Shop My Stash

I came across the term 'shop my stash' a few months ago but had no idea what it meant. It's basically where you go through all your old makeup and 'shop' for products you'd forgotten about and want to use again.  I thought this was a great concept and would definitely save me money for all these travels I have planned this year!

Here's what I shopped and fell back in love with.

This foundation got really hyped up about a year ago and I used it all the time especially during the summer months as it doesn't get oily but at the same time is not too matte for my dry skin.  What I love most about this foundation is that although they don't have a great shade range, the colours just look beautiful on the skin.  They are more yellow and olive toned.

I know this is a cult fave and it's obvious why.  It's provides such good coverage which is really what we all want from a concealer.  It doesn't crease as long as you set it and they have a brilliant shade range available.  I always like my concealers to be high coverage and my foundations low to medium.

I picked this up a couple of years ago as my friend had it and it was just so beautiful and natural looking.  I love wearing it on holiday as an all over bronze rather than foundation.  Although it's pretty pricey it lasts for ages.  I bought mine about 2 years ago and it's still going strong!

I remember buying this because I was told it was a dupe for Nars orgasm.  It's a gorgeous shimmery pink which doesn't sound like something I would normally go for but it's so subtle I like wearing it on days when I go what to do the whole blush and highlight routine.

I've only had this mascara about 4-5 months but I never keep them more than 6 so that's long for me.  This has been majorly hyped up in the beauty world as one of the best drugstore mascaras.  I do think Maybelline does the best drugstore mascaras though.  At first I didn't like it as I found it too clumpy for my thin lashes but after a few uses that seemed to die down and I use it pretty much everyday.

The name of this always make me laugh, maybe because I can be a bit of a snob myself sometimes.  It's a real pale pink colour and looks gorgeous with a gloss over top.

Have you ever shopped your stash?

Lauren xx

Why You Need Ankle Boots In Your Wardrobe

If I could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life (God forbid!) it would have to be ankle boots.  They are the most comfortable things to wear on your feet, they go with everything and you can wear them in any kind of weather.

I have so many pairs of ankle boots it's ridiculous but I find even the ones with a heel or wedge are super easy and comfortable for running around in.  I like to wear them for casual events with skinny jeans or to tone down a dressy outfit.

They just seem to work in any way you style them so you can't go wrong.  Most of mine are black; either plain or with a slight pattern.  I also have red ones and recently got some cool leopard print ones from H&M.

Here are some of my favourites that I have my eye on at the minute.


Kurt Geiger

Do you love ankle boots as much as me?!

Lauren xx

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Beauty Favourites

I'm really getting into these favourites' posts lately!  You can see my general favourites post here.


I bought two primers recently.  Okay, one of them's not a primer but it's the one everyone has been raving about using as a primer; the Nivea for Men post shave balm.  I've only used it once but I noticed my skin broke up afterwards but I will give it another go.  The one I really love, however, is the L'oreal Lumi primer.  Why have I only just picked this up?!


I've fallen back in love with my EX1 foundation which I reviewed here.  It's so good and I'm wondering whether to purchase another as mine is nearly out.  I'm in the shade F200.


Mac prolong wear concealer still remains my ultimate fave although I'm recently loving the Rimmel wake me up concealer as a good drugstore alternative.  I really want to try the Urban Decay weightless concealer everyone is raving about to see if it beats my Mac one.


A few months ago I discovered the brand Makeup Revolution whilst perusing the aisles of my local Superdrug.  I picked up their contour palette and it's SO GOOD.  It has 3 contour shades, two highlighters, one yellow and one pink setting powder and then a very iridescent highlighter that I use to set all over to give a slight glow.


I picked up the NYC sunny bronzer whilst in the US (see my US drugstore haul here) and it's fab.  So subtle but with build able colour and great for contouring too.  AND it was like 3 bucks!


This is so hard because I have so many!  I really like Gingerly by MAC and also Luminoso by Milani which I know is a cult fave.


I also bought the Self Made palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills whilst I was in the US and it's so beautiful.  It has such a good aray of colours and ABH is one of my favourite brands.


I'm currently using Maybelline lash sensation and I really like it for thickening my lashes as although they're quite long they're also quite thin.  I really want to try the new L'oreal one next though.

Lip Product

I've bought so many liquid lipsticks lately and I love all of them!  I'd say the MUA one of my fave because the formula is so good for the price.

What are your favourite beauty products lately?  Please share!

Lauren xx

London. Oh London.

London is my home and always will be.  I was born and raised here and when the time comes I would like my own children to be born and raised here.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to travel and would even love to live somewhere outside the UK one day (see my bucket list here) but I would only ever settle in London.

If you've never visited London, WHY THE HELL NOT?!  Just kidding.  It can be a pretty expensive city but there are definitely ways of doing things cheaply if you know how.  Here are some things I recommend you try if you ever find yourself in the capital.

Where to Eat

You have to go to a greasy spoon and try a full English fry up.  You seriously can't beat them, especially after a heavy night!

Stop by a pie and mash shop but make sure you order it with liquor (no it's not alcoholic).  It looks a bit yucky but trust me it's good.

If you're looking for something a bit more fancy or 'posh' as we like to say then my all time favourite restaurant is Sketch in Mayfair.  Make sure you check out the bathrooms!

What to See

Greenwich Park is always a lovely day out.  It's more Southeast London and you can take the train there from most central stations.  It's a huge park and home to the Queen's summer house.

If you like your bridges, we have plenty!  If you walk over Westminster Bridge you can see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey where Will and Kate got married.

Most of our museums are also free and home to some of the best art work #JustSaying

Getting Around

Get yourself an Oyster and pay as you go.  You can top it up online or at various stations and newsagents around London.  It will also have a daily limit so you don't spend loads when you've traveled on lots of different trains or buses.

We have so many trains and buses you will never have to wait long to get anywhere.  Tubes are great also and very easy to use once you know how but there is a free app you can download.

Where to Stay

To be honest you really can stay anywhere because our public transport is that good you can get around easily.  Also, London is quite spread out so there's no one place that you can see everything, you will have to be prepared to travel.

Hope this helps!  You can see my other London guide here.

Lauren xx

Winter Favourites

I already did a favourites posts here with just general things I've been loving recently but this is more of a specific one for winter because generally my tastes change every season!

Favourite thing about winter

I actually like it when the weather cools off and you have long dark evenings you can spend by the fire, snuggled up on the sofa watching good telly with good food!

Favourite winter outfit

A mini skirt with thick black tights, long boots, a chunky knit and a blanket scarf.

Favourite winter food

Lentil soup.

Favourite winter drink

Caramel hot chocolate.

Favourite way to spend a winter's day

Wrapping up and going for a walk around the park or just having a duvet day.

Favourite makeup

Bold red lip or brown smokey eye.

What reminds you of winter

Darker evenings and that chill in the air.

Favourite winter song

Hmm, can it be a Christmas song?  I do love Fairytale of New York.

Favourite winter memory

Christmases as a child with my family all together.

Favourite winter scent

My chocolate orange candle by Party Lite.

What are your favourite things about winter?

Lauren xx

Outfits Of The Week

Jacket and jeans - Primark
Top - Next Kids
Shoes - Chanel

Top - H&M
Bag - YSL
Skirt and coat - Missguided
Boots - New Look

Dress and skirt - French Connection
Black jumper - M&S
Boots - ASOS

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Next
Jumper - eBay
Leggings - Missguided
Trainers - Nike

Tee - H&M

Which one is your favourite?

Lauren xx

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Red Hot

I've found that I've posted a lot of black and neutral looks on my blog lately and although these are definitely my go-to colours of late my favourite colour to wear still remains to be red and to be honest always has been.

Here are some of my favourite ways to wear red and some of my favourite red pieces around at the moment.

Super warm and super stylish cardigan from Missguided and boots from Miss Selfridge

As you can see, I love a hat.  This one is from Peacocks.

New favourite boots my mum bought me for Christmas from New Look.



New Look
Do you like wearing red?

Lauren xx

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I'm not one to do a regular weekly or even monthly favourites post.  I could never keep up with them and sometimes things just don't change all that much for me but there's been quite a few things I've been loving lately that I wanted to share.

Favourite Place: Cafe Rouge

I visited this chain restaurant yesterday for Mother's Day and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  It's a French cuisine so I wondered whether my fussy palette would like it but I did!  I had baked camembert to start and fishcakes for main.

Favourite Person:  Millie Mackintosh

Anyone that knows me knows that I've always had a bit of a girl crush on Millie Mac.  However, lately she's been through a bit of a rough time which I can totally relate to but she seems to be handling it so well and I take my hat off to her.

Favourite Exercise:  PiYo

I started taking these classes about six months ago now and I can't get enough.  You can read my full review here.

Favourite Song:  Ibiza by Mike Posner

When they first played this on Radio 1 I wasn't so sure and it had a bit of bad feedback but the more I hear it the more I like it.  It's really grown on me and Ibiza being one of my favourite places it brings back a lot of memories.  You can see my Ibiza vlogs here.

Favourite App:  Plant Nanny

I recently downloaded this because I heard it was good and wanted to start drinking more water.  So far it's working well and I've definitely been drinking more.  I love it and it's so cute too!

Favourite Recipe:  Vegan Curry

I made this the other night and it was so yummy.  I really should make curry more often.  I had it with mushrooms and tofu.

Favourite Clothing:  Wrap Top from Missguided

I bought these wrap tops from Missguided a while back and loved them so much I bought black and white.  They go with everything and I actually have the white one on today with smart trousers for work.

Favourite Quote:

"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."

Favourite Hairstyle:  Braids

I know everyone on Instagram is wearing these at the moment but they're so cute and what I love most is they are tidy (for work), keep hair out of your face (for gym) and you can still wear them on 3rd/4th day hair without it looking greasy!

Favourite Makeup:  L'oreal Lumi Primer

I'm probably a bit late with this as I thought it would just be a gimmick but I've started wearing it and gotten so many compliments about my face looking glowy and radiant.  I couldn't believe it!  This stuff is soooooooo good.

What have you been loving lately?

Lauren xx

Q&A: Get To Know Me

I've been writing this blog for over two years now so I thought it was time I shared a bit about myself!  I found some tag questions so I've answered them below.  Anything else you want to know, please ask!

1. Are you named after anyone?
As far as I'm aware, no.

2. When was the last time you cried?
Two days ago.  I was reading a sad novel called The Runaway Family by Diney Costeloe.

3. Do you have kids?


4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

I think I've asked myself this before, I'm not sure actually!  I can be a bit weird.. and annoying haha.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Yep and always at the most inappropriate times.

6. WIll you ever bungee-jump?

I'd love to but I'm afraid of heights!

7. What is your favorite cereal?

It used to be Special K until my filling fell out whilst eating it.  I loved Frosties as a kid but I don't eat much cereal now.

8. What is the first thing you notice about people?

Their clothes.

9. What is your eye colour?


10. Scary movie or happy endings?

Scary movie!

11. Favorite smell?

Bakeries, haha.  Always comes back to food!

12. Summer or winter?


13. Computer or television?


14. What is the furthest you have ever been from home?

Home is London and the furthest I've traveled is to Sydney in Australia which is almost the furthest point from London.  (FYI: New Zealand is the furthest point from London which is next to Sydney.)

15. Do you have any special talents?

I'm not a bad singer.  At least I used to be.  I played Annie when I was 11 in the West End show at the London Palladium.

16. Where were you born?


17. What are your hobbies?

Working out, reading, seeing friends, watching YouTube, blogging.

18. Do you have any pets?

I have one rabbit called Panda.

19. Favorite movie?

Titanic.  I'm kinda fascinated with history.

20. Do you have any siblings?

I have a younger sister called Lacey.

21. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well I'm in my 20s now so I should probably have this sorted haha.  I'm a trainee lawyer hoping to qualify next year so I guess I'll just do that!

So how about you?  Tell me about yourself.

Lauren xx

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Darker Days

During the winter months when it's cold and the nights draw long we generally find ourselves reaching for darker shades.  I've put together below my favourite dark outfits along with pieces from around the net at the moment or for those of you that just a love a bit of all black everrryyythinggg any day of the year!

Top - Forever21
Leggings - Zara

Skirt - Zara
Boots - ASOS

Dress - Missguided
Shoes - Tesco
New Look

What colours do you reach for during darker days?

Lauren xx

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How To Have A Holiday At Home (Staycation)

It's March.  You're totally over the cold weather now and desperately in need of a break except you're still skint from Christmas.  So what are you supposed to do?!  Have a Staycation that's what!  You could take a whole week off work or you could do it over a weekend if you're tight on holiday.  Here are some little ideas of what you can do on your Holiday At Home.


This might seem like a chore to some people but I know others love getting creative and sometimes it's those little job you don't have time to do over a weekend so why not take a week off and tackle a little bit each day.  You'll be amazed at how much you've done by the end of the week!

Stay In Bed

Yep, stay in bed the whole weekend or entire week if you want!  Get some good reading material, your laptop, Netflix and snacks and just relax.  Make sure you make the bed nice and cosy.  This is especially a great idea during the winter months.


Relax in the bath, try out all your favourite products and have a mini spa day/weekend.  You can see more of my ways to relax tips here.


If you're lucky enough to have a garden and nice weather then have a little BBQ and eat outside, there's nothing quite like it.  Oh and don't forget a nice refreshing drink to wash it down, preferably alcoholic ;)


Buy flowers or pick them from the garden and make a nice arrangement indoor.  Or plant some new ones for the summer.  Spring is nearly here after all!

Have a Picnic

This is probably my favourite one to do and you don't even need a garden, you can just go to your local park and feed the leftovers to the ducks :)

Cocktail Class

Have your own cocktail class at home and experiment with recipes you've always wanted to try.  This is great for indoors or outdoors and especially sharing with friends!

Game Night

Get all your favourite board games or computer games out and get your game face on.

Camp Fire

Have a camp fire in your garden, invite friends over and make smores.  You can still do this in the winter because the fire will keep you warm or just grab a few blankets :)

Would you take a staycation?

Lauren xx