Time Out

Living in London can sometimes get quite overwhelming.  I love the city and it will always be my home but every now and again I find that I've burnt the candle at both ends again and I need a little down time.  Here are some of the ways I like to escape city life, relax and take time out.

Take a Bath

With candles and a Lush bath bomb.  I take more baths in the winter especially when it's really cold, nothing beats it.  However because I'm so cold I'll make the bath too hot and then can't sit in it for very long.  The best way is when someone else runs it for you!

Do a Yoga Class

As I mentioned in my fitness routine post, I like to do holistic exercises as well as cardio.  Yoga is one of the most relaxing exercises you can do and you feel so good afterwards and the rest of the day.  Even better, you're working out whilst relaxing, double win!

Netflix and Chill

No, not in that sense although you do you.  On a Friday night this is my favourite thing to do after a long week.  I grab some snacks on the way home and fully veg out for the next 4 hours.  At the moment I'm loving Made in Chelsea, Scream Queens and my favourite soaps; Eastenders and Hollyoaks.

Pamper Myself

I like to try and go for the full schbang here; mani, pedi, face mask, hair mask and fake tan.  This one also doubles up well with the bath routine if I have time so will normally be reserved for a Sunday evening.


I know some people see cooking as a chore but I've really gotten into it.  I'm not particuarly great but practise makes perfect hey!  I follow food blogs (you can see my favourites here) and get ideas from them.

How do you like to take time out?

Lauren xx


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