Fave Colours Together

When I was younger (okay, actually not that long ago) and people would ask me "what's your favourite colour?"  I would reply "green is my favourite colour but red is my favourite colour to wear".  Because apparently I'm high maintenance like that.

Nowadays my favourite colour to wear still remains red but there are of course other colours I love to wear too such as navy (see my navy post here), black because who doesn't and most recently I'm become obsessed with white.

The great thing is though is that I can pair all of these colours together and make some really great classic outfits which is something I always want to achieve when putting outfits together.  Here are some of my favourite ones using my favourite colours.

What are your favourite colours to wear together?

Lauren xx

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What I Ate Today


Chocolate protein smoothie - 1 frozen banana, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 spoonful of peanut butter, 1 spoonful of cacao powder


Pasta with tinned tomatoes and prawns - recipe from Lean in 15


Brown rice, tomatoes, black beans and yellow bell peppers - recipe from Popsugar


Chocolate caramel doughnut

I'm thinking about going vegan fully.  I tried it before a few years ago but there weren't really all the ingredients as readily available as they are now and I feel like there's a lot more options when you eat out too.  But then I'm like pizza.  Haha.  My diet is about 80% plant based anyway, can I just be 80%?!

What do you think about being vegan?

Lauren xx 

In The Navy

Navy is a colour I've always loved to wear.  I remember my mother wearing a lot of navy whilst I was growing up and how she loved to dress me and my sister in it also.  I think navy is a really classy colour to wear and is a great alternative to black.  They say you shouldn't wear navy and black but I ignore that rule as I don't believe there should be any rules when it comes to fashion.

The classic navy look is when paired with white although you have to be careful with this pairing as it can come off a little too sailoresq.  A lot of people think that only black and white are basic colours that go with everything but I disagree.  Navy is definitely a basic colour too that can be adapted to any outfit.

My mum recently bought me this beautiful navy shirt from Banana Republic on her trip to New York last month and I just love it.  I tucked it into a black skater skirt (see, ignoring the rule) and wore it to work and then onto a bar later that evening.  I think it looked super cute, especially with the silver jazz shoes for a little pop of something standout.

I've picked out some of my favourite navy pieces below...


1 - Banana Republic
2&3 - New Look

Are you crazy about navy?

Lauren xx

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Flared Pants Obsession

I have a new addiction and they're called flared trousers.  I remember back when I was at college and my friends and I would wear them all the time in denim or corduroy.  Then all of sudden skinny jeans came out and it was totally uncool to wear anything loose and that was the end of that.  But as with everything in fashion it comes back around and the flared trousers were no exception.

What I love about flared pants is their ability to instantly make you look taller and slimmer.  They have such a flattering cut about them that will suit any body shape, something that can be hard to find in clothing especially denim.  So yay for the flares making a comeback, here are my faves out there at the moment.


How do you feel about the flared trouser trend?

Lauren xx 

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Outfits Of The Week

L - shirt - Zara, skirt - Next, shoes - Ibiza market
R - Jumper - New Look
Jumper - New Look
Skirt - Topshop

L: Shirt - Banana Republic, Skirt - Dorothy Perkins, Shoes - Next
R: Top - Next, Trousers - French Connection

Dress - ASOS
Shoes - Topshop

Sunglasses - Rayban
Top and shorts - ASOS
Shoes - New Look
Which is your favourite look?

Lauren xx

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Champagne Lifestyle, Lemonade Budget

I can only really speak for myself here but I find I'm often longing for that champagne lifestyle; you know, the designer handbags, fast sports cars, luxury 5* holidays and a walk-in wardrobe.  Except my budget only stretches enough for lemonade.  A girl can dream right?  Okay so it's not that bad, you can put the violins away.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with shopping at the high street, driving around in a Ford Fiesta and taking one holiday a year to Spain but with the way society is these days with our obsession with social media and celebrities plastered over the pages of every glossy magazine, it's no wonder we lust over how the other half live.

It can be achieved though.  Dream big and work hard.  There is honestly no substitution for hard work.  I never did that well at school and didn't know what I wanted to do when I finished but with hard work I'm now training to be a lawyer in the city.  I have a few designer bags, a nice Audi TT and have already been away 3 times this year with another 2 trips booked.

I wrote more about how to be successful in this post but if that's not for you then here are some money saving ways to still have a little taste of that lifestyle.

When it comes to shopping for designer goods, wait for the sales.  I still do that now and is how I bought a couple of my Mulberry bags.  Things will always go on sale eventually and you'll be glad you waited.  One of the best sales of the year is Black Friday which happens at the end of November, I always pick up some great designer bargains then.

If you're looking to get a nice car try to save as much money as you can for a down payment.  Then have a look at second hand cars and barter with the salesman.

If I have a holiday destination in mind then I try to book at least 5-6 months in advance as I find I get the best deals then.  Last year I paid £400 for flights from London to Florida with Virgin.  I also like looking out for last minute deals if I'm not too fussed and fancy a spur of the moment get away.  I bought a return ticket to Germany for £20 last minute.

As for the walk-in wardrobe, I can't help you there.  I don't have one of those but I like having a good clear out of my things every 6 months anyway so I'm not sure I would ever accumulate that many clothes.

Do you have any tips or tricks for living a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget?

Lauren xx 

My Favourite Cocktail Recipes

Summer is coming which always gets me in the mood for sitting outside in the sun with a cooling drink in hand (God, I'm so bloody British!).  To be honest, I'm not much of a drinker but I am partial to the odd cocktail or two ;)  Last week in fact I had some really good cocktails at a place called Turtle Bay in Brixton.  It's a Caribbean style restaurant/bar so all the cocktails are rum based which I'm not mad at.

Over the years I've worked my way through quite a few cocktail menus and like to think of myself as a bit of a cocktail conisseur now, always helping my friends to pick ones to their taste or explaining what goes into it.  Here are my faves...


Peach puree

Rock Star


Porn Star

Vanilla syrup

Long Island

Triple sec

Apple Jack

Apple juice

Virgin Mojito


What's your favourite cocktail?  I'm always up for trying new ones!

Lauren xx

Beauty Favourites

It seems like a minute since I did a beauty post so I thought the best way to bring it back was to share some of my favourite beauty items at the moment.

I know everyone was raving about this last year and I am a bit slow but I had so many concealers I just couldn't warrant buying another.  Anyway, I finally cracked and can see what all the fuss is about.  It's such a lovely consistancy which is something I always look for in a concealer.  The colour match is great too.  I have light neutral and it's a great comparison for my Mac prolong wear concealer in NW20 which is my all time fave.

I like to think I'm not too late to the party on this one.  I have to admit ABH is my current favourite brand and I have quite a few products from her now.  I'm always a bit dubious about buying products from people that firstly specialise in one thing.  With Anastasia it was always the brows but these glow kits are gorgeous.  They can create a subtle highlight or a #HighlightOnFleek highlight with some fix+.

Don't worry, I haven't just discovered these but I have a few in my collection now and my recent purchase was the colour Copenhagen which is a beautiful deep plum colour.  What I love most about these lip products, however, is the formula.  So creamy and buttery, just as the name suggests.  I can't wait to buy some more when I visit the US in September as they seem to rip us off a bit in the UK.

There's been so much hype over BareMinerals lately and they totally deserve it.  I feel like they never got the attention they needed before because they're products are so good for the skin unlike a lot of brands that throw in a load of chemicals, BareMinerals markets themselves as being skin friendly with no nasty ingrediants.  I picked up the BB cream as I wanted something light for summer.  It has an SPF30 in it, keeps you oil free but not too matte for my dry skin and has a great buildable coverage.

This has been a cult product forever but I was never too fussed about it.  Then I hit pan on my trusty Urban Decay Deslick powder (review here) and wanted to try something new.  As I have dry skin I don't like anything too powdery that's going to sit in my fine lines (yep, I have those!) or that is going to dry me out too much.  I wanted something that made my skin glow but kept me from getting oily (jeez, I'm high maintenance).  However, this little compact does just that.  I have mine in medium.

What beauty products are you currently loving?

Lauren xx 

Party Planning: Celebrating Milestone Birthdays

Last week one of my best friends turned 30.  Last year one of my other best friends turned 30 and later this year I will be joining them in the big 3-oh club.  30 is obviously a milestone birthday, despite my dad keep teasing me that it's not just because he wants to get out of buying me a big present haha, no chance!

So you want to do something big and memorable to mark the occasion.  Here are a few ideas I've come up with inspired by my friend's celebrations and celebrations I am planning for my own.


This can be at a fancy restaurant, your favourite restaurant or maybe inviting some guests round and you to cook a nice meal.  Having a dinner to celebrate your birthday is such a classic crowd pleasing way to go.  I think this is something I will probably do with my friends and family.


Vacations and little getaways are a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday.  For my friend's recent 30th we went to Warsaw in Poland (post here) and it was great.  We had lovely food, lovely weather, dancing, shots and good times with good people!


My friend that celebrated her 30th last year booked a table in a club in London.  There was lots of champagne and cocktails and they made a great fuss over my friend which was lovely.  We danced the night away but still had somewhere to sit and chill when we needed (getting old now haha).


You can throw a party at home or in a hall.  I did something similar for my 21st and hired a function room at my local gym.  We had a DJ, a buffet table, a bar and a dance floor.  It's great if you have a lot of people to invite.

How do you celebrate a milestone birthday?  I need some more ideas before mine!

Lauren xx

Little Suede Mini

Something that I've always loved about fashion and something that I learnt at an early age is that a style will always make a comeback at some point.  Take the little suede mini for example, it was big in the 60s and now it has come right back around in the teens (is that what we're calling it??)  I bought a fab one from Forever21, a store that I've loved for a long time (you can see all the love I have for it here!)

I then got this amazing patchwork one from Zara for Christmas which I took to Florida with me.  It's perfect for daytime or evening really but I wore it to a gig in Orlando with a long sleeve black top and black studded ankle boots for more of a rock chick vibe!

The suede trend in generally just seems to be getting bigger and bigger and will be around for a while yet.  Here are some of my favourite suede minis out there at the moment.



Are you a fan of the little suede mini?

Lauren xx 

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Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a very small Greek island on the Aegean sea and it is hands down the most beautiful place I have ever visited.  EVER!!  Before that it was Croatia (photos here). I knew it was going to be amazing because I'd heard so many good things about it but seeing it for yourself in all it's glory was just breathtaking.  I can totally understand why people come back again and again.

It's quite a mountainous place and there were lots of people hiking (myself included). Then once you get to the top you can see the whole of the island and the views are just out of this world.  You take a photo and it looks like a postcard.  Even the most amateur of photographers couldn't make this place look bad.

It was just blue and white as far as the eye can see which kind of makes sense since the Greek flag is blue and white.  We stayed in the area of Imerovigli in a hotel called Meli Meli (which means honey honey in Greek) and I would highly recommend this place.  It was so good for the price and the staff were super helpful.

As the island is small it has a lot of little boutique hotels and our hotel Meli Meli only consisted of 6 rooms which I loved because it meant that most days we had the pool to ourselves!  Our room was in fact situated pool side and we had a little table and chairs outside to eat on.  The room included breakfast which was served to our room each morning at a time of our choice.

The breakfast included warm pastries, coffee and fresh juice.  Perfect.  I was actually out here for my best friend's wedding and it was the perfect location for it.  So romantic, peaceful and tranquil.  The venue was at Le Ciel and the ceremony overlooked the sea. My friend had the best day as did all the guests.

One evening we visited a restaurant close by called Avocado which I had heard was the number one restaurant in the area and now I know why.  It was such a cute little place and served traditional Greek food which I LOVE!  I had the falafel and my sister went for the moussaka.  Both were delicious.

On the last day of our trip we visited Oia which was my favourite part of the island and really showed the true beauty of Santorini.  From a distance it looked like a little toy town, just unreal.  There were a lot more restaurants here to eat and especially seafood places.  There's so much to see and do and photograph.

I would highly recommend Santorini to anyone looking for a chilled out break with amazing scenery.  Oh and don't even get me started on the sunsets...

Lauren xx

Outfits Of The Week

Eyewear - HM
Top - New Look
Jeans - Zara
Jacket - Next
Dress - Princess Polly
Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Stella McCartney

Dungarees - New Look
Tee - FCUK

Top - Ruby Sky London
Jeans - Tesco
Trainers - Converse

Dress - ASOS

Hat - Next
Top - ASOS
Shorts - New Look

Cardigan - Banana Republic
Tee - ASOS
Skirt - HM
Scarf - Primark
Which one is your favourite?

Lauren xx

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