In The Navy

Navy is a colour I've always loved to wear.  I remember my mother wearing a lot of navy whilst I was growing up and how she loved to dress me and my sister in it also.  I think navy is a really classy colour to wear and is a great alternative to black.  They say you shouldn't wear navy and black but I ignore that rule as I don't believe there should be any rules when it comes to fashion.

The classic navy look is when paired with white although you have to be careful with this pairing as it can come off a little too sailoresq.  A lot of people think that only black and white are basic colours that go with everything but I disagree.  Navy is definitely a basic colour too that can be adapted to any outfit.

My mum recently bought me this beautiful navy shirt from Banana Republic on her trip to New York last month and I just love it.  I tucked it into a black skater skirt (see, ignoring the rule) and wore it to work and then onto a bar later that evening.  I think it looked super cute, especially with the silver jazz shoes for a little pop of something standout.

I've picked out some of my favourite navy pieces below...


1 - Banana Republic
2&3 - New Look

Are you crazy about navy?

Lauren xx

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