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Wear | Life | Eats

Wear This week I've really been getting back into my Dot perfume by Marc Jacobs .  I've been a fan of Marc Jacobs' scents for about 5 years now after falling in love with the Daisy one someone gifted me for my 21st birthday.  I got the Dot one for Christmas after smelling the one that my flat mate got the Christmas before. I'm a bit rubbish with buying perfumes and always end up with a long list for people to buy me for birthdays or Christmas.  That said I do have a ridiciously large perfume collection which I'll attach a photo of below! Dot is a real juicy floral scent and perfect for spring/summer. Life I think I've mentioned on here before that I like to treat myself fortnightly to a gel nail manicure.  I never have time to paint my nails and so they end up chipped or missing and just a complete mess basically so if I book them in to be done I know I will actually go and they will stay looking nice.  Now that the weather is starting to war

The London Guide: Where to Eat and Shop

Oh London Town , my home town.  Now I need to not get too carried away here because I could honestly give you a list the length of my arm with all the amazing places to eat and shop in London and trust me my arms are long! So starting off with places to eat I’ve tried to devise a list of different places that will meet everyone’s needs.  I can be quite fussy when it comes to food and favour Italian and Asian cuisines.  So here are my faves… Borough Market, Borough I happen to work very close to Borough Market so I get to frequent here a lot.  It’s only open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Sometimes I like to just wander around and take in all the great smelling foods or sometimes I like to take cheeky tasters from all the stalls!  Pretty much everything you buy here is fresh which I love.  My favourite stalls are the olive stall which literally has olives stuffed with every kind of filling you can imagine and also the cake stalls which serve beautiful fresh ca

Wear | Life | Eats - Easter Special

Wear I mentioned this product in my drugstore favourites video here  and I just can't get enough of it recently.  It's the Sleek blusher in rose gold.  It's such a pretty sheer colour, so wearable, perfect for spring and summer.  You can build the colour up or just have a slight hint if you wanted more focus on the eyes or lips.  I love it for daytime and nighttime and best of all it's only £4.50!  Apparently it's a dupe for Nars orgasm so there you go.  When payday comes around this Friday I'll definitely be in Superdrug trying out some of the other colours. Life This weekend was the long 4 day bank holiday weekend and it was so so nice to have a break from the world and actually, London.  The weather was quite nice Friday so I went to Brighton for the day which is one of my favourite seaside towns to visit.  Saturday I did actually trek into London bcos I really wanted to see Lily Pebbles do her meet and greet at Westfield, Shepherd's Bush

Blog Photography: Working With Backgrounds

When taking photos for your blog it’s important to get the background right so that it makes the main feature stand-out.  It helps to pick a theme for the mood you are trying to create with the product.  A light or pretty background will enhance the look of a ‘happy’ product whereas a dark or plain background will make a product look more ‘sad’.  So here are a few backgrounds that I like to work with. Light The most important thing when taking any photo is probably to get the right lighting.  This can obviously prove hard sometimes because we don’t have natural sunlight 24/7 but we can fake it by getting a really bright light over the product or even a lampshade.  If I can I try to take my photos in natural sunlight and will sometimes put them on the window seal as I think this looks really affective. White White backgrounds are always great as they make anything stand-out.  Really simple but effective.  They also add a bit of light and nothing is going to get hidden or bl

Wear | Life | Eats

Wear Now that the weather is finally starting to brighten up I've dug out my trusty Rayban wayferers and have been rocking them all over town.  I have them in shiny black so they pretty much go with every outfit and I think the wayferer frame suit my small face.  They also make me feel like a bit of a rock star when I wear them!  I got mine from Sunglasses Shop . Life I've really been enjoying watching Nashville recently.  I watched their first series and now we're about half way through the second.  It's a US show set in Nashville which is the capital of Tennessee and home of country music.  It's about country singers, some famous and others trying to make it in the business and all the dramas of their lives.  It stars the beautiful and talented Hayden Panettiere who plays the lead role as a famous and spoilt country singer. Eats Recently I have been eating a lot of sushi.  It's something that I've always wanted to 'get in to'

Top 5 Self Tans

So it's starting to get a bit warmer here in London which means we're wearing less clothing, which means we're showing more flesh WHICH MEANS.... we need to get our tan on! Here are my favourite 5: Fake Bake This is a lotion tan that I like to apply with a mitt.  It gives quite a dark colour so I mainly reserve it for nights out.  Although it's more of a high end tanner it lasts quite a long time. St Tropez This one is a moose so dead easy to apply and again I use a mitt.  I find it's not as dark as the Fake Bake one but gives a bit more of a golden natural tan.  I normally apply it before bed and then wash it off in the morning although be careful of your duvet as it can come off on the bed sheets. St Tropez Everyday Another one by St Tropez but this one is a moisturiser and so only gradually tans.  You can use it everyday to build up the desired colour and it does give a really nice golden glow like the original.  I like to take

Wear | Life | Eats

Excuse the mess! Wear I've been loving wearing my red cut out ankle boots from Miss Selfridge recently.  I got them in the sale last year but you can get a similar pair here from Boohoo.  They're really comfortable and despite being red they do go with a lot.  I've got them on above with a black dress for work but I also like to wear them with straight skinny cigarette trousers. Or to wear them at the weekend with skinny jeans.  They've got a small heel too which I like because I do love wearing heels but they're not too high that I can't last all day in them. Life For the past few years now I've been quite an avid Hollyoaks fan and really haven't missed an episode in the last 5 or so years!  But recently I've been obssessed and can't wait to watch the next episode.  I generally Sky+ it and watch when I have time, normally getting a week or two behind but at the moment I'm right up to date bcos I just can't get enough

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review

I was looking for a new foundation to try recently as my MAC studio sculpt is coming to an end and the Benefit oxygen wow I have is only a small bottle.  My friend then approached me and said she was a representative for a brand called Arbonne .  She said I would probably be interested in their products as they were chemical free, not tested on animals and vegan so she came over with them and showed me. I had actually seen this foundation being hyped up by some of the Australian bloggers and seeing as I needed a new foundation I thought I would give it a try. You get 30ml for £31 and it comes in a bottle with a pump which I really like.  They have a good array of colours and I went for the shade buff which is similar to MAC NC30. You get quite a bit come out of the pump so I only used one pump for my whole face.  It went on really really smoothy (with moisturiser and primer underneath) and has such a good coverage.  I actually couldn't believe the coverage of this foun

Wear | Life | Eats

Wear I've raved about this product A LOT in my blog recently and I'm going to rave about it some more because it's freakin awesome!!  It's the L'oreal Studio Supersize Spray .  I curl my hair and then I spray this in and scrunch my hair up and it just gives a real beachy, wave to it.  It lasts all night too which is good when you have long heavy hair like mine. Life I don't think I've spoken much about my work life or career on my blog but I'm studying law at the moment and this Friday saw me receiving my penultimate exam result which I passed.  It was in criminal law which I do really enjoy although I'm not sure whether I'd ever want to work in it.  I am so pleased to have passed though and I only have one exam left to pass now! Eats To celebrate my exam success my friend and I ate at Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair .  They have two restaurants (an Asian style one and an Italian style one).  We ate in the Asian restaurant as I