5 Personalities All Women Secretly Have Inside Them

Ahh we're interesting creatures aren't we?  The old women are from Venus, men are from Mars theory.  But honestly I feel like with men (and guys correct me if I'm wrong) but they're pretty black and white when it comes to personas but women can change and adapt from one minute to the next.  

Here are 5 personalities I definitely feel like I have inside me ready to come out when the situation is apt.. or not!

The Best Friend

I'm sure everyone has this personality in them and especially when drunk.  You suddenly love everyone and everyone is your best friend.  Whether they like it or not!  And some days you're just feeling the love a bit more and want to spread it around.

The Hipster

I'd like to think this is my main personality.  I like dressing a bit alternative most of the time, I have quite a laid back attitude and am very care free.  I also practise yoga and follow an 80% vegan diet.

The Domestic Goddess

This doesn't happen very often, maybe once a week haha.  I'm definitely getting more and more into cooking and even started baking treats for work colleagues!

The Alpha Female

I'm quite career driven and just overall an ambitious person.  I've been studying on and off since leaving school 10 years ago and still pushing myself to achieve my goals.

The Drama Queen

As I said above, I'm quite chilled out most of the time but if something really does get to me I will go full blown, OTT, drama queen about it.  Hey, at least I have passion!

What are your personalities?

Lauren xx 


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