Beauty Products I Need In My Life

I've had my eye on a few beauty products lately and I'm just wishing payday would hurry up so I can go shopping!

The first thing I've been looking at is the 32mm curling wand by Remington ( and they're actually doing it half price at Boots at the moment so I think that's even more reason to purchase!  Since I've had my hair extensions put back in I think the size of this wand would give a really good curl to my hair.  I already have the conical wand by Remington and sometimes the curls are bit on the small/tight size whereas I prefer bigger/looser curls.

The next thing on my list is the Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fiber Set (  I absolutely LOVE Real Techniques' brushes and already have the expert face brush and core collection.  They just make applying your make-up so much easier and give such a nice finish.  Samantha Chapman, I take my hat off to you!

Next up is the Sleek I Divine Eye Shadow palette in Au Naturel (  I love my Naked palette by Urban Decay but I sometimes find it hasn't got enough matte colours in it so I found this palette with very similar colours and a lot of them are matte.  Also, it's a fraction of the price so definitely worth it!

Then, a rather ramdon one, but I've wanted to get my teeth whitened for ages but I don't really want to spend masses of money, especially if I'm not sure it will work or how long it will last for so I saw this kit on Wowcher ( and think I might give it a go.  We'll see, it could go horribly wrong but I will be sure to review it if I do make a purchase!

The last thing I've been looking at is the MAC Holiday Collection Noctural Pigments (  I've wanted a MAC pigment for ages and have never got around to choosing which one because I just like them all!  This set comes with 5 and for £25.50 I don't think that's a bad price.

Well those are the main things I've been looking at.  Obviously there is a long list of things that I want but I won't bore you with everything!

I hope you enjoy this post and check out my other social sites.

Lauren xx


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