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The Ultimate Moisturising Cream

Having dry skin I'm always seeking out the best moisturisers to aid it.  I've tried and tested many over the years from all over the world in fact!  But the best one I've found seems to have been right under my nose here in a UK drugstore and that is Superdrug Naturally Radiant Cream .  I have mine in normal to dry skin. It's a really thick cream which is specific for night time use and it feels so cooling on the skin, perfect for those summer nights.  I believe they also do a daytime one and one for oily/combination skin although I haven't tried these so I can't vouch for them.  It has added SPF and smells amazing due to the fruit infusion.  I really love the Superdrug brand though and have tried their serums also. I like Superdrug because it's both affordable AND they don't test on animals which is important to me.  They are always doing offers and I think when I bought my cream it was half price.  I then recommended it to a frie

A Comfy Chic Way to Wear a Fuzzy Jumper

Okay I'm aware we are in the midst of a heat wave here in the UK BUT the weather quickly changes here and we need to be prepared.  Also, I'm so in love with all the Autumn Winter collections that are coming out in stores currently so I wanted to share my numero uno fashion piece for the winter; the fuzzy jumper. I know the fuzzy jumper can sometimes be hard to style, mainly because people think they're going to be really itchy but not these days.  Check out some of the inspiration I've added below from Pinterest and tell me which is your favourite look! I think the last one is my fave! Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Runway Beauty Looks You Can Totally Pull Off

I don't know about you but I always get so envious when I see the models on the runway with their high cheek bones and perfectly chiseled jawlines.  I always thought they must just have the best makeup artists in the industry to create these looks but actually it's more achievable than you think. With so many great products available now we can easily create that supermodel runway look at home.  Here are some of the best products I found for creating those looks. Base You want your skin to look dewy and glowy so good for a good primer like the Becca Backlight primer or the L'Oreal Lumi Magique .  Then for foundation use something like Nars Sheer Glow or Bourjois Healthy Mix . Contour If you love that contoured and highlighted look it's best to get yourself a contour kit which comes with a range of colours.  My favourite are the Anastasia Beverley Hills kit and the NYX one . Highlight Supermodels LOVE a highlight and are rarely

Outfits Of The Week: Marrakech

Eyewear - Rayban Tee - eBay Bag - Zara Pants - Primark Shoes - Peacocks Hat - Brick Lane Market Tee - New Look Skirt - ASOS Shoes - Dune Dress - Next Shoes - Peacocks Dress - H&M Shoes - Dune Eyewear - Rayban Top - River Island Pants - Next Bag - Zara Shoes - Peacocks Dress - River Island Bag - Zara Shoes - Dune Necklace - New Look Hat - Brick Lane Market Top - ASOS Skirt - New Look Bag - Zara Shoes - Dune Dress - Missguided Shoes - Dune Which one is your favourite? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

How To Style The Plaid Shirt

The plaid shirt has fast become a wardrobe staple for many.  I think this is mainly because it is such a versatile piece that you can incorporate into any outfit.  I wore the blue checkered one I have from Topshop just last night to dinner with some skinny jeans and glitter flats. I think a plaid shirt also looks good with white jeans, a skirt or undone over a dress. There are just so many options!  Here are some great plaid shirt outfit inspo I found on Pinterest . Which is your favourite way to wear a plaid shirt? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

My Current Candle Collection

I was never really one for lighting candles which I know isn't very blogger of me but I just wasn't fussed by them.  I think I was also scared that I would knock it over or forget to blow it out after use.  So I just had them around the house but never lit them lol.  Is that weird? Anyway, after I spent a month in America (posts here and here ) and came back in January I discovered that my boiler was no longer working.  It was 10 years old so it had had it's day.  Anyway, I had to wait a long and very cold 3 weeks before I could get it fixed and during this time decided, during a desperate attempt to keep warm, to light some candles. The candles didn't really keep me much warmer but they did help take my mind off the cold haha.  And that's when I really got into them.  Then I went to a candle party by Party Lite and learnt so much about different candles.  The candles they sell there are much better for you as they don't let off any toxic fumes

Marrakech, Morocco: Photo Diary

Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

It's Been Six Months But Who's Counting?

I want to get personal today and I want to be real.  I want to leave the fashion and makeup to one side for a minute and bare my soul a little. In the last six months I have stopped living alone and gotten myself a flat mate, lost 12 lbs, gained 10 lbs, endured the worst break up of my entire life, visited six different cities in four different countries, healed my past, forgave my father, became vegan, found my faith, discovered my calling, began to like myself, and still managed to get some shopping in. ;) Needless to say, I have A LOT to fill you in on. I am told that this "time" of my life, which I have been referring to as "rock bottom" ha, is not only necessary for personal growth, but also a HUGE blessing. Hmmm... Ok so I am still trying to sort out this "single" thing. It's pretty obvious that when you don't have a boyfriend to lay in bed and do nothing with, you go out. I'm trying to get on board with this, but without fai

Sunday Best

In England, as I'm sure is the same in other countries, we have what is called 'Sunday Best'.  This originally derived from going to church on a Sunday wearing your best clothes, a tradition that a lot of people still do. Another tradition in the UK is to go out for Sunday dinner for a roast or gather with family and friends to host a roast dinner at someone's house.  I often go to my grandparents for this and it's one of my favourite things to do out of the whole week. I mean honestly, I don't really need an excuse to dress up but I'll take it anyway and so Sunday becomes the day we don our best clothes whether it be for church, dinner or other plans. There seems to be quite a clear difference, however, between your usual dress up (on a Saturday night say) to the Sunday Best.  Probably because it derived from the church tradition people like to be quite smart and classic on a Sunday so for me this would mean a cute dress or skirt or maybe some

Outfits Of The Week

Eyewear - Celine Shirt - ASOS Shorts - New Look 1 - Dress - F&F, Shoes - Primark 2 - Dress - Millie Mackintosh, ASOS Hat - Peacocks Dress - Forever21 Shoes - Next Camera - Nikon D3300 Tee - eBay Dunagrees - New Look Shoes - Chanel Eyewear - H&M Dress - Motel Rocks Boots - Miss Selfridge Which is your favourite? Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

This Season's Staple: The Black Heel

ASOS New Look Shoeaholics Lauren xx Instagram | Twitter | YouTube