The Classics

From the beginning of this year (which seems like forever ago now!) I made a conscious decision that I would stop impulse buying 'trendy' pieces that would only be around for one season and instead concentrate on building the perfect wardrobe full of classic investment pieces that I would wear again and again.

In my opinion the classic pieces consist of:

A White Tee

Skinny Jeans

Black Blazer

White Trainers

A Trench

Leather Jacket

Denim shorts

Ankle Boots

Am I missing any classics?

Lauren xx

The Smart Girl's Guide To The Salad Bar

There isn't always a lot of choice for on the go lunches these days, especially if you're looking to be healthy.  When we think of the salad bar we automatically think it's healthy because hello, it's salad so it has to be healthy right?  Wrong.  The are lots of things we need to stay away from on the salad bar but still ways of being healthy too and here's how.

Stock up on the veggies, the leafy greens and all the natural stuff but avoid the processed stuff like croutons!

Also make sure to pack in the protein so whether it's fish, chicken or tofu.  Mixed beans are also great.  Again, avoid the processed meat like ham.

If the salad is a bit dry go for a light and low fat sauce like balsamic vinegar but avoid the creamy ones as these will clock up hundreds of calories.

Only have a small portion of carbs like pasta or rice but again check the sauce.  Tomato based is fine but if it's a thick mayo or cream then keep away.

Do you have any healthy lunch ideas?  Send me some inspiration!

Lauren xx

Warsaw, Poland

Old Town

Pretty coloured houses in the Market Square

Vegan almond milk vodka shot!

Mexican breakfast at Stansted airport

One of many museums in the city

We were so lucky with the weather, 21 degrees!

Trying out the infused vodkas, this one was hazelnut

City tours on this cute little tram

Selfie with Warsaw

Lunch al fresco, I had potato cakes

Drinking champagne on the 40th floor, what a view!

Waffle with whipped cream and caramel sauce

I had such a good time in Poland and would highly recommend it.  It's so cheap you just cannot spend your money!  The food wasn't too bad but a lot of stuff did come with cabbage.  They also do lots of infused vodkas if that's your thing and we went to a really cool club that played cheesy music!

The sights were beautiful too and we were so lucky with the warm weather.  It was my first time in Eastern Europe and I really enjoyed it.  Where else can I try?

Lauren xx

Outfits Of The Week

Eyewear - Rayban
Playsuit - Missguided
1 - Cardigan - M&S, Boots - River Island
2.  Top - ASOS, Bag - Aspinal, Jeans - Tu, Shoes - Topshop

Eyewear - Primark
Top and Jacket - Missguided

Eyewear - H&M
Top - New Look
Jeans - Zara
Eyewear - Rayban
Dress - Armani

Eyewear - Rayban
Top - Gap
Shorts and Boots - New Look

Which one is your favourite?

Lauren xx
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5 Personalities All Women Secretly Have Inside Them

Ahh we're interesting creatures aren't we?  The old women are from Venus, men are from Mars theory.  But honestly I feel like with men (and guys correct me if I'm wrong) but they're pretty black and white when it comes to personas but women can change and adapt from one minute to the next.  

Here are 5 personalities I definitely feel like I have inside me ready to come out when the situation is apt.. or not!

The Best Friend

I'm sure everyone has this personality in them and especially when drunk.  You suddenly love everyone and everyone is your best friend.  Whether they like it or not!  And some days you're just feeling the love a bit more and want to spread it around.

The Hipster

I'd like to think this is my main personality.  I like dressing a bit alternative most of the time, I have quite a laid back attitude and am very care free.  I also practise yoga and follow an 80% vegan diet.

The Domestic Goddess

This doesn't happen very often, maybe once a week haha.  I'm definitely getting more and more into cooking and even started baking treats for work colleagues!

The Alpha Female

I'm quite career driven and just overall an ambitious person.  I've been studying on and off since leaving school 10 years ago and still pushing myself to achieve my goals.

The Drama Queen

As I said above, I'm quite chilled out most of the time but if something really does get to me I will go full blown, OTT, drama queen about it.  Hey, at least I have passion!

What are your personalities?

Lauren xx 

10 Thoughts You Have When You're Trying To Be Healthy

We've all been there, the start of a new week or new month and we're all geared up and focused, ready to be healthy forever more but yet we always get the same niggling thoughts at the back of our minds.

I'm sure the majority of us have these thoughts most days...

1.  When you're trying to resist junk food

2.  When getting a take away

3.  You sooooo got this

4.  Having a cheat meal like

5.  Your first day of eating salad

6.  Realising your friends may be a bad influence on your new healthy lifestyle

7.  Trying to remember the last time you ate healthy

8.  Wondering whether this is going to work out for you after all

9.  When you run out of healthy but tasty eating options

10.  Walking down the sweets aisle like

I hope this provided you with some sort of entertainment whilst trying to stay healthy, YOU CAN DO IT BRUCE!

What thoughts do you get when trying to be healthy?

Lauren xx

10 Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2016

At the risk of sounding like everyone else, I really can't believe how quickly this year is flying.  However, I'm really excited for the year ahead because I have lots of plans, goals and things I want to achieve this year.  As I mentioned in this post, I always like to look back at the end of each year and see all the things I've done because as someone once said "Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life".

1.  Poland

I'm actually in Poland right now and super excited because I've never visited the country before.  It was funny how this trip was planned because we were originally planning a trip to Barcelona but my friend messed up the booking and we ended up going to Warsaw instead!

2.  My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend is getting married this year and I couldn't be more excited for her.  The wedding is actually being held in Santorini, Greece which is just exciting in itself!  I bought a beautiful dress a few weeks ago so make sure to follow me on Instagram (@wonky_lauren) so you don't miss it.

3.  End of Exams

I have my final law exam this summer and if I pass that will be the end of all my exams, forever!  Well I hope haha.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, I get the results in August!!

My mum's cat, Jazz, just deciding she doesn't want me to revise!

4.  My First Time in Africa

My friend and I are planning a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco this summer and it will be my first time in Africa.  I can't wait to experience a different culture, food and the street markets.  If you have any suggestions of things to do, please leave them below :)

5.  Festivals

I said to myself I wasn't going to do festivals this year as I wanted to save my money to travel instead but when I saw the line up for SW4 I couldn't help but get excited.  Maybe just one festival...

6.  LA and Vegas

This is probably the holiday I'm most excited for.  I've wanted to visit Vegas for the longest time but just never got the chance but now we have finally booked it and figured since it's so far from London but only an hour on the plane from LA, we would throw that in too.

Girls' trip to Croatia, that's me far left in the red :)

7.  New Car

I really want to get a new car this year.  I've currently had an Audi TT for the past 3 years but I'd like to get something a bit more economical.  I'm thinking the Fiat 500, what do you think??

8.  Budapest or Prague?

I really want to take a short European break at the end of this year, just before my birthday.  I'd love to do Prague but I hear it gets super cold in winter so maybe Budapest instead.  Any recommendations?

9.  30

I turn 30 at the end of this year, boo!  Haha, I'm trying to look at it positively because I'm sure when I turn 40 I'll wonder what I was complaining about!  I guess it's an exciting milestone.  So I basically have 8 months to get my shit together because then I'll be a 'proper adult' lol.

10.  New Year in Dublin

Last new year I celebrated in Orlando (post here) and I really loved being away from London and doing something different so this New Year we are trying to plan a trip to Dublin.  We figured if we booked over the summer we'd get a pretty good deal.

What are you excited for this year?

Lauren xx

How To Break Out Your Summer Wardrobe Early

Hello from Poland!  I'm currently in Warsaw so be sure to follow me on Instagram for full updates @wonky_lauren

Now, we're currently in that annoying in between stage of seasons in London.  I guess you could call it Spring but literally one minute it will be pouring with rain and the next the sun comes out.  This doesn't make it very easy to pick outfits in the morning, especially if I know I'm going to be out all day.  So what's a girl to do?

I like to go with one of two options; one that I call mix and match and the other that I call layering.  I'm sure you're all familiar with the terms but mix and match is where I pair a winter item with a summer item and layering is of course wearing a few different pieces that you can take off or put on as you feel.

Here are a few ideas for mix and matching...

Here are a few ideas for layering...

How do you break out your summer wardrobe early?

Lauren xx

Party Makeup

Whenever I have a party or big event to go to I know it's time to pull out the big guns of my makeup drawers.  The true tried and tested products that I know won't let me down.  My go-to staple products for the perfect party look that will last all night, not smudge or crease on me and most importantly look good in photos!

I got this recently and already it's become my number 1 primer and I wonder why it took me so long to purchase it.  It gives such a glow to the skin under makeup and definitely rivals some of the high end brands.

This has been hyped up everywhere and for good reason.  It has a great buildable coverage, amazing colour range and looks good in photos.

This product has good coverage, is very brightening which I like for a party look and I also really like the consistency compared to a lot of my concealers.

I bought the smaller under eye version whilst in America as I only really set my undereyes.  It works great and stops my concealer from creasing.

This is another cult product that has been around for a while.  I love this bronzer because I can use it as a contour and all over bronzer which also makes it perfect for travelling.

I really like Bare Minerals as a brand because they're products aren't as harsh on the skin.  I really like the blushes because they're in a loose powder foam which means you can control how much is applied to the skin.

To be honest, any of the brow products by ABH are winners in my eyes but I like this for a more dramatic look and the brow wiz for more natural days.

As you can tell, this is my favourite brand.  Her products can literally do no wrong and this eye shadow palette is the perfect mix of colours meaning so many looks can be created and it's great for travelling.  The shades are super pigmented too.

I've raved about this mascara before because it's just so good.  My lashes are long but thin and this thickens them right up.  I've just purchased the L'Oreal lash sculpt though and I'm intrigued to see what the fuss is about.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill highlighter in Champagen Pop

This highlighter is everything and really lives up to it's name.  Not to mention Jaclyn Hill is the QUEEN of highlighter.  It's everything you could want from a product!

I couldn't pick a favourite lip product but I do love a liquid lip for parties as they just add a bit more something and if you get a good quality one it will last a long time too.  Reds are my current favourite to wear to parties.

What does your party makeup consist of?

Lauren xx