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have been around for a while now and it was something I wanted to do when I bought my flat around 10 years ago but I just never really had the space.  Now that we have a house I knew I definitely needed to do a gallery wall in one of the rooms so I decided to do this in my dressing room/guest room with P oster Store  and I have a discount code for you to get 45% off! To start with, I needed to find the prints that I wanted and I decided to try and find prints that showed my interests.  Poster Store have an amazing selection of prints with so many different interests, style, colours, themes and moods; you will definitely find something you like. Then I picked my frames and I went for different sizes and styles.  You can also find a great selection of frames on .  I went for all black frames but you could also mix it up with different colours. Once I had put the prints in the frames I laid everything out on the floor to decide where I wanted the frames