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Beige isn't just a boring colour reserved for the over 50s.  Beige is making a big come back for 2018, it mixes well with patterns and is also the colour of choice for all the girl bosses out there. Here are some of my favourite beige looks I've been wearing recently: Dress - Pretty Little Thing Bag - Stella McCartney Shoes - Pull & Bear Sunnies - Raybay Bag - Zara Pants - Primark Sandals - Peacocks Jumper - New Look Skirt - Topshop Which look is your fave? Lauren xx Follow me here @wonky_lauren

Street Style Spring Looks

"Florals for Spring.. groundbreaking!" Here are some of my favourite spring looks: Top - Zara Denim Pinafore - ASOS Boots - Shopaholic Bag - Aspinal of London Jacket - Pull & Bear Skirt - New Look Bag - Mulberry Trainers - HM Jacket - New Look Dress - Pretty Little Thing Shoes - ASOS Which is your favourite look? Lauren xx Follow me here @wonky_lauren

1 Pot Recipe: Vegan Thai Green Curry

Tonight I decided to make a thai green curry because it's my boyfriend's favourite and I was hoping if I made it he wouldn't go out tonight haha but it didn't work and he still went out!  Oh well.  It was really good and I'm going to share the recipe which I adapted from this one by Deliciously Ella . Ingrediants Coconut oil 2 garlic gloves 1 onion Thai green curry sauce 750g Baby corn 1 Courgette 1 tablespoon of tamari 1 teaspoon of maple syrup Jasmine thai rice 1 red chilli (optional) First you add the coconut oil to a pan and put in the garlic and onion.  After about 5 minutes you can add the sauce and the veggies along with the tamari and maple syrup.  Then you want to leave it to simmer for about 15-20 minutes. Whilst that is cooking you can cook the rice.  I bought microwave rice so it only took 2 minutes to heat up.  Once everything is cooked and plated you can add the chilli.  I didn't add it to mine as I'm a wimp bu

Navy and Camel

The weather in London has been crazy lately.  For example, today it is mid March so it should be spring right? Except currently it is -1 degrees celsius and snowing.  WTF.  So that said, I'm running out of outfit options.  I'm so bored of wearing jumpers now but at the same time it's too cold to bring out the logo tees and floral blouses just yet so I do what I always do when the weather is in between stages.  I mix and match. Jumpers with skirts or roll necks layered with vests.  My favourite colours to wear with looks like this are navy and camel because they are good neutral colours that are just wearable for any season.  Here are some of my favourites: How are you dressing for the weather? Lauren xx Follow me here @wonky_lauren

Bergen, Norway

Last week we decided to escape the snow in London for, well, even more snow in Norway!  At the beginning of the year, as most people do, we wanted to book a holiday to look forward to and we wanted to go somewhere different we hadn't been to and Norway was definitely different.  I've never been to Scandinavia but I am OBSESSED with their interior and decor. We kind of toyed between Iceland and Norway but I was really keen for Norway.  I probably would have gone for Oslo as that seemed the most popular place and obviously the capital city but my boyfriend did his research and said that Bergen seemed a lot cooler because it was on the coast and we could see the Fjords and it was really beautiful etc. And boy was it beautiful.  It was sooo pretty.  We climbed a lot of the mountains.  Okay that's a lie, we got cable cars up the mountains and the view was just incredible.  We also did a 3hour tour around the Fjords and that literally took my breath away.  So

Highlights from February

Mexican food at Wahaca - they have a seperate vegan menu Walking around Snowdonia, North Wales Cocktails at Roof East New year's resolutions Mushroom, tofu and spinach stir fry You can see more photos here @wonky_lauren xx