Bergen, Norway

Last week we decided to escape the snow in London for, well, even more snow in Norway!  At the beginning of the year, as most people do, we wanted to book a holiday to look forward to and we wanted to go somewhere different we hadn't been to and Norway was definitely different.  I've never been to Scandinavia but I am OBSESSED with their interior and decor.

We kind of toyed between Iceland and Norway but I was really keen for Norway.  I probably would have gone for Oslo as that seemed the most popular place and obviously the capital city but my boyfriend did his research and said that Bergen seemed a lot cooler because it was on the coast and we could see the Fjords and it was really beautiful etc.

And boy was it beautiful.  It was sooo pretty.  We climbed a lot of the mountains.  Okay that's a lie, we got cable cars up the mountains and the view was just incredible.  We also did a 3hour tour around the Fjords and that literally took my breath away.  So cold but so worth it.

In terms of the food it wasn't the best place for vegans because Bergen is very well known for it's fish markets and seafood which neither of us eat.. haha.  But using my trusty Happy Cow app I found some really nice vegan restaurants including Naomi which is a Ethiopian place and Dwell which is pretty much all vegan.

Have you ever been to Norway or Scandinavia?  Where should I visit next??

Lauren xx

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