How To Have A Holiday At Home (Staycation)

It's March.  You're totally over the cold weather now and desperately in need of a break except you're still skint from Christmas.  So what are you supposed to do?!  Have a Staycation that's what!  You could take a whole week off work or you could do it over a weekend if you're tight on holiday.  Here are some little ideas of what you can do on your Holiday At Home.


This might seem like a chore to some people but I know others love getting creative and sometimes it's those little job you don't have time to do over a weekend so why not take a week off and tackle a little bit each day.  You'll be amazed at how much you've done by the end of the week!

Stay In Bed

Yep, stay in bed the whole weekend or entire week if you want!  Get some good reading material, your laptop, Netflix and snacks and just relax.  Make sure you make the bed nice and cosy.  This is especially a great idea during the winter months.


Relax in the bath, try out all your favourite products and have a mini spa day/weekend.  You can see more of my ways to relax tips here.


If you're lucky enough to have a garden and nice weather then have a little BBQ and eat outside, there's nothing quite like it.  Oh and don't forget a nice refreshing drink to wash it down, preferably alcoholic ;)


Buy flowers or pick them from the garden and make a nice arrangement indoor.  Or plant some new ones for the summer.  Spring is nearly here after all!

Have a Picnic

This is probably my favourite one to do and you don't even need a garden, you can just go to your local park and feed the leftovers to the ducks :)

Cocktail Class

Have your own cocktail class at home and experiment with recipes you've always wanted to try.  This is great for indoors or outdoors and especially sharing with friends!

Game Night

Get all your favourite board games or computer games out and get your game face on.

Camp Fire

Have a camp fire in your garden, invite friends over and make smores.  You can still do this in the winter because the fire will keep you warm or just grab a few blankets :)

Would you take a staycation?

Lauren xx


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