Sunday Best

In England, as I'm sure is the same in other countries, we have what is called 'Sunday Best'.  This originally derived from going to church on a Sunday wearing your best clothes, a tradition that a lot of people still do.

Another tradition in the UK is to go out for Sunday dinner for a roast or gather with family and friends to host a roast dinner at someone's house.  I often go to my grandparents for this and it's one of my favourite things to do out of the whole week.

I mean honestly, I don't really need an excuse to dress up but I'll take it anyway and so Sunday becomes the day we don our best clothes whether it be for church, dinner or other plans.

There seems to be quite a clear difference, however, between your usual dress up (on a Saturday night say) to the Sunday Best.  Probably because it derived from the church tradition people like to be quite smart and classic on a Sunday so for me this would mean a cute dress or skirt or maybe some smart trousers and shirt.  I tend to stay away from jeans and Converse on this day.

Here are some examples of what to wear for Sunday Best..

Do you do Sunday Best?

Lauren xx

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